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crystals for angel connection

Crystals For Angel Connection

If there is one thing that brings me comfort when someone passes over to the other side, it is that I know that does not mean that my connection with them ends. Because they are not physically here, we all have angels, guardian angels, and spirit guides—however, you want to classify a spirit watching over you. What are the crystals for angel connection? The biggest takeaway here is knowing that your angels want to connect with you, so make sure you’re leaving that door open and that you are welcoming their presence.


In today’s article, I’m going to be going over the best crystals for angel connection. I personally use these crystals in my daily life a lot. I love connecting with my crystals, and these stones really help me gain spiritual insights and divine messages sent from my angels. This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart, so if you are ready to connect with your angels, read on.

This article is very near and dear to my heart. I’m going to be going over six crystals for angel connection. I’m going to be going in no particular order, just wanted to throw it out there. Also, there are a lot of crystals that help you connect with your angels. I’m not going to be listing all of them in this article. I’m going based on my personal experiences and the really well-known crystals that help you connect with angels.

Let’s jump straight in.


The first crystal for angel connection that I’m going to be sharing with you is probably the most well-known, and that is angelite.

crystals for angelic connection Angelite
crystals for angelic connection Angelite

Angelite Properties

Angelite is a stone that can act as the physical representation or anchoring talisman for the energies of one’s guardian angels, guides, and other friends in spirit. It acts as a focal point of the connection of love, guidance, and help from the invisible ones who surround us on the earth plain. It can also help one develop sensitivities for communication with humans who have passed over to the other side.

Connect With Angels By Angelite

So if there was one stone that I would recommend getting to connect with your angels, and if I’m being a little picky about the shape, getting an angelite in the angel shape, I think it is perfect to add to your crystal collection, especially if you’re interested in connecting with your angels.

This is the perfect crystal to get. I recommend getting this one. For me, this is a totem. Whenever I want to connect with my angels, I’ll hold it, I will look at it. I have a special place in my home where I keep this angelite, and whenever I feel like I need guidance, I need help, I need strength, I’ll go to where this little corner is in my home, and I will pray and I will talk to my angels.

There is such a strong connection that you can feel when you are connecting with angelite. It’s almost like you have the immediate attention of your guardian angels when you’re connecting with this stone. I use this stone so much; I want to say, that almost every day, I connect with this angelite.

I’m always talking to my angels, I’m always connecting with them, and this has just been like the perfect totem for me to instantly feel that divine love and connection with my angels.


The next on the crystals for angel connection list is one that I love so much. It has such a sweet energy, and that is danburite.

angel connection crystals angels danburite
angel connection crystals angels danburite

Danburite Properties

Danburite carries a high, sweet frequency of angelic communion and celebration of the divine force. It is the perfect tool to use when one is open to channeling. Danburite encourages communion with higher beings and facilitates the communication of knowledge and information from these beings during meditation.

So, danburite is known as a high vibrational stone, and I notice this when I connect with danburite. I instantly feel good, and I also feel very uplifted. It ups my energy, and I feel pretty, bouncy, and energetic when I am working with this stone.

Another thing I’ve noticed about danburite is that it’s great to sleep with. It helps you go to sleep, and you can have nice dreams when you sleep with danburite.

But again, it does help build that connection from the crown chakra up to feel this divine force field around you.

Angel Connection With Danburite

This is a wonderful crystal to meditate with. It opens up those higher chakras. If you are wondering about something or you just want to receive some insights from your guides, this is a great stone to get quiet with.

Maybe put some frequency music on and see what is being shown to you, what are the messages? Where are you being taken in this meditation? Because chances are, your angels are guiding you through this journey when you’re meditating with this stone.

Your angels may be showing you something visually, or you might be hearing something. They’re connecting with you through higher consciousness, through your higher self, and you can experience just a really good connection practice with your stone, with your danburite, and also with your angels.

So, if you’re looking to meditate or try to meditate with your angels, I recommend working with danburite.

Angel Phantom Quartz

The next on the crystals for angel connection list is such a beauty. I love this crystal so much. I love this one in particular that I have in my collection because I think it’s so unique and so gorgeous, and that is this Angel Phantom Quartz, also known as amphibole quartz.

crystals to connect with angels Angel Phantom Quartz
crystals to connect with angels Angel Phantom Quartz

Angel Phantom Quartz Properties

Angel Phantom Quartz is usually surrounded by other crystals like rutilated quartz, angelite, and celestite, which are already known for connecting with angels, and it brings this presence into the makeup of this stone.

When we look at the colors of Angel Phantom Quartz, we’ll see a unique color palette with each stone because it’s very much where the crystal is growing and how those minerals influence the growth of the Angel Phantom Quartz.

Angel Phantom Quartz For Connecting To Angels

The reason for the name Angel Phantom Quartz is because of the phantoms resembling angel wings. This stone powerfully activates the third eye chakra and the crown chakra, along with the higher-up chakras.

My Story Of Angel Phantom Quartz

This crystal is so beautiful, and I remember when I got this crystal, I was very much intentionally connecting with my crystals. I have a little bit of a story here. So, I got this stone, and I was like obsessed with it—I mean, how could you not? So beautiful.

And my intention was really to connect with a particular angel of mine. This is an angel that passed over years ago, a family member, so there was a very personal connection that I was trying to achieve with this crystal.

One night, I go to sleep, and I have a dream. In my dream, I was face to face with that angel. It was like I knew I was dreaming because I knew this person was no longer living. Because I realized that in the dream, it made me just know that I was dreaming, and I knew, like, wow, this is such an opportunity to connect with you. I immediately hugged her, and I’ll never forget in my dream when I was hugging her, I could smell her hair.

In dreams, you don’t remember the smell, and I just remember I was hugging her, smelling her perfume, and I was like, oh my gosh, this is so crazy.

Then I woke up and started crying because it was just so beautiful. I couldn’t believe that I could smell her perfume. Like, it was crazy to me. My angel visited me in my dream. That was a really big eye-opening moment for me to understand how when you intentionally use crystals to have an experience, to elevate your mind, your body, whatever your purpose is with your work with crystals, it is so potent, so powerful. Having an experience like that was very eye-opening and very profound.

With that being said, if you yourself are looking to enhance your dreams or just build a really strong connection with your angels, I had a wonderful experience with Angel Phantom Quartz.

I think these stones are very, very powerful, so I recommend getting one and experimenting yourself. See if you have a dream with your angel; it could happen. Or maybe you’ll receive more downloads or signs from your angels. I just think that this one is one to mention on this list because I think it’s super powerful.

Celestite For Angel Connection

The next stone on on the crystals for angel connection list is such a favorite. I love this crystal, and that is celestite or Celestine; it could be called either name.

Celestite is probably the most effective stone for accessing the angelic realm and can facilitate communication between oneself and one’s guardian angels or spirit guides. It is aligned with angelic energy and helps attract helping or positive spirits to you. Learn more about celestite benefits here.

Celestite is like the go-to guardian angel stone. If you’re looking to connect with your guardian angel, this is the stone to get.

I remember getting celestite years ago and just being around this stone; you just sense the energy of angels. It’s beautiful, it’s dreamy. When you’re looking at it, you’re visually just like, “Wow, this stone is so beautiful,” and you just kind of feel like your angels are around you.

If anyone who had someone pass away and you maybe want to gift them a crystal that brings them comfort, I think this is the best crystal to give.

For someone in that circumstance, you can let them know it helps them build that connection with their guardian angels and their angels in general. So, I think it’s a really beautiful gift. I know from personal experience that this is a great crystal to gift, so I recommend it to anyone watching out there. It’s a good one.

Elestial Quartz For Angel Connection

The next crystal on the crystals for angel connection list is elestial quartz. Elestial quartz attunes most easily to the frequency of the angelic domain. Working with these stones in meditation, one may readily hear the voices of the angelic choir singing.

use Elestial quartz to connect with angels
use Elestial quartz to connect with angels

Through this connection, one may receive a download of cosmic love, which influences every cell in the body with joy and well-being. So, elestial quartz, I would say, is a stone that helps you connect with your angels in a clear audient way. You could be working with elestial quartz and get some sort of ping, but it is like you’re hearing a voice or you just can sense that there is this message coming in, and you can almost hear it—you’re sensing it. This is what clear audient means. It’s a hearing thing.

I will say I haven’t had too many experiences with elestial quartz. I’m currently working on kind of like my connection practice with it. I’ve had this stone for a little while now, and I just haven’t really picked it up and connected with it too much.

But things that I have noticed are that clear audient connection. If you are seeking guidance or you need an answer about something—maybe something’s going on in your life—and you’re trying to connect with your angels and you’re trying to figure something out, you can work with the stone, have it in your hand, and just be open to receiving those messages.

What are you hearing?  What are those first few things that pop into your head? Those can be very big signs from your angels toward the thing that you are curious about.

Quartz crystals are very powerful. They are one of my favorite stones to connect with. They’re just so good, and the energy with elestial quartz feels very good. So, as you’re going out on this spiritual pursuit to connect with your angels, you will feel empowered when you are holding this stone, all right?


The last one on the crystals for angel connection list I’m going to be sharing with you on this list is super popular, and I bet a lot of people watching may already have this stone, and that is selenite.

Selenite Properties

Selenite can lift one’s awareness to higher levels of inner experiences, making it possible for one to consciously meet one’s spirit guides or guardian angels. It facilitates the experience of receiving advice and information from one’s guides in the form of interior movies.

Selenite, in general, really unlocks this door to our ethereal chakras, so all the chakras above our head. Selenite is known for its purification element for really bringing in so much light energy.

It’s probably one of the most popular crystals out there. A lot of people buy selenite; they have selenite; and they work with selenite daily. A cool little thing about selenite is that it does help with this almost like clairvoyance of seeing something, having this vision, right?

Connecting To Angels By Selenite

Meditating with selenite, and placing it on your spine, really helps bring this purified feeling to your whole body. I love doing selenite meditations and cleansing with them. You can also use selenite in meditation to clear out any negativity that you may be feeling and feel this divine connection filling your body with love and good energy.

This is another crystal on this list that I feel like you can sense and feel that energy pretty well when you’re connecting with selenite. It just has this kind of crisp, nice feeling to it. It feels like you are getting some spiritual hygiene going on.

If you want to connect with an angel and just feel this purity, to feel this divine, heavenly sense in your body, that’s really how I feel like selenite feels when we’re connecting with it.

So, as I said, if there is a crystal that I did not mention on this list that you love to connect with, to feel your angel’s presence, to get divine downloads, or anything in that realm, I would love it if you commented it down below. I would also love to expand my knowledge and learn what crystal that is so I can do my experiments.

Conclusion On Crystals For Angel Connection

When we connect with our angels, it can be a very emotional thing, like I talked about with my own stories, waking up and feeling like I had just seen that person. It can be a very emotional thing.

So if you do have an experience that makes you emotional, don’t take it in a way that makes you feel more sad in the situation, feeling more grief. If anything, have that be a positive experience that you got to meet again or whatever the case may be. I know when it comes to connecting with people that we love so much that are no longer here, it makes us very, very emotional.

All of these crystals also bring a lot of comfort towards that grief and towards that loss. There is a feeling of hope with all of these crystals, and that you are definitely not alone and you are always being watched and loved by your angels. Hope this article about crystals for angel connection may help you.

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