Orca Agate Flame


△ Handmade
△ Orca Agate
△ Stone Size: approx. 5″ x 3.5″ x 2.5″, weighs 2 lbs
△ Gemstones are 100% genuine
△ This piece of orca agate flame is gorgeous! Hold it up to the sun to see gorgeous milky layers of color.

“Absolutely beautiful orca agate flame! My stone is beautiful and looked just the photo.  I love it soooooo much”-Janet

All stones are unique and may vary from the one shown in the picture. Your purchase helps nature.❤️ Thank you for supporting thegreencrystal. 😀

Orca Agate Flame
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Orca agate flame is powerful. It is used for meditation, healing, and peace. It has a lot of power because it held all seven chakras in its layers.


What Is Orca Agate?

Orca agate, not to be confused with blue agate, is a beautiful type of agate that comes in various colors. Due to its abundance of energy and healing properties, it is also referred to as a stone of power.

Orca stone is comparatively more difficult to spot than blue calcedony agate simply by observing it because its style is a combination of quartz and typically blue agate.

This powerful stone, is used for meditation, healing, and peace. It has a lot of power because it held all seven chakras in their layers: crown chakra, third eye chakra, throat chakra, solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra, and root chakra.

Orca Agate Flame Meaning

Orca agate is known as the “forgiveness stone” because it can heal any deep emotional wound inside of you.

It promotes a delicate inner peace. Orca agate flame liberates its user from timidity and self-loathing through this deeply honest method of self-communication and forgiveness.

The orca agate flame’s chilled energy may act as a grounding and shielding force. Orca agate can protect its user from hurt and bad feelings and help them avoid being negative.

Orca agate flame grants you to grasp yourself. It is frequently utilized for emotional wound healing. This crystal will bring calm and inner peace while also releasing timidity and self-loathing.

Orca Agate Flame Benefits

  • This stone symbolizes protection and has a strong connection to the ocean. Orca stone flame improves your stability and makes it easier to stay true to who you are, even in the face of tough challenges.
  • Orca stone flame helps with building skills, housekeeping, cleaning, repairing, and refurbishing. It also teaches you how to better control your life’s outcomes by handling challenges with confidence and skill.
  • This forgiveness stone will also assist you in making decisions with clarity, promote light inner peace, provide you with the ability to acknowledge or reveal your inner truth, and free you of personality.
  • In terms of self-doubt, orca stone flame can help you overcome it by giving you the courage to forgive yourself and letting go of negative feelings like guilt, shame, anger, fear, and blame, among others.
  • Getting rid of self-hatred, improving self-communication, connecting with your inner self, and helping to heal deep emotional wounds are benefits of orca stone flame.

How To Use Orca Agate Flame

It should be close to your heart chakra to help you feel better and keep your aura in balance. Keep orca agate flame with you for luck and emotional support.

How To Care For Orca Agate Flame

When cleaning your orca agate flame, you should never use soap or any chemical cleaner. To remove dirt from its surface, use warm water instead. Be careful not to scrub too hard because doing so will also damage the stone itself!

After washing it with warm water, allow it to dry completely before adding it to your collection. That’s all there is to it!


Many people believe that the orca agate gets its name from its resemblance to a dolphin whale. This may be beneficial to you if you enjoy whales.

Orca agate, also known as the forgiveness stone, represents innocence and purity. Orca agate flame has distinct color bands. Most of the time, it will have white layers interspersed with innumerable color variations. The various colors represent your experiences and potential for the future. 


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