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how to use crystal heart

How To Use Crystal Heart

Did you know crystal hearts are good for much more than just looking pretty? In this article, you will learn how to use crystal heart in your everyday healing practice.

Crystal Heart Symbolism

 how to use crystal heart Rainbow Aura Heart

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What does the crystal heart symbolize? Well, that’s an easy one because since the beginning of humankind, the crystal heart shape has symbolized love. 

Now, wherever you’re from, whatever language you speak, and whatever time period you’re from, the heart has always represented love. 

In metaphysical terms, the crystal heart corresponds to your heart chakra, which is the center of your being. 

The center of your aura is where your life force flows, so the crystal heart is great for opening and balancing your heart chakra to give better and receive love. 

So, crystal hearts equal love, eternal love, unconditional love, affection, romance, friendship, and all kinds of lovely feelings.

6 Ways to use crystal heart

 how to use crystal heart Dream Amethyst Heart

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Why should you use crystal hearts in your healing practice? 

The crystal hearts we refer to come in all kinds of your favorite healing crystals, so you can find them in your favorite gemstones or whatever crystal you need to work with. They are usually smooth, relatively flat for placing and have a tip for directing energy like a wand. 

Crystal hearts can be used in a wide variety of metaphysical practices.

1. Meditating With Your Crystal Hearts

The first tip on how to use crystal heart is meditation.

The crystal heart shape is nice and smooth. It is very comfortable to hold in your hand for a long period of time. All you want to do is program your crystal hearts for whatever loving intention you have for your meditation. 

You hold one in each hand or a large one in both hands and meditate with your hearts. If you could improve at meditating on your own, you could also find some guided meditations on love energy, and the crystal hearts will come in handy.

2. Crystal Heart Journaling

Perfect for those journaling with your crystal hearts is an excellent exercise in self-love. You can program your crystal heart for whatever intention you desire to remind you not to judge whatever words, ideas, and thoughts are flowing out into your journal from your subconscious mind. 

You can release the unwanted ones and keep the loving thoughts with you. The heart can be placed next to you on your writing desk as you are journaling, and then after you are done, place your crystal heart on top of your journal for your next writing session.

3. Heart Crystals Layout

The third tip on how to use crystal heart is crystal layout.

Create a crystal layout with your crystal hearts. You are aligned comfortably and surrounded by your crystals in a crystal layout. You can also place them on your chakras. Crystal hearts are relatively flat, so unlike crystal balls or crystal eggs, they will stay nice and secure on your chakras. They’re also very smooth, so it also has a nice cool feeling. 

You can also hold the crystal hearts in your layout. The layout will create a nice comfortable web within your aura.

4. Use Crystal Hearts With Feng Shui Bagua Map

The forth tip on how to use crystal heart is Fengshui.

Place your crystal hearts according to your Feng Shui Bagua map. You can also place them room by room to balance the energies. There, we recommend putting crystal hearts in the bedroom. If you are looking for loving relationships, you can place one on each bed stand. You can place crystal hearts all over your living room if you’re looking for a lot of friendship and healthy relationships in your social sphere. 

Crystal hearts are not only aesthetically pleasing, but even people who don’t believe in crystal healing will be very attracted to the crystal heart shape in all your different gemstones. But they’re also releasing that high vibration of love within your space.

5. Crystal Hearts For Massage

The fifth tip on how to use crystal heart is massage.

Now, the great thing is you don’t have to be a massage practitioner to use your crystal hearts in massage. You can do this for self-massage, or even better yet, if you have a partner, you can use the crystal heart. 

The large, the top parts, and the large smooth areas of your crystal heart are great for the large muscles. Just stroking the areas of your body, and then the tip, the bottom part, is great for pressing into the acupressure points and releasing the little trigger points and tension that way. 

An additional bonus, crystals in their natural gemstones are already pretty cold, but if you want an additional icy feeling, you can place them in the fridge or in the freezer, and they will be even extra cold. You can put them on the body and release tension that way.

6. Relieve Anxiety With Crystal Heart

The sixth tip on how to use crystal heart is anxiety relieving.

You can use crystal hearts like you do worry stones or little fidget spinners. When you’re anxious, you can rub your fingers on the smooth surface of crystal hearts to release that nervous tension and infuse yourself with the crystal’s energy.

Small crystal hearts are very portable. You can have them in your purse and pocket as you go through your day, and they’ll always be available to you. 

You can use larger crystal hearts at your desk or keep them at your home. So, crystal hearts for anxiety release.

Top 7 Crystal Hearts And How To Use Them

How do you use the top seven crystal hearts? Now that we have gone over a general idea of how to use any crystal heart, we will show you the top seven crystal hearts and how to use them specifically.

1. Selenite Heart Crystal

 how to use crystal heart Selenite Heart crystal heart

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Selenite is an excellent stone for sealing your aura. It is excellent if you are going through heartbreak because your energy is leaking out, and you want to preserve it. You want to keep your energies within your auric fields. 

Use selenite, scan your body, hold on to the crystal, meditate, or whatever kind of practice you like, but make sure that you’re enhancing your aura and ensuring no energy leaks. You are keeping yourself safe from additional trauma. 

So, selenite hearts are great for sealing the aura.

2. Amethyst Heart Crystal

Amethyst hearts can be used for spiritual love.

When you feel you’ve lost that connection to your higher self, use amethyst to reconnect this bond. Amethyst helps you get into that meditative state. It raises your vibrations. It is great for the third eye and crown chakra, your higher chakras, to help connect you to the bigger picture. So you’re not stuck in the mundane details of everyday life. There is life beyond the daily grind, amethyst hearts are great for this uplifting energy. 

You can again meditate with them, place them on your chakras, and even have a restful sleep relaxation having them by your bedside. Amethyst is great for anything to do with sleep as well.

3. Quartz Hearts

You can use quartz hearts to enhance love energy. 

Quartz is known as an amplifying crystal, and in the heart shape, it is known for amplifying your love energies. 

If you are confused about the love department, place a clear quartz heart at your third eye chakra. This will help to clear out any confusion, and then you can put any quartz on your heart chakra, and this will act kind of like a megaphone, amplifying and broadcasting your loving intentions for whatever you want to manifest in love.

4. Rhodonite Hearts For Bonded Soulmates

This crystal is all about self-love, so use rhodonite hearts to truly love yourself, because after that, everyone else will come. 

Rhodonite is also an attractor of soulmates. Whether this is platonic or romantic, all the people who come into your life and teach you lessons are your soulmates. 

The soulmates may come and go, but the important thing is that you learn your lessons quickly so that you can get to the point where you can relax and enjoy your friendship, the company, the love in your life without having to worry about anything else.

5. Moonstone Hearts For Feminine Divine

 how to use crystal heart moonstone Heart

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Choose moonstone hearts when you are working on your feminine energy. 

Regardless of your sex, we all have female and male energies, yin and yang, and we want to have them balanced at all times. 

Moonstone specifically works with that yin feminine energy. It connects with the moon goddess with energies of wisdom, patience and understanding. 

Moonstone is especially great to use during any lunar event, like the new moon, full moon, lunar eclipse. Make sure to have a moonstone heart nearby and connect with that feminine energy.

6. Angelite Hearts For Angelic Notions

Angelite connects you straight with the angelic realm. It is a very peaceful, serene stone. Keep them nearby if you’re feeling anxious or restless to help you breathe, let go of any expectations, and enjoy the present moment living harmoniously with the world around you. 

You can use your crystal hearts as worry stones to relieve any anxiety. Angelite hearts are perfect for that occasion. Have them nearby whenever you need a break from reality, just have yourself lifted off into the angelic realm with angelites.

7. Rose Quartz Hearts For Unconditional Love

Rose Quartz Heart crystal heart crystal hearts

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When you first think of love crystal, rose quartz is probably the first one that comes to mind. Rose quartz hearts are the perfect shape as these pink quartz are synonymous with sweet joy, affection, love, and romance. 

They are great for working and opening your heart chakra, so we have a lot of practices on how to open and balance your heart chakra to better give and receive love energy. Rose quartz hearts are perfect for these exercises. They are also the ones to gift if you want to express your unconditional love to somebody else.

Crystal Heart Gift

Why should you gift crystal hearts? 

Crystal hearts are the ultimate symbol of love. If you gift a crystal heart, it means that you want to maintain a relationship. You want to enhance the relationship, and you may want to mend a relationship. 

Crystal hearts are great when you want to show somebody that you are in love, that you love them, that you want to say thank you to, and maybe you want to say sorry to. Perhaps somebody is grieving, and you want to give them a crystal heart.

You can gift crystal hearts to your partner, you can give crystal hearts to a friend who is far away. If you have a group of friends or maybe your relatives, you want to gift them matching crystal hearts so that whenever they look and gaze upon their crystal heart, they think of you and you will think of them.

Conclusion On How To Use Crystal Heart

Besides looking beautiful, those are some ways you can use your crystal hearts in your healing practice. If you have additional ideas, we would love to hear them. If you need crystal hearts, we have a whole selection of natural crystal hearts.

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