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buy moldavite What You Must Know

Buy Moldavite-What You Must Know

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Moldavite is one of the most transformational stones out there. It is infamous for creating a massive amount of change in your life, whether you’re ready for it or not. That’s why you should be certain you are ready to welcome Moldavite energy into your life. Today, I’m going to be covering eight things you should know before buying Moldavite.


Moldavite is a wild, wild ride, guys. I got my first piece of Moldavite back in 2015, and I have to say it was probably one of the most magical and life-altering times in my life.

But I recently got my second piece of Moldavite to add to my crystal collection about two months ago. It has enticed my energy, brought a refreshing kind of approach toward what I’m trying to create in my life right now, and also really inspired me to write this article.

In this article, I’ll be covering eight things you should know before purchasing Moldavite because, let me tell you, I think it’s really important to do your research before bringing Moldavite into your life.

So I’m going to be going over all of my tips for what you should know.

Buy Moldavite-8 Things You Should Know

Buy moldavite? Let’s jump into the things you should know.

Acclimate To Moldavite Energy

The first and most important thing you should know before purchasing Moldavite is that you need to acclimate to Moldavite energy.

It is so important before you purchase your Moldavite that you have a game plan for acclimating to the energy of Moldavite because it’s a little jarring. You need to kind of mesh with that frequency.

I recommend that in the first week or week and a half, spend 30 minutes a day with your Moldavite and then put it somewhere safe. Take a little bit of a break between using it because Moldavite can bring on feelings of feeling overwhelmed. It can give you headaches.

It’s common to get a Moldavite flush when you first get Moldavite. So you want to acclimate to this energy to see how your energy is vibing with the Moldavite. So first and foremost, make sure you acclimate to this energy right when you start working with it.

Moldavite Entices Shadow Work

Buy moldavite? The second thing you should know before purchasing Moldavite is that Moldavite entices shadow work.

If you’re not sure what shadow work is, it really is this kind of process we go through—an internal introspection of understanding why we don’t like certain things about ourselves.

Maybe we went through something in our past that made us feel ashamed or negative about a certain aspect of who we are, so we kind of hide it. Moldavite brings this to the forefront so that we can heal from those situations.

Moldavite deals with our heart chakra; it helps us dive in and understand how we can heal in ways that may be uncomfortable. It wants to help us heal, and part of that healing process is confronting our shadow.

So, before purchasing moldavite, be aware that you will most likely be going through some shadow work on this moldavite journey.

Be Okay With Letting Go

Buy moldavite? The third thing you should know before purchasing moldavite (I think this is a really big one) is that you have to be okay with really letting go and surrendering to whatever happens on your moldavite journey.

If you are stubborn or not okay with change, you might be butting heads with moldavite a lot.

The letting-go aspect of moldavite can be a little forceful. It’s kind of like we are comfortable, and Moldavite is saying, “Well, if you want to transform your life, you’re going to have to let go and separate. We’ve got to move on to the next thing.”

If you want to evolve and change, you have to let go of certain parts of yourself or understand why certain situations aren’t for you anymore. So, ask yourself, “Am I ready to let the cards fall, see how things go, be put in uncomfortable situations, and still carry on?”

If you find yourself a little bit on the stubborn side, really think about it and know that you’re going to be faced with these situations, and you have to be okay with letting go and surrendering. If you are not working with the energy of moldavite, if you’re working against it, you might not have a very great experience with your moldavite. You need to be in sync with it and trust the process.

Assist You In Manifestations

Buy moldavite? The fourth thing you should know before purchasing moldavite is that it can greatly assist you in your manifestations.

Moldavite has a way of helping you get to your end goal. There is this magic, this kind of energy with moldavite that helps bring situations to you—getting closer and closer to achieving the things you want. It also helps cut things off so that they can go away, allowing you to start working towards something else that brings you closer to your manifestation.

In my own experiences with manifesting using moldavite, it’s like having a vision of where you want to be, but in that vision, you may not be thinking about negative things that may happen.

For instance, if you want a certain job, in the process of getting that job, you may have to completely lose another job or get fired. Something may happen that you initially perceive as negative, but it’s necessary for that desired outcome to manifest. You have to let go.

And really trust the process of maybe losing a job or breaking up with a partner to achieve this really big manifestation that you want. So, it’s kind of like the caveat with working with moldavite—it can take things away to help bring things in.

Entice Supernatural Energy

Buy moldavite? The fifth thing you should know before purchasing moldavite is that moldavite can entice this supernatural energy.

If you yourself are a little bit timid or nervous about extraterrestrial life or life that is out there that we’re not even aware of, you may not be super into moldavite.

I feel like this is something that a lot of people talk about with the negative side effects of moldavite. Some people will say that moldavite is scary because they have experiences that are maybe a little trippy or far out or what have you.

Maybe they’re not ready to experience those things, but it’s just part of the vibe of moldavite. You have these kinds of synchronicities and these unexplainable things can happen in your life, and sometimes that may involve ETS or something like that.

Everyone’s experience is different, but I do know this is a common theme with moldavite.

I personally haven’t had any ET kind of things happen when I’m working with moldavite, but like I said, it is very common. And if you yourself do not like that kind of stuff, if it’s something that you think is scary or you’re not ready for, then I would say that’s a sign maybe you shouldn’t work with moldavite.

Affect Everyone Around You

Buy moldavite? The sixth thing you should know before purchasing moldavite is that when you bring moldavite into your home, it will affect everyone around you.

If you have a home where you have roommates, or maybe you live at home with your parents or siblings, or you’re living in a home with your partner, what have you, they can have a little bit of the effects of moldavite as well.

I feel like this isn’t really talked about that much, but I know that this is true because I’ve experienced it myself with my fiancé. It’s just something that happens.

When you bring moldavite into your home, this energy is very potent, and it brings this transformational energy. It affects people around you. I don’t think this is something that you need to make a big announcement about, but maybe it’s something you can talk about with the people that you live with, just letting them know that you are getting some moldavite.

I don’t know, however you want to handle it, but I just want to prepare you that people you live with can kind of feel a subtle energy shift from moldavite being in the home, so I just wanted to put that out there.

Moldavite Jewelry Piece Is Better

Buy moldavite? The seventh thing you should know before purchasing moldavite is actually kind of like a tip, but a lot of people wonder: should I purchase moldavite jewelry or just a piece of moldavite?

Something you should know before purchasing moldavite is that if you purchase jewelry, moldavite jewelry, there is a chance that you are going to feel a heightened presence or a quicker feeling with your moldavite because you’re bonded with that energy.

Now you still should acclimate to the energy of your moldavite jewelry, doing the same thing—wearing it for like 30 minutes a day for about a week and a half. It’s very important to acclimate to that energy, and then, maybe wear that jewelry every day after you’ve done that acclamation period.

I believe that moldavite can be a little bit more effective if you are wearing it. As I said, you’re bonding with that frequency. You may feel a little bit different; you may notice more synchronicities happening in your life, meeting people that you can’t believe you’re talking with them, like just interesting situations happening.

So, if you are looking for more of a quicker kind of transformation with your moldavite, then I would say maybe go toward the jewelry piece.

Now, if you’re kind of looking for a gradual change or just letting it do its thing, really, I think in that case, it’d be great to just have a piece of moldavite that you’re holding and working with in that way.

Pair With Another Crystal

Buy moldavite? The eighth thing you should know before purchasing moldavite is that when you get moldavite and you bring it into your home, there is kind of this honeymoon stage that you experience with your moldavite.

There will be a period where you feel like it’s kind of fading a little bit. Maybe you’re not as super drawn; you don’t have that moldavite calling as frequently as you did when you first got it. There is kind of like a little bit of a lull you can experience.

One thing that you can do to heighten your moldavite experience again is to pair it with another stone.

I think this is a good tip to understand before you purchase your moldavite because sometimes we may think that it’s going to be like this constant kind of change and evolution and things are happening.

That does happen, but there is this kind of lull or just this dust-settling moment, and we don’t know how long that’s going to last. But if you kind of want to entice that energy again, you can pair it with another stone.

Moldavite pairs very well with other crystals. To mention a few, the Herkimer diamond is great to pair with moldavite. Other tektites are wonderful, like Libyan Desert glass, and black Tibetan tektite. These are really known for enhancing the energy of transformation with moldavite. So, just a little helpful tip out there if you feel like you’re in this lull or you’ve got your moldavite, and you’re kind of waiting for things to happen, you can do a crystal pairing to really enhance that energy.


Overall, I hope that these eight things that you learned about are helpful with your moldavite journey. And just know that moldavite does help you get into alignment with your life. And like I said, be ready to welcome that change.

Moldavite has a way of working with our energy internally so that we can move forward in a new reality. There’s a lot of change that happens internally and externally; our environment is going to change as well.

Now, if you are super stoked and ready to welcome moldavite energy into your life, I’m so excited to hear that. I had a lot of fun sharing these tips for buying moldavite, and I’m even more excited for you if you’re ready to start your moldavite journey.

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