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how to use crystals for love

How To Use Crystals For Love

How do you use crystals to attract love into your life? This article will show you how to use crystals for love and attract more positivity in your relationships! Keep reading.

Do Crystals Work For Love?

How do love crystals attract love energy? Crystals, in general, are a physical representation of your metaphysical desires. They are used to program your intention, and in this case, for love crystals, you are programming the intention that you want to have love. 

Whether that is attracting soul mates, enhancing your self-love, attracting friendships, or whatever kind of love you seek, you are programming into your love crystal. 

So that whenever you see your crystal, wear it, or use it for healing, you are reminded that your goal is to attract love. And this goal is broadcast out into the universe thanks to the Law of Attraction and the vibrations of your love crystals. That same vibration is going to be attracted to you, and that is how you become a magnet for love.

How To Charge Crystals For Love?

How do you charge your love crystals? Before you begin any healing ritual, you must ensure your crystals are energetically cleansed, charged, and programmed. 

Depending on what stone your love crystal is made out of will determine which method you can use. 

But, in general, for love crystals, a special way to charge them up is if you have a bunch of them, you can organize them into a heart shape. It’s perfect for charging under the moonlight, under the sunlight, under that 24-hour cycle. 

Or, if you have a large crystal, like a large heart-shaped amethyst cluster, you can place your smaller love stones onto the cluster and cleanse and charge it that way.

How To Use Crystals To Attract Love?

How do you use love crystals in healing? As you’ve heard repeatedly, you must first love yourself before you can attract that healthy love you desire.

So, once you’ve opened your heart chakra and chosen your favorite love crystals, here are a few things you could do with them. And stay tuned to the end because we will tell you about two love crystals that are very popular right now that you need to know.

1. Rub Tumbled Crystals For Love

The first tip on how to use crystals for love is tumbled crystals.

You can have love crystals in tumbled formations. Tumbled stones are smooth and feel great in the hands versus rough stones. You can also take them with you very easily, placing them in your purse, pocket, or bag. 

And whenever you’re feeling low or depressed, or lonely, you can rub your hands through your polished stones and remind yourself that the universe will provide for you if you have faith in the love energy.

2. Place Love Crystal Bowl Or Figurines Around House

The second tip on how to use crystals for love is to use crystal bowls or figurines .

You can also have a little bowl. Place it around your house, maybe next to your bedside. And you can just rub your hands through whenever you feel that low energy. 

You can also place little figurines around the house, and they can be held as they are smoothly polished and will feel great in your hands. So, this is just one way to have portable love crystals with you.

3. Use Crytal Eggs

how to use crystals for love crystal egg stones

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The third tip on how to use crystals for love is to use crystal eggs.

If you are getting out of a toxic relationship or have been in a rut for a long time, and are looking for a new beginning, love crystals in egg shape formations are great for you. 

They are perfect for the palm of your hands if you’re doing meditation or manifestation work. You can also place them on little display stands around the house, and they make very attractive displays. 

4. Use Matching Love Stone

The forth tip on how to use crystals for love is to use matching love stones.

You can use love crystals to match up vibrations with your partners. So, if you already have a partner or are in a relationship, you can gift your partner a matching love stone or a little set. For example, if you have a ruby and an emerald, give one to your partner. Then you can strengthen your bond. 

If you are single and seeking a partner, you can place matching love crystals on their side of the room or, hypothetically, their side of the room so that you can visualize their presence in your space. 

Those are some of the ways you can use your love crystals in your healing practice to attract the love you desire.

How To Use Rose Quartz Crystal For Love?

The first ritual would be to meditate with rose quartz

Rose quartz is all about universal love. It is one of the most famous love crystals out there. So, rose quartz has that soothing pink energy. 

You can hold rose quartz spheres in your hands. Love quotes can surround you while you meditate to channel that universal love through your meditation.

Tow Famous Crystals For Love


One of the special love crystals that are very popular these days is moldavite

This is a green tektite of meteoric origins, and it has been used very popularly for transformations. So if you are looking for a new changed beginning for your heart, use moldavite. It has brought a lot of different great results for many people. 


how to use crystals for love Tumbled Carnelian Stone

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The second of the trending love crystals is not one that you would traditionally think of as a love crystal because it is orange, whereas most love crystals are green or pink to vibrate with your heart chakra. It is carnelian.

Carnelian has been very popular over the last few years. It has been touted as the boyfriend stone and could apply to the girlfriend stone, depending on your preference. 

Carnelian is great for the sacral chakra, and this is where your sexual energy lies. This is why carnelian might be so popular right now as a love crystal.

Conclusion On How To Use Crystals For Love

Crystals can be powerful tools to enhance and attract love into your life. Whether you are looking to manifest a new relationship, deepen an existing one, or cultivate self-love, many different crystals can support your intentions. Hope this article about how to use crystals for love can help you.

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