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Raw Garnet

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Garnet is a beautiful and powerful gemstone that has been prized for centuries. It can promote passion, creativity, and protection. Raw garnet is a great choice for those who want to connect with the energy of the earth and harness its power for their benefit.

  • Natural raw garnet
  • Size: 3-4cm/1.18-1.57inches
  • 1PC
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raw garnet
Raw Garnet $25.90 Original price was: $25.90.$19.90Current price is: $19.90.
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Raw garnets benefits

Emotional Healing

  • Helps with bereavement and grief.
  • Intensifies passion for people, hobbies, or causes.
  • Prevents anger from turning inwards.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety by grounding and protecting.
  • Promotes vitality, courage, success, and self-confidence.
  • Great for Capricorns and Aquarius.
  • Protects in emotionally charged environments.
  • Eases resistance to change and promotes openness.
  • Boosts productivity and performance.


  • Primarily associated with the root chakra (stability, security).
  • Also resonates with the heart chakra (love, compassion).
raw garnet rock
raw garnet rock

As for the emotional healing part of it, garnet would usually be associated with the idea of helping in bereavement. It’s a very good stone as well if you’re someone who has a passion for a person, a hobby, or a cause. It’s going to intensify that and support you in that journey.

And also, prevent anger from being directed inward. For example, for everything that’s stress-related conditions, raw garnet is going to help you by grounding you, protecting you, and bringing you that wonderful energy that it has.

Raw garnet crystal is a great stone associated as well with vitality, grounding, protection, courage, success, manifestation, and self-confidence, which is why we feel it’s wonderful for our Capricorn friends out there. This stone, if any, that’s what you should get yourself.

So great for protecting you if you are in an emotionally charged environment, as it’s supposed to help by easing a situation.

raw garnet stone
raw garnet stone

The raw garnet rock is also great if you’re someone who resists change. It will help you ease that side of yourself and be more open to it and all the good stuff that can come from it. And yeah, again, productivity, and performance, this is all associated with a red garnet.

Regarding the chakra side of it, it will be the root chakra mostly, but also the heart chakra because it does have a bit of that warmth in it.

Raw garnet is a very passionate stone. It’s dark, but it has a bit of that warmth to it, which works also for the heart chakra and helps with that passionate side of things and our lives.

What zodiac signs would be associated with raw garnet?

Usually, you will notice that it would be mostly Capricorn and Aquarius. These two are the signs that the energy would suit them very well.

But then of course, if you don’t happen to be either Capricorn or Aquarius, you can still go for raw garnet. It will still be perfect for you as long as you feel that the energy suits you.

What does raw garnet look like?

Raw garnet is a beautiful stone that can have different colors. It can be reddish-brown, like a dark wine-red color that would usually be known as the traditional garnet that most of us would be familiar with.

But then you will also have garnet that can be orange sometimes, like bright orange. That would be called hessonite garnet. And then garnet can also be green, and that particular type would be called uvarovite. It’s all from the same family, but the main one is this beautiful red garnet, the classic.

How much are raw garnets worth?

The value of a raw garnet rock depends on its color, clarity, cut, carat weight, and origin, but generally ranges from $500 to $7,000 per carat for a 1-carat stone.

What to do with raw garnets?

In the past, red garnets were put into shields and were carried by warriors and soldiers for two reasons.

First of all, being a red crystal, it helps to keep that base chakra nice and steady and where they were protected. Secondly, it allows them if they did get injured for wounds to heal quickly.

Now, how this translates into the modern day is red garnet is a really good crystal when you’re not feeling well.

Raw garnet stone’s great when your body is feeling lethargic and needs some firing up. So if you’ve had an injury and you need to heal quicker or if you’ve got the flu and you’re bedridden, then red garnet is a really good crystal to carry with you and hold to help you fire up the body and fire up that immune system to help you get back on your feet quicker.

Raw garnet stone has its place in spiritual healing as well. It’s really good to use when you’ve got an underactive base chakra.

When your base chakra is underactive, you tend to feel a bit insecure or unsafe and unable to adapt to the changing world around you. And this is often common for people as they start to get older and new technology becomes a bit overwhelming.

So working with the red raw garnet rock can help these people to feel a bit more secure again. Ideally, carry the red garnet close down to the base of your spine near your base chakra, and if you can, take time each day to meditate and see the most perfect red sphere of light at the base of your spine rotating and spinning and dancing.

As much as you can, as well incorporate red into your life, maybe in the way of the foods you eat, the colors you wear, and also in decorations as well as listening to music in the key of C.

All these help to strengthen and balance that base chakra. As well as working with the garnet as a warrior crystal guard, also helps us to be spiritual warriors.

Garnet is a crystal of integrity. It allows you to remain grounded and steady and do what you know to be right. It helps you act with integrity, which means doing what you believe is right given the knowledge and wisdom that you have then.

The history of garnet

The name “garnet” originates from the medieval Latin word “granatus,” meaning pomegranate. Pharaohs of ancient Egypt were adorning themselves with red garnet necklaces.

In ancient Rome, garnet was used in signet rings to stamp the wax that secured important documents. This beautiful stone was very popular during the Victorian era.

Where to buy raw garnet?

When buying raw garnet, it’s essential to consider factors such as quality, size, and price. You can purchase raw garnet in our crystal shop. We offer a wide variety of high-quality garnets at competitive prices and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Raw garnets faqs

Where is garnet found?

Garnet comes from different locations around the world: Brazil, Iran, Tanzania, Kenya, Southern California, Namibia, Pakistan, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka.

How to clean raw garnets?

The best way to clean the raw garnet stone is to gently scrub it with a soft toothbrush and warm soapy water.

4 reviews for Raw Garnet

  1. Demi

    This little piece of raw garnet is like a tiny ember, radiating warmth and energy! I keep it in my pocket, and I swear I can feel a surge of creativity whenever I touch it.

  2. Zakariya

    I love the sense of grounding it brings, and the unique, rough texture is strangely therapeutic.

  3. Jean

    It’s even more beautiful than the pictures! I’m going to have to get it wire-wrapped into a pendant; it deserves to be shown off.

  4. Yusuf

    I’m a sucker for anything raw and natural, and this raw garnet did not disappoint. It feels solid and earthy, like holding a piece of the planet itself.

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