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Desert Jasper Meaning, Properties, Benefits

Having the gemstone can help you to harness the most amazing powers. They can help you improve your life with positive energy while eliminating the negative ones. Though there are many such beneficial gemstones, one of the best is desert jasper. 

This jasper stone can help bring positive changes to your life. To know more about this stone and its properties, read on. We have listed all the details about its history, benefits, properties, and relation to the chakras below.

tumbled desert jasper stone

What Is Desert Jasper?

The other name for desert jasper is polychrome jasper. This gemstone comes with many splendid colors that can make the stone look beautiful and stunning. 

Besides that, this stone is also quite beneficial for a better life bringing positive changes and new hopes and happiness. It belongs to the silicate family comprised of silicon dioxide. 

The History And Origin Of Desert Jasper

The existence and use of desert jasper can be traced back to 2006 when geologists first discovered it. They found this gemstone while searching for the mined out ocean jasper. Because of the splendid multiple colors, this stone was named polychrome asper at first. 

The origin of this gemstone is Madagascar, where the geologists found it. Though other types of jasper have been quite popular all over the world for ages, polychrome jasper is newly discovered. Now, this gemstone is found in other parts of the world too.

Desert Jasper Meaning

It is a stone of fire and earth. It represents creativity, passion, and action. Also, it can help you to be more stable and stay grounded

Desert jasper is meant to keep you grounded in Mother Earth, inspire you to bring positive changes, and renew your hopes.

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Desert Jasper Properties

Every gemstone comes with some amazing properties. There are some properties of desert jasper that can be beneficial too. 

1) Physical Healing Properties

Desert jasper’s physical healing properties can help you feel rejuvenated and energized. 

It can help to detoxify your body by removing all the bad toxins and energy. It also helps in balancing the essential chakras to bring better health.

2) Mental And Emotional Healing Properties

The polychrome jasper is quite well-known for fighting against stress and anxiety. This can help you be in complete tranquility by absorbing all the negative energy surrounding you. Hence, it helps to clear the mind bringing better emotional and mental balance.

3) Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of desert jasper can protect you from negative energy while increasing your creativity and balance. This stone helps you stay grounded and can also increase your spiritual connection

4) Desert Jasper Birthstone And Zodiac Sign

Polychrome jasper is not a traditional birthstone, but it is believed to be quite beneficial for people with the Leo zodiac sign. 

So, if you are born between July 22 and August 23, you can get amazing benefits from this stone. It can help you both physically and emotionally.

desert jasper gride

5) Desert Jasper And Chakras

This gemstone can balance all the chakras efficiently and tune them perfectly to make you physically and emotionally more balanced. 

But it is more effective to balance and clear your root chakra. Thus, it can help you to stay more grounded. 

Desert Jasper Benefits

What does desert jasper do? Because of the amazing properties, polychrome jasper can also offer great benefits.

1) Provides Protection

This stone can help in protecting you from the bad and negative energies that are surrounding you. It helps by cleaning your aura and removing the bad energy successfully.

2) Improves Mental Health

As this gemstone can clear the negative blocks from your mind, it can help clear the aura. This can easily help you to improve your mental health by removing anxiety and stress. You can think better and straight.

3) Increase Passion And Creativity

This stone can help you to explore your creative side. You can get to know about your passion for certain things. It also allows you to focus on what your passion is. 

desert jasper heart

How To Use Desert Jasper?

You can use the polychrome jasper in many ways. You can keep the stone in your room, or you can even wear it. It can offer you the benefits in both ways.

1) Use It In Home Or Office

You can keep the gemstone in the corner of your home or office. This can help clear the space from all the negative and bad energies. Also, it will help you and your family feel better physically and mentally.

2) Use It As Jewelry

You can even wear jewelry like rings, earrings, or necklaces with the polychrome jasper. This is the best way to keep this stone closest to you. Also, you can harness all the goodness it has to offer directly into your body.

How To Cleanse And Active Desert Jasper?

In order to cleanse the polychrome jasper, you can use water. Rinse the stone carefully under cool water for a few minutes. 

Then, you have to dry it off using a soft cloth. After the rinsing process is done, you can recharge or activate the stone by keeping it under direct sunlight. 

desert jasper mushroom

Final Thoughts

Thus, it is quite clear that this jasper is a beneficial gemstone that can offer some amazing benefits. With the help of this gemstone, you can increase your stability while being grounded. It can even elevate your creativity and balance your emotional and mental health.


What Is Desert Jasper Good For?

The polychrome jasper is good for protecting you against bad energy or negative vibrations. It can effectively keep you grounded and connected to Mother Earth. You can easily buy it from crystal shops near me.

What Chakra Is Desert Jasper?

This stone can balance and clean the root chakra. This will help you to stay grounded and be more stable.

Where Is Desert Jasper Found?

The desert jasper was mainly found in the northern coastal region of Madagascar. But it was later found in different parts of South America as well.

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