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Do you use crystal eggs in your healing practice? Have you traded egg stones for Easter? What’s your favorite crystal egg?

Today we will discuss crystal eggs – their meanings, their metaphysical properties, and how to use them in practical everyday life plus your crystal healing practice.

Crystal Egg Meaning

The egg symbolizes new beginnings, birth, life force, virility, fertility, and youthfulness, and because of all these properties, the egg is also the symbol of spring.

Crystal Egg Benefits

Crystal eggs have a lot of different metaphysical uses, and we will go over three for you right now so you can get started on some ideas.

Crystal Eggs Are Great For Breaking Bad Habits

Number one, crystal eggs are great for breaking bad habits. Crystal eggs are all about rebirth. They help you shed those old negative emotions and patterns.

So what you want to do in this case is set your intention, surround yourself with egg stones, and focus on the new healthy thought patterns.

Crystal Eggs Are Perfect For Manifesting

Number two, egg stones are perfect for manifesting.

You just want to write out your manifestation list of all the goals that you’d like to achieve, and then you can take some crystal eggs, one or two in your hand, and read your list out loud, and the eggs will help to speed along your manifesting goals.

Egg Stones Are Good For Prayer And Meditation

Number three, the crystal egg is good for prayer and meditation.

The egg is all about the miracle of life and can also bring you other miracles. So you want to hold your crystal egg between your hands while you’re meditating or praying and have the vibrations increase your thoughts and desires and send them to the universe.

What are crystal eggs used for?

Let’s go over three ideas for practical uses of crystal eggs. Besides their metaphysical uses, you can use eggs in various ways.

Home Decoration

Egg stones are perfect for decorating the home. You can place them on stands, in baskets, or, as you will, in their plants. They’re very popular for kitchen decor because the eggs symbolize life and family and nature and abundance.

Crystal Massage

In this case, you can see that the egg shape fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. The pointy end can be used for ten knots in your shoulders or wherever you have is great for acupressure.

The bottom end is nice and smooth so that you can rub like whole swathes of area for a more gentle massage. You can also use eggs for your facial massage for your so.

Some people use jade rollers and scrapers for their facial rejuvenation. You can use crystal eggs for the same thing as well.

Gemstone Yoni Egg

Number three is the gemstone yoni egg. So we don’t particularly sell crystal eggs for yoni because medical professionals do not encourage it. However, when you look on Google, and you search for how to use egg stones, you’ll see that maybe 99% of the articles are all about yoni eggs.

The Green Crystal is one of the only ones that are not. So, what are yoni eggs? They came from many centuries ago but are now a popular trend again.

Women place little crystal eggs up at their genitals to help strengthen the pelvic floor. And so, we encourage you to talk to your gynecologist to see if it’s something that you want to partake in or not.


Easter is all about the celebration of life, and egg stones are all about rebirth and rejuvenation. Throughout the centuries, all kinds of eggs have been traded for Easter, from chocolate to plastic and chicken eggs. If you want a deeper meaning and something Everlast, we recommend trading and gifting gemstone eggs.

Crystal Egg Healing Properties

Each egg stone has a different healing property. We will go over three of them for you here.

Lapis Egg Stone

Lapis is an ideal gemstone for channeling Jesus Christ’s consciousness. It teaches a spiritual way and gives you awareness of the big picture. Pick lapis eggs to open your eyes to a new dimension this spring.

Malachite Egg Stone

Malachite is a thriving and abundant spring stone. If you like to see your physical and metaphysical garden bloom, choose lucky malachite. Pick malachite eggs if you want your world to thrive and abundance to come your way.

Pyrite Egg Stone

Pyrite eggs are the true celebration of life. They remind you to indulge in your surroundings no matter where you are. Pick also pyrite eggs if you want a bright and optimistic Easter.