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Raw Green Garnet

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If you are looking for a stone to help you manifest your goals and dreams, raw green garnet is a perfect choice. It is a powerful stone that can help you to attract positive energy and create the life you desire. Order your raw green garnet today and start experiencing the benefits of this powerful stone!

  • Size: small particles, size see picture
  • Weight: 10g (about 120 pieces)
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raw green garnet
Raw Green Garnet $39.90 Original price was: $39.90.$29.90Current price is: $29.90.
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Raw green garnet benefits

  • Attracts abundance
  • Opens the heart chakra
  • Enhances relationships
  • Balances social life
  • Expands your network
  • Promotes healthy competition
  • Supports secure attachment styles
  • Promotes self-love and confidence
  • Aids in manifesting closure

Raw green garnet stone is great for abundance

raw green garnet stone
raw green garnet stone

The green crystal garnets are great for abundance. They are isometric crystals, meaning they grow on a microscopic level in beautiful cubes.

You will find raw green garnets are good for helping you build on the success you’ve already achieved.

If you’re interested in investing, for instance, this is going to be a great crystal to have next to your desk or computer, or wherever you do your investing work. It will also help you build on your success if you know you’re talented or skilled but not getting paid what you believe you’re worthy of.

Raw green garnet can balance social life

green garnet raw
green garnet raw

There are so many virtues to those who live in more rural or country areas than being in the big city, having a fast car, designer clothes, handbags, and all that type of thing. Those people aren’t always happy.

Raw green garnet can be great to help you become comfortable with your life, to realize that there are so many blessings wherever you live in the world and in your culture, and to honor that, and to see a balanced perspective.

Living in the city can be great, but there are downfalls as well. Living in a certain culture can be great, but embracing your own culture and not trying to be like something else can have its benefits. Looking at that, even green garnet can help you to do that.

As you start working with raw green garnet stone for abundance, you’re going to find that your success, in the way that you want it to come, will start to flow into your life.

garnet raw green
garnet raw green

What you’re also going to find is your perception of what abundance is and what it truly means, and how it fills you up inside rather than just feeling empty with a bank account full of money.

Raw green garnet stone is going to make sure that you take the path that’s going to fulfill you and bring an abundant life.

Opens the heart chakra

As a green crystal, raw green garnet is going to work well with the heart chakra and it’s going to help you to open up to people and to get that equal flow of giving love to the world and receiving love from the world.

Expands your network

Sometimes people work by themselves, maybe they’re self-employed or a contractor, and that can be a bit of a lonely lifestyle because you don’t always have colleagues to socialize with throughout the day.

You also need to get out there and network, maybe as part of your business as well. Carrying a piece of raw green garnet with you will give you the courage and the opportunities to network and meet more people.

As the color in your life expands and you get to know more people, your worldview will broaden, and you’ll appreciate the great range of perspectives in the world as well.

Overcome “mother hen” tendency

green garnet raw stone
green garnet raw stone

Raw green garnet is also a great crystal for helping anyone who has a bit of a mother hen mentality, and who feels that they are responsible for the well-being or the happiness of others, whether it be your children, your partner, or just everyone.

You end up worrying because someone’s not happy or someone’s not doing too well. Be there to support and love others, but remember that everyone is on their journey, learning their lessons.

And as you probably noticed, especially as you get older, you realize that you can’t help anyone who doesn’t want to help themselves.

If you find yourself getting worried about other people who aren’t as concerned about themselves, then raw green garnet is going to help you overcome that “mother hen” tendency.

What will also happen as you carry raw green garnet is that it’s not only for financial abundance, as we were discussing earlier, but it balances the joyous people in your life.

Not only does it help you to network, but it’ll also help you to get to know on a deeper level those who are on the fringes of your life, whom you may just see occasionally.

It’ll open up your heart to ask them a few more questions and build deeper levels of vulnerability and intimacy, so that maybe people who are just acquaintances right now may become valued connections, enriching your community.

Promotes healthy competition

raw green garnet size
raw green garnet size

One challenge that can arise with the heart chakra is when rivalry or competition emerges. While healthy competition is fine, when it starts to bring you or others down or impede the success of an endeavor, then it’s no longer healthy. Raw green garnet can be used to counteract excessive competition or rivalry.

If there’s too much of it at work, try gridding raw green garnet around the workplace or placing a couple of pieces on your desk.

If there’s rivalry between siblings or within the family, gridding raw green garnet around the home can counteract that negativity.

Supports secure attachment styles

Have you heard about attachment styles? They can be really interesting in understanding your behavior in relationships and who you tend to attract.

On one side, there’s the anxious attachment style. These are people who always feel insecure in a relationship and constantly seek reassurance, like messages, phone calls, or compliments, to feel secure.

On the other side of the spectrum, you have the avoidant attachment style, who tend to step away and be by themselves when there’s too much attention.

Unfortunately, people with an anxious attachment style tend to be attracted to avoidant individuals, creating a dynamic where one person is chasing after the other while the other becomes annoyed and pulls away.

Ideally, as we understand our attachment style, we aim to cultivate a secure relationship and attachment style with someone who shares the same. In a secure relationship, we feel comfortable and assured in ourselves, knowing that the other person cares and loves us, without constant insecurity or irritation.

Working with raw green garnet can assist us in moving towards a secure attachment style, whether we tend to avoid or feel anxious.

There are various resources to help you become aware of your attachment style and transition into a more secure attachment style. Raw green garnet facilitates this process and provides support.

Working with raw green garnet can help release feelings of inadequacy or insecurity, particularly in love, especially for those with an anxious attachment style.

It can help dissolve barriers and boundaries to love. Sometimes, there may be missed opportunities in relationships due to various reasons, such as timing or distance.

Why you should buy raw green garnet?

Green garnets are renowned for helping to lift our attitude to be more optimistic, particularly regarding an abundance mindset.

Spiritual teachers often talk about how raw green garnets can assist with this. Essentially, our brain will seek out things that match what we believe, a phenomenon known as the reticular activating system. You’ll start to notice things that affirm your beliefs. If you believe there are more green cars on the road, for instance, you’ll start seeing more green cars.

By using raw green garnets and focusing on abundance, you can raise your vibration and attract more opportunities. You can program the crystal by thinking of what it feels like to be abundant, what it looks like, smells like, tastes like, sounds like—all those different sensory experiences.

Put raw green garnet over your chest. Yes, opportunities come and go, but when we’re in that abundance mindset and valuing ourselves, we’re more likely to attract and seize those opportunities. You’ll find that they come a lot more often now.

Raw green garnet is amazing for building relationships and fostering an abundant and fulfilling social, intimate, and personal life. It helps with the heart chakra so that you can give and receive love freely.

How to use raw green garnet?

Wearing raw green garnets over your chest or heart can help raise your vibration and self-confidence.

Green garnet can aid in manifesting opportunities for closure or understanding whether a relationship could have flourished. One effective method is to use two identical pieces of raw green garnet placed in front of a green candle while visualizing the meeting or closure you desire.

However, it’s essential to ensure that your intention is for the highest good of all involved and not to interfere with anyone else’s free will. Anointing the candle with cumin essential oil can aid in this process. It’s crucial to maintain integrity and respect in any manifestation work, ensuring that it aligns with the greater good.

Where to buy raw green garnet?

When purchasing raw green garnet, it is important to consider the size, quality, and price of the stone. You can buy raw green garnet stone at our crystal shop.

4 reviews for Raw Green Garnet

  1. Michael

    I’ve even had some unexpected financial opportunities come my way. It’s a beautiful stone with a powerful energy.

  2. Mary

    I ordered the small bag of raw green garnet, and while the stones are indeed small, they pack a punch! I use them in meditation and find them to be very calming and grounding.

  3. David

    The stones themselves are beautiful and have a lovely energy. I would definitely purchase from this seller again.

  4. Emily

    The raw green garnet I received is beautiful

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