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Raw Amber

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With its sun-kissed glow and mesmerizing depths, raw amber is nature’s treasure waiting to adorn your life. Its warm, golden glow radiates irresistible energy, drawing you in with its timeless elegance and mystical properties. Harness its soothing, grounding vibrations to alleviate stress, boost focus, and restore balance to body and spirit.

  • Stone: raw amber
  • Size: 5cm/1.96″
  • Weight: appx. 100g
  • 1pc
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raw amber for sale
Raw Amber $89.90 Original price was: $89.90.$79.90Current price is: $79.90.
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Raw amber is the stone of rejuvenation. It’s a real pick-me-up. Amber is incredibly refreshing, it helps us feel clean, new, and positive. It’s a beautiful stone to sit with. Have a small piece of it to sit with or carry with you, and the results are dramatic.

Amber is a substance, a stone that we highly recommend having in your life.

raw amber stone

Mental Healing

  • Has a calming and anxiety-reducing effect, helping to relieve stress.
  • Enhances mental clarity, focus, and concentration.
  • Boosts self-confidence and provides a sense of inner strength
  • Helps balance the chakras and establish a spiritual connection.

Physical Healing Properties

  • Reduces pain and inflammation.
  • Supports immune system function and can help fight colds, flu, and other illnesses.
  • Aids in cellular respiration and glucose metabolism.
  • Can help regulate blood flow and support cardiovascular health.
  • Provides relief for teething and colic pain in babies and children.
  • Promotes detoxification and cleansing of the body’s organs.

What is raw amber?

Raw amber is not a gemstone. It is a natural substance that has been hardened and is as brilliant and beautiful as a gemstone, but it’s fossilized tree resin.

Natural, genuine amber is very scarce, and it is more expensive.

“Does the size of the gemstone matter?” No, it doesn’t. So, you can have a really small piece of raw amber and still get amazing results from working with it.

And amber is also fairly lightweight because it’s not a mineral; it is sap that has hardened. It’s very light and delicate-feeling and also warms up very quickly in your hand.

raw baltic amber
raw baltic amber

Properties of raw amber

Amber may have inclusions of animal or plant material. It has a strong connection with the earth and is considered to be a grounding stone for higher energies.

It’s a powerful cleanser and balancer that draws disease from the body and promotes tissue revitalization by absorbing pain and negative energy.

Raw amber stone resonates with the throat and is used for treating throat problems and goiters. It’s good for the spleen, stomach, bladder, kidneys, and liver, and you can use it in the creation of an elixir for a wound or as a natural antibiotic.

Amber is a good stone for calming the yin-yang balance, it helps with abuse, emotional blockages, stress, and negativity. It cleans the chakra and the energetic body.

Amber absorbs the negative energies and then transmutes them into positive forces that help to stimulate balance, so very powerful, very useful, very powerful in energy healing and in meditation.

Benefits of working with raw amber

raw amber ffxiv
raw amber ffxiv

Healing on all levels

The first benefit of working with raw amber is that it is incredible for healing on all levels of our being.

Much like malachite, this is a stone, a substance that absorbs from us whatever might be creating an imbalance, which then causes pain or illness in our heart, body, or mind. It’s causing a disruption.

So, whether it’s absorbing a mood, a mindset, a toxin, extra energy, or an energetic block, raw amber helps us release that, absorbs it, and creates balance within the body.

It helps you recognize if you are taking in too much of something that is not healthy for you, if you are around a lot of electronics and you’re taking on a lot of that electronic frequency, if you’re eating too much of something that is causing indigestion or an imbalance in toxicity within your body.

Raw amber stone enables you to recognize and release whatever it is that is not healthy for you in your life.

Transmuting negative energy

The second benefit of working with raw amber stone is that it transmutes negative energy.

Whatever raw amber rock absorbs, it also transmutes and releases. It’s an excellent stone for helping to change energy within us.

Amber transmutes energy and releases it; it is a self-cleansing stone. It never needs cleansing; it is constantly transmuting, transforming the energy that it takes in and releasing it out into the earth, out into the universe, where it can be used again in another positive form.

So, raw amber is a great stone for cleansing other gemstones.

You can put a piece of raw amber or in a box or on a plate with other gemstones, and it will continuously cleanse those stones and release the excess energy out into the world.

And raw amber rock is great for cleansing physical spaces, for cleansing a mood.

If you are going to be in a situation in which you know that you’re going to be triggered by something, you can carry a raw amber stone with you, and it will then transform the feelings that start to arise within you and release it.

natural amber raw stone
natural amber raw stone

Uplifting and positive

The third benefit of working with raw amber is that it is incredibly uplifting and positive.

This stone, this substance, is linked to the sacral and the solar plexus chakra, so it is very motivating.

Raw amber rock encourages enthusiasm and joy and noticing beauty in our lives. It really provides us with a sense of hope when we’re feeling low.

  • It helps to lift our mood because it is transforming, cleansing, and transmuting the aspects of our lives that are causing us suffering.
  • It helps put us in a better mood when we’re low. It helps us see the light at the end of the tunnel when we’re having a difficult time.
  • It helps us see the joy and the beauty in our everyday lives, things that we might be overlooking that normally give us pleasure.

Amber also helps us to break the cycle of negative thinking, of criticism, of self-doubt.

“When I start thinking negatively about something, like maybe I’m rehashing something that happened earlier in the day and it really upset me, and I’m playing it over and over and over again in my mind, then raw amber helps to short-circuit that, just stop it, because it’s going to transform the way that we feel about that.”-Alice

Amber will help us release it; it will absorb that cycle, whatever we seem stuck in our mind with, that is causing suffering. Amber will help us break free from that and let it go.

Achieving dreams

The fourth benefit of working with raw amber is that it helps us achieve our dreams, as it is in touch with the sacral and the solar plexus chakra.

It helps us with creativity and motivation and drive. It helps us take our ideas and bring them to life into reality.

So, if you have been considering starting a project, taking up a new creative hobby, writing a book, starting a business, taking up painting, raw amber is a gemstone that really helps you spark that creativity and the confidence to do it, to actually take those first steps, to sit down at your computer, start writing your idea, to buy the paints, whatever you need to embark on that project.

Amber gives you the inspiration to try.

amber raw stone
amber raw stone

Chakra and astrological associations

The chakra associated with amber stone is the solar plexus, the chakra of self, of the individual, of connection to your higher self, to your greater being. The astrological signs associated with amber are both Aquarius and Leo.

History and origins

Amber has long been appreciated for its color and its natural beauty since Neolithic times. The sources where you’re likely to find amber include a few locations, such as the Baltic Sea, Latvia, and Lithuania, though it could be found in other locations as well.

Raw amber for sale

At our crystal shop, you can buy raw amber at a discount. We also offer a variety of other crystals and minerals, so you’re sure to find something you love.

What color is raw amber?

The color of raw amber is typically from a bright light yellow to an orangish and brown semi-transparent color. It can range from a whitish color to a pale yellow, yellow-brown, and almost even black.

Other less common colors include red amber, green amber, and even blue amber, which is very rare and actually highly sought after.

Raw amber FAQs

Does raw amber repel fleas?

Amber can repel fleas on pets is not supported by scientific evidence.

How much is raw amber worth?

The value and price of raw, unprocessed amber can vary tremendously, from as low as $20 per piece up to $40,000 or more, depending on factors like the origin, quality, size, and any unique inclusions within the amber.

How to clean raw amber?

The key is to handle raw amber gently, avoid harsh chemicals and cleaners, and use only soft, dry cloths or mild soap and water solutions to maintain the natural beauty and integrity of the material.

How to identify raw amber?

Microscopic examination of the internal structure is the most reliable way to definitively identify real amber versus reconstructed or synthetic materials.

Where to find raw amber?

The main countries highlighted in the search results as sources of raw, unprocessed amber are the Dominican Republic, Myanmar, and the Baltic region countries like Poland, Lithuania, and Russia.

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