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“The beautiful gem lepidolite tower is even prettier in person I’m so happy I was able to snag it! this was the one I really wanted”-Erica

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Crystal gurus and spiritual healers believe lepidolite tower can help release and drive away stagnant energies by activating and revitalizing energy systems or chakras within the body.

What Is Lepidolite?

Lepidolite is a light-purple, pink, or lilac-gray member of a group of silicate minerals referred to as the Mica group. It is the most abundant mineral containing lithium and is associated with lithium-bearing minerals like topaz, tourmaline, and beryl. However, the mineral is relatively rare and is found in volcanic rocks.

Lepidolite has unique physical and metaphysical properties, making it a highly valuable mineral in metaphysical and spiritual circles. The crystal is well-known and highly popular within the holistic community for its calming, mood-stabilizing, and chakra-healing properties.

It is mainly found in Australia, the United States, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Madagascar, Russia, Canada, and Sweden.

What Energy Does Lepidolite Tower Have?

A Lepidolite tower is believed to have beneficial effects on your heart, third eye, and crown chakras.

The heart chakra (heart and lung region) is associated with compassion, love, and forgiveness. The third eye chakra (between the eyebrows) is associated with clarity, concentration, perception, and intelligence.

Lepidolite tower also invigorates the crown chakra (top of the head), clearing negative energies that keep you from self-improvement. In this regard, it helps connect you to the divine and your inner truth, bringing a new level of cosmic awareness.

Lepidolite Tower Meaning?

Originally, the mineral was called Lilalite because of its lilac hues. Over time, the name was changed to lepidolite, which is derived from the Greek word “Lepidos.” Lepidos means scale, a reference to the mineral’s scaly appearance.

The stone’s scales symbolize its ability to improve emotional balance and encourage harmony between your inner being and the outside world. It is also known as a stone of transition, the grandmother stone, or the peace stone.

Lepidolite Tower Properties

Lepidolite can be found in various forms, from plates and masses to prismatic crystals and stacked sheets. The crystal is soft and brittle. It can only be cut and shaped when occurring within a larger quartz body.

Trace manganese impurities within lepidolite’s chemical makeup are responsible for the attractive, gentle colors of the stone. Many people are intrigued by the mineral mainly due to its purple, pink, and lilac tones.

Although these are rare, the stunning crystal may also come in other colors, including violet, white, pale yellow, and colorless.

The soft color of the lepidolite tower helps inspire a sense of tranquility and calm that soothes the energy imbalances that can trouble the mind, heart, and soul.

A lepidolite tower also fosters and invigorates other metaphysical properties such as balance, clarity, cleansing, focus, personal growth, and meditation.

What Is A Lepidolite Tower Used For?

In the holistic community, lepidolite tower is highly praised and sought after for its calming, mood-stabilizing, and healing properties.

1) Soothe The Soul

Lepidolite tower soothes the soul, especially when experiencing emotional instability, intense moods, and overwhelming moments of depression or anxiety.

2) Achieve Inner Peace

Lepidolite towers can also help you strike an emotional balance and achieve inner peace. They encourage deep emotional healing, which helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

As a stone of transition, lepidolite helps eliminate harmful conditioned tendencies. Lepidolite towers also promote a positive mindset that encourages beneficial behaviors.

3) Breaking Negative Psychological Patterns

In essence, a lepidolite tower can aid in breaking negative psychological patterns and help you form new uplifting ones. This deep spiritual reset encourages mental stability and emotional healing, which are important steps in anyone’s self-improvement journey.

Lepidolite point can also help you look forward to the future, eliminating any thoughts and feelings of guilt from your past life that may be blocking progress in your life now.

4) Overcome Mental Or Emotional Dependency

A lepidolite tower is also a powerful aid if you are trying to overcome any mental or emotional dependency. Although it isn’t a substitute for professional help via a rehabilitation program, lepidolite point can encourage a mindset shift that can help with addictions. Emotional and mental dependencies often fuel addictive tendencies.

5) Promote Self-Control

Lepidolite tower is also used to promote self-control, mental clarity, and better response to distressing circumstances that can lead to destructive behaviors.

How To Use Lepidolite Tower?

Based on the area of your life you want to change, there are several ways through which you can leverage the healing properties of lepidolite towers. You can place lepidolite tower in various places in your home. Some people also use lepidolite towers as part of their meditation practice.


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