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elestial quartz meaning properties benefits

Elestial Quartz Meaning, Properties, Benefits

Elestial Quartz stone

What Is Elestial Quartz

Elestial quartz has the potential to provide you with pure spiritual energies continuously. Infusions of light and love will be constant in your life. 

Elestial quartz, popularly referred to as window quartz, belongs to the quartz crystal variety that comes with particular termination patterns flowing throughout the body and face of this crystal. 

It is usually defined by a unique skeletal structure with geometric (mostly triangular) patterns on the surface. The name “Elestial” is derived from the word “Celestial”, which connects the physical being to the cosmic consciousness. 

Elestial crystal can facilitate the conscious self’s mass cleansing so that there is symmetry and balance in life. 

Smoky Elestial Quartz

Normally, elestial quartz is found in the smoky form, known as “smoky quartz“. However, it can also be found in the clear form, and one such variety is called “fenster quartz”. 

The History And Origin Of Elestial Quartz

The use of quartz crystals in the form of ornaments, religious objects, and gemstones has been going on for several thousand years. 

During medieval times, quartz crystals were polished and used as balls or spheres for the purpose of divination. These crystals have been used in past cultures for current event awareness and for diagnosing diseases and healing. 

Skeletal (or elestial) quartz found today originates in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil

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Elestial Quartz Meaning

Elestial crystal provides a window to you into the celestial world, and links your spiritual and conscious body to the cosmic world. It takes you through a speedy portal and works to open your third eye to view a higher dimension. 

Since this stone belongs to the quartz variety, it can help you realign your chakras naturally into a harmonious state. Thus, the vibrations created in a harmonious fashion quickly activate your spiritual connection, allowing you to get hold of celestial vibrating messages. 

Elestial Quartz Properties

Healing Properties

Elestial crystal carries a frequency for regulating and structuring energy so that you can easily access much-needed energy at a higher frequency comfortably. 

It is a superb tool for accessing guidance or information and meditation. This quartz variety may assist with emotional cleansing and detecting the base of negative energy in your body. It provides healing for all types of skeletal issues. 

Metaphysical Properties

The vibrations in elestial crystal help you eliminate fear and blockages through gentle but powerful energy. These vibrations help you in times of emotional stress, encouraging you to find peace. 

Elestial crystal gives you a better understanding of your Karma by providing you an insight into the spiritual path that you follow. It improves your psychic abilities and helps you find the right direction when following your intuitions. 

The stone works as an anchor to help to reach the cosmic realm and builds a strong connection with it. It is a tool for manifestation and healing that brings you unlimited abundance and thorough understanding. 

raw Elestial Quartz

Geological Properties

Elestial quartz is a silicon dioxide crystal that comes in a geometric hexagonal crystal system. It features natural terminations throughout its surface, either etched or layered on its body. 

Other names for this crystal include skeletal, alligator, or cathedral quartz. At times it is referred to as jacre quartz, which is Portuguese for alligator (since the stone looks similar to this reptile). 

Elestial crystal has a hardness of 8, and both the clear and smoky forms of this crystal are available in Brazil and other parts of the world, including the U.S.A., Madagascar, and Romania. 

Elestial Quartz Birthstone and Zodiac Sign 

This birthstone associated with this crystal includes all the astrological signs, and the zodiac signs associated with this stone include Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn. 

Elestial Quartz And Chakras

The chakras associated with elestial crystal include the base and the crown chakras.

Elestial Quartz Benefits

  • It helps you connect strongly with the angelic realm, which is suggested in its name. Elestial means crystal of the angels.
  • It works to make the energy fields around you pure so that you can dispel negative patterns of behavior and toxic emotions. 
  • The vibrations in this crystal will help you connect your consciousness with the energies of love, knowledge, and wisdom that travel across dimensions.
  • Elestial crystal assists you with eliminating emotional patterns like fear, sorrow, and anger, which are difficult for you to release. Such emotions affect the way to think and feel, making you incapable of making the right decisions. 
  • It acts as a protective shield to keep you away from negative influences that can threaten or harm you. 
  • Elestial crystal converts your negative energies into ones that are positive.
Elestial Quartz

How To Use Elestial Quartz?

To make the most of this powerful stone while meditation, you must hold the crystal in your palm to experience relaxation at its best. 

Wearing elestial crystal in the form of a jewelry piece will help attune your body to personal energies. Alternatively, you can place this crystal in your purse or pocket. 

If you place this crystal in the house, it will help you and your family feel encouraged. Putting this crystal under the pillow will help you get a good night’s rest. 

How To Cleanse And Program Elestial Quartz?

You can cleanse elestial crystal by using sage or running water (cold). To program this stone you have to hold it while looking into the mirror and replacing your negative thoughts and energies with positive ones, like I deserve, or I love myself and keep repeating them.

Final Thoughts

This stone will amplify your wishes, prayers, deepest desires, and positive affirmations. It is a powerful quartz crystal that can assist you with building a strong connection with the spiritual realm, and lead to major positive changes in life that you require. 


What Is Smoky Elestial Quartz?

When elestial quartz is found in smoky form, it is called smoky elestial quartz.

What Is The Rarest Quartz?

Natural citrine is known to be the rarest quartz.

What Is An Elestial Formation?

An elestial formation is an etching or layer over a quartz crystal. Several elestials form as natural terminations on the crystal’s surface to make it elestial quartz.

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