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Most Powerful Crystals for Love And How To Choose

7 Most Powerful Crystals for Love And How To Choose

Looking for ways to attract love and deepen your relationships? From rose quartz to rhodonite, these powerful crystals can help you open your heart and invite more love into your life. Today we discuss the top seven best crystals for love and learn how to choose the right crystal for love for you. Keep reading.

In this article, we will discuss the following:

  • What are crystals for love?
  • 7 Best crystals for love
  • Pink crystals for love
  • Green crystals for love

What Are crystals for Love?

What are crystals for love? In crystal healing, they are mostly green or pink crystals, and that is because our heart chakra vibrates with pink and green colors. So, using crystals for love at the heart chakra helps to open and balance this area. 

The heart chakra flows into your heart through your chest and out through your back. You want to ensure that there are no obstacles in your heart and heart chakra so you can best give and receive love energy.

Best Crystals For Love

Now, we will go over the top seven crystals for love and how you can tell their energies apart. 

  • Rose Quartz
  • Rhodonite
  • Rhodochrosite
  • Ruby
  • Malachite
  • Moldavite
  • Emerald

Everybody vibrates differently, you may have a different interpretation of each of these seven love crystals, and we would love to hear your thoughts and your experiences with them.

Pink Crystals For Love

Rose Quartz

crystals for love Pink Rose Quartz Heart crystal heart crystal

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Rose quartz is a very all-encompassing kind of love energy. 

This pink crystal for love is like a cloud of love, just a soft sweet energy filling the room, filling your aura, filling your heart with love for humanity, the world, the universe, yourself, and others. It is an all-encompassing love energy.


crystals for love Rhodonite Heart

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Rhodonite is a crystal for love that we use for more focused energy of self-love and strengthening the bonds of friendship. 

Whereas rose quartz was a soothing all-encompassing kind of love, rhodonite is a much more focused stone. It particularly works on your self-esteem and self-confidence so that you can better connect with friends, acquaintances, and even some love relationships, but mostly just improving yourself to connect well with others. This is what we use rhodonite for.


crystals for love rhodochrosite bead bracelet

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Rhodochrosite is a crystal for love that we use to attract our soulmates.

Soulmates do not have to be just one soul mate for your whole life. It is any soulmate who comes into your life to help you progress, teach you lessons, and let you move forward in your life. 

So, this could be a friend who comes in briefly, makes a significant impact, and then disappear, or your relationship dissolves. It could be a lover with whom you have a passionate relationship, but then that ends and fizzles out, but you have gained all of these new lessons so that you know what to do next time you go into these relationships. 

Rhodochrosite is a particularly great crystal for love at accessing this universal energy, bringing and attracting your soulmates into your life. 

In contrast, rhodonite relates to the people who are already around you in your life. Rhodochrosite is a higher-energy love crystal.


best crystals for love Faceted Ruby Bracelet

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The last of the pink crystals for love in the top seven is ruby.

We use ruby as a love crystal for more of a grounding energy. It grounds your heart chakra energy to your root, rooting it down into this Earth so that you have a more realistic expectation of love, rather than the ideological fantasies that you might see on TV. 

You appreciate when you have love around you, and you feel gratitude towards this love to balance you. That fairy tales are just fairy tales. You can interpret what your life is as a fairy tale or not. 

So, ruby is great for this grounding, common sense kind of love, but it is still a very royal stone. It can enhance your heart chakra and strengthen it all you ever desired.

Green Crystals For Love

Now we come to the green crystals for love. 


crystal for love Tumbled Malachite Stone Set tumbled stones

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The first green crystal for love that we will discuss is malachite. In our crystal healing world, malachite is used to cleanse out the heart chakra. 

It’s a very aggressive energy, so it’ll bring up all the traumas and blockages in your heart that you have been avoiding so that you can deal with them. 

Malachite is a love crystal you can use with a more soothing energy, like rose quartz. If you’re not quite ready, it may be overwhelming. 

Malachite is getting to the point, digging up all of those emotions you’re not ready to deal with, but it’s time to deal with a kind of stone for your heart chakra.


moldavite necklaces of different weight

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Then we have the trendy moldavite crystal. Moldavite is a next step love crystal to malachite. 

Once you have dealt with all those emotional blockages in your heart chakra, moldavite is great for transforming your life, so turn it around to a new fresh direction. 

Moldavite has a much higher vibration than malachite. It is dealing with your higher self and getting back on the path of what you came here on Earth to accomplish. It is a popular crystal for love to transform your life where you might have been stuck.


Green Emerald Gemstone Faceted Bead Bar Bracelet Green Emerald jewelry 14k gold filled

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The last of the best crystals for love discussed in this article are emeralds. Emerald is like ruby, where it has a great history of admiration and beauty and has been used for love for many centuries. 

Emerald is the crystal for everlasting love. It is an unconditional kind of love, and it is for loyalty and commitment. 

So, Emerald is great once you have unblocked everything, you have transformed your life around, and you are ready to make those commitments to love, to your self-love, and to love of others and love of humanity, love of universe. All-encompassing love comes down to the love of emeralds.

Conclusion On Crystals For Love

Those are the top seven love crystals. Your experiences may differ with these stones, and we would love to hear how you use these crystals for love.

If you need any of these crystals for love in your life, make sure to head on over to the green crystal. We have all kinds of pink and green stones for your heart chakra.

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