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Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Properties And Feminine Energy

Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Properties And Feminine Energy

The rainbow moonstone has a spark of life in it. It has a little bit of cosmic wisdom pulled down from the stars and given to you. It has something so finite and rare, so special and magical. It could be easily overlooked, and it is definitely hard to put into words. Rainbow Moonstone Crystal […]

crystal pairings

Crystal Pairings

Let’s compare some pink and black crystal pairings. Black Tourmaline And Rose Quartz Crystal Pairings Start out with the classics: black tourmaline and rose quartz. What can you say about this pair? It’s grounding, loving, and expansive. You get an overwhelming sense of love, but in the physical sense, you don’t have to walk through […]

celestite benefits

Celestite Benefits

Celestite, also known as Celestine, and it is perhaps one of the most important minerals of our time. Speaking of celestite benefits, it is a gateway to the mystical realms of the astral plane, and it is a key to accessing the vast dimensions of your consciousness, including your unconscious, your conscious self, and your […]

blue smoke quartz

Blue Smoke Quartz

Blue smoke phantom is an incredible quartz emerging from Colombia. This quartz is a powerhouse; when held, you can feel the energy moving inside you. How Does Blue Smoke Quartz Get Its Name? These Phantoms derive their name from the misty inclusion of the mineral cookeite. Blue smoke quartz is remarkably expansive, addressing energy blocks, […]

pink aragonite

Pink Aragonite

By far, one of our best-selling crystals is pink aragonite. People go nuts for this beautiful mineral and with good reason. Not only is it a fabulous color, but it is incredibly protective of the heart. Our hearts are so innocent; they want to give and receive love, and this makes them incredibly vulnerable. Why […]

Malachite VS Moldavite

Malachite VS Moldavite

Malachite vs moldavite: How are they the same, and how are they different? Let’s talk about it. Fundamentals Let’s begin with the fundamentals. Malachite is a copper-based carbonate mineral. It is found deep in the Earth in many locations, primarily in Africa, Russia, Australia, and Mexico. On the other hand, moldavite is an amorphous silicate […]

what does shungite do

What Does Shungite Do?

Shungite is a mineral for the modern world. It is a formidable ally for protection and one of the few minerals to undergo scientific research. But what does shungite do? Where Is Shungite Found? You guys have been using Shungite for healing and protection for centuries. The mineral gets its namesake from where it was […]

blue kyanite benefits

Blue Kyanite Benefits

Blue kyanite is one of the first minerals I ever purchased as an adult. I think I read about blue kyanite benefits to help with psychic ability, so I remember I bought a piece for $1. It was really small, and I carried it around for a while. I know during that time I grew […]

energy detox

Energy Detox

Hi, I’m Marjorie. Maybe you’ve just gotten through a holiday dinner with your family—perhaps a stressful situation at work with your boss, who’s an energy vampire—or maybe you have a job dealing with the general public. What’s happened? Your energy field has gotten clogged, and drained, and you need a detox. Ways To Have An […]

benefits of pyrite

Benefits Of Pyrite

While it might be called fool’s gold, iron pyrite is no one’s fool. This formidable mineral has been known to humanity for millennia and is considered a pillar in the crystal healing community. What are the benefits of pyrite? I think we can all agree we love a sparkle, and pyrite does not disappoint. But […]

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