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orange labradorite benefits

Orange Labradorite Benefits

Of all the labradorite colors, orange is probably the most elusive and least celebrated. But I can assure you it is one of the most interesting. Labradorite is a stone of sexuality and passion. What are the other properties of orange labradorite? What are orange labradorite benefits?

List of orange labradorite benefits:

  • Stimulate Sexual Energy
  • Healing
  • Stimulate Creativity And Passion
  • Good For Deciphering The Intuition Of The Empath

Stimulate Sexual Energy

In fact, it can stimulate sexual energy, whether you want it to or not. It can awaken your libido and help renew interest in sex if it has waned. This can be particularly useful when a lover has done something that’s turned you off, and you’re trying to rekindle your passion for them.


It can also be healing if you experience some sort of pain or discomfort during intercourse, and it is very soothing if you are healing from sexual trauma.

Stimulate Creativity And Passion

Aside from its tremendous sexual energy, you can also use it to stimulate your creativity and passion.

This mineral is a dreamer’s stone, and its ability to unlock creative potential is untapped. If you are stuck, blocked, or just unable to channel your creative energy in a healthy and productive way, this is a fantastic mineral to get you back on track.

Use it in meditation or during sleep to help draw out your creative potential, or use it intentionally in a grid to attract what you need.

Good For Deciphering The Intuition Of The Empath

I would also like to mention that orange labradorite is good for deciphering the intuition of the empath. Learning the language of your intuition is a skill within itself, and it can take time to learn how to decipher the messages. Everyone’s intuition is different, and it is your language. This mineral can help you understand the language of yourself and guide you on how best to use it.

Conclusion On Orange Labradorite Benefits

And let’s not forget that all labradorite, in general, is very protective. So orange labradorite can be very energetically shielding for a sensitive person. I hope this article about orange labradorite benefits may help you.

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