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Lepidolite Meaning Properties Benefits

Lepidolite Meaning Properties Benefits

If you are somebody who is curious about lepidolite, you have come to the right place. Today, we are discussing lepidolite, its meanings, its properties, facts, and at the end, seeing if you are somebody who could benefit from lepidolite in your life. Let’s learn about lepidolite crystal.

What is lepidolite?

Lepidolite is a purple or pinkish rosy color of the mica mineral group, and it gets its color from manganese. So, usually, you will find lepidolite on the market as purple or pink, but sometimes you’ll also see it as a grayish tone or very rarely a yellow lepidolite.

Out there, more rare, you will find a green version or a blue version of lepidolite that is mined from particular areas in the world. You need to be careful; do your research well to make sure these are actual lepidolite stones that you are paying for rather than dyed or stones that aren’t even lepidolite.

Lepidolite metaphysical properties

Metaphysically, lepidolite is known for:

  • calm the overactive mind
  • balance the aura
  • relieve stress and anxiety

Because lepidolite has a natural lithium content, as you may know, lithium is used in a lot of mood-stabilizing drugs. But in this case, in crystal healing, you would use the energy of the lithium within lepidolite rather than ingesting it to relieve your anxiety.

Lepidolite is also known as the Peace Stone or the Grandmother Stone because of its nurturing energies at the third eye chakra and the crown chakra.

Lepidolite is great for connecting with your higher self and the upper realms and regaining or creating that spiritual spark in your aura, which you need for your earthly life. So, you can connect those two areas together. That is the overall metaphysical energy of lepidolite.

Who could benefit from lepidolite?

If you can relate to one or more of these statements, lepidolite should be in your crystal collection.

  • If you are somebody who has an overactive mind, and wants to alleviate those obsessive thoughts, use lepidolite.
  • If you want to balance your upper chakras and connect with your higher self, use lepidolite at your third eye chakra and your crown chakra.
  • If you are seeking that comforting nurturing energy, hold on to lepidolite, aka the grandmother stone.
  • If you’re looking to stabilize your mood, and balance your aura, use lepidolite.
  • If you want that spiritual spark back in your aura, or maybe you never had it, use lepidolite to gain this energy.

How to use lepidolite crystal?

There are a lot of different ways you can use these stones in healing, and I’m going to show you a few here.

Use lepidolite stone for better sleep

Lepidolite heart
Lepidolite heart

First of all, you can use lepidolite stones, place them under your pillow, near your bedstand, or under the bed for a good night’s sleep, especially if you tend to have obsessive thoughts, which usually rear their heads at night because you have nothing else to think about or you’re not doing anything else. Use lepidolite at this time.

You can even just place it on your third eye and concentrate on the energy of the stone instead of whatever thoughts that you don’t want to be thinking of.

How to use lepidolite worry stone?

You can use lepidolite worry stones, they have little grooves for your thumbs. You can rub the stones whenever you’re feeling nervous or anxious.

If you’re stressed out, just place the lepidolite worry stones in your hands. You can carry them around; they’re very portable. You can have them in your pocket or your purse whenever you need them. Take out lepidolite worry stones and rub away your worries.

How to use a lepidolite sphere?

You can use lepidolite spheres during your meditations to enhance your Zen state, and to quickly get into that calm and comfortable state of meditation.

These are also great for crystal ball gazing because they have sparks of mica minerals. They’re very mesmerizing, and you can just get lost in your subconscious with lepidolite spheres.

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How to use lepidolite rough stone?

To calm a chaotic space, use lepidolite rough stone and grid the area.

You can place them in the corners of the room or if you have a desk, you can place them in the corners of the desk or what have you.

But lepidolite rough stones help to draw down that chaotic energy and create a peaceful web. Now, do be aware that lepidolite, the raw versions, will flake out; the little mica pieces will flake out on your hands, but that’s okay as they are very small and very shiny. It’s kind of like glitter. So, use raw lepidolite or lepidolite tower to create crystal grids around your room.

How to use a lepidolite wand?

To release physical tension from your body, you can use lepidolite wands.

These little wands have a pointed tip and a rounded end, so depending on what kind of pressure you want, you can either place the pointed tips within your pressure points for acupressure, or you can use the rounded side for a more soothing massage. And again, this relates to relieving tension within the body, both physically and metaphysically.

How to use a lepidolite pendulum?

Dowsing with a lepidolite pendulum is perfect if you want to gain answers from your subconscious mind, as lepidolite is a third eye and crown chakra stone. So, it’s perfect for dowsing, getting those subconscious answers that you are seeking.

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How to use lepidolite jewelry?

Lepidolite bangle
Lepidolite bangle

Wear lepidolite jewelry whenever you know that you’re going to be in a stressful situation, or maybe you have some social anxiety and you’re going out.

You want to wear your lepidolite so that you can remember to breathe, take it easy, and have a good time.

Lepidolite rings and bracelets are great if you are constantly on the computer or the phone looking down, as these will remind you to take a break and again just to relax.

If you have lepidolite earrings, it helps to balance the right and left side brains, so all kinds of lepidolite jewelry. They also look great, give you a pop of purple color, and flashes of mica.

How to use a lepidolite cube?

Use lepidolite cubes to ground your spiritual energy. So, as we said, lepidolite is a great stone for connecting with your higher self, but the cube shape is perfect for grounding Earth energy.

Place the lepidolite cubes around you when you’re meditating or manifesting to help harness that spiritual energy down to your earthly self. These, of course, also make beautiful paperweights, or you can display them in your home, and they are fascinating conversation pieces.

Gift lepidolite to anybody who’s feeling stressed out, or overwhelmed with life; they will appreciate your thought, and they will benefit from the calming energies of lepidolite.

Now, those are some ways that you could use lepidolite in your healing practice. If you have used lepidolite in any other way, please do share it with us.

Are lepidolite and lithium quartz the same?

Lithium is the lightest metal in the world. It is used in common applications like in your cell phone, in your laptop, in rechargeable batteries, your microwave, even aircraft parts, and as we said before, mood-stabilizing drugs for bipolar disorder or depression. So, lithium is the metal that is also found in lepidolite.

Lepidolite is the mineral, but it also has other metals like aluminum or fluorine or potassium, so the two do get a little interchanged, mixed up name-wise in the mining world.

But for us, lepidolite is the whole stone, and it is not found in all these applications, but it can be found in ceramics or glass, and of course, it is polished and used a lot in the crystal healing world for jewelry and gemstones.

So, that is the difference between lithium and lepidolite. Lithium is the metal element, and lepidolite is the mineral.

What is the white in lepidolite?

The white in your lepidolite is most commonly one of two minerals. It could either be a white albite feldspar or a white quartz.

The white blocky, chunky pieces are feldspar, and the more translucent, grayish, more rounded is quartz. It doesn’t matter whether you have feldspar or quartz within your lepidolite. What matters is that these stones are giving your very, very soft lepidolite stone much more stability so that you can use them in your healing. They’re polished easily, and you can wear them without worrying that it’s going to crumble and flake away.

How to care for lepidolite? Can lepidolite go in water?

Depending on what form of lepidolite you have is going to depend on how you care for it.

For example, the pure lepidolite is not stabilized within quartz or feldspar. So, it is very, very fragile; it is growing in very thin sheets, thin mica sheets that are layered on top of each other, and these kinds of formations are sometimes called book formations, and this is one of my favorite lepidolite formations.

In this case, you need to be very careful as it will easily flake, it’ll easily scratch, it’ll easily dissolve in water.

However, if your lepidolite is embedded within quartz or feldspar as we talked about before, then it is much more sturdy, depending on how much of that stone it has.

It could be more quartz and less lepidolite, giving it more stability. You can place it in water; you can go running or jogging or showering with it.

Is lepidolite water safe? So, it just depends on your type of lepidolite. If you are unsure, always make sure to keep it out of water and handle it with care.

Conclusion on lepidolite

Have you learned something new about lepidolite? If you need lepidolite stones in your collection, head over to our crystal shop. We have a whole selection for you to shop from.

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