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Fluorite Pairing

Fluorite Pairing

Fluorite, as you may have heard me mention before, is a stone of the unconscious. Now, the unconscious is like the ocean; it’s massive and filled with so many unknown things. In fact, it’s so massive that you will never completely know your unconscious in one lifetime. Knowing the unconscious is very important because it drives probably 90 percent of your life. Explore fluorite pairing and discover how combining this versatile crystal with various gemstones can unlock hidden realms of your unconscious.

Fluorite Can Help With Unconscious

Getting things from the unconscious up to the surface can be very important but also very challenging. You can use fluorite to help you do this.

However, sometimes fluorite benefits from working with a friend. What pairs well with fluorite? So here’s a little list of fluorite pairing to help you sort through the ocean of your unconscious.

  • Ruby
  • Opal
  • Obsidian and Calcite
  • kyanite and Quartz
  • Amethyst

Fluorite Pairing For Unconscious

Fluorite And Ruby

We’re going to start with fluorite and Ruby. These two working together will bring through the unconscious in your heart and also help ground you.

Fluorite, along with Ruby, will help you navigate the unconscious, particularly in meditation, helping you see things that were hidden.

Opal And Fluorite

Opal with fluorite is a particularly strong combination to give you lots of information about who you are, why you’re here, and what’s going on. The pink opal really works with the heart, but you could use any opal. This is highlight opal, so if you need direct answers, this is a great one to use with fluorite.

Obsidian, Calcite And Fluorite

Obsidian is really good for helping you ask yourself the right questions. This guy happens to be fluorite with a little bit of calcite on it. Calcite opens up the energy field, so it’s very penetrating. You can get deeper down in yourself if you use fluorite and calcite together.

If we combine fluorite with calcite and selenite (this is selenite with calcite), you have very deep penetration into the unconscious, plus moving of energy, which is what the selenite brings.

Fluorite With Kyanite And Quartz

So, we have fluorite with kyanite and quartz. Quartz is an accelerator and it amplifies energy, and kyanite is so intuitive it’ll help you get to the root of what is going on in your unconscious.

Fluorite With Amethyst

Finally, we have fluorite with amethyst. The fluorite will pull it from the unconscious, and the amethyst will give you a spiritual perspective of how it got there in the first place.

Hope this article about fluorite pairing may help you.

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