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Crystals for Abundance

Crystals for Abundance and How to Use Them

Who doesn’t want abundance in their life? In this article, we are going to discuss how you can use your crystals for abundance to manifest your desire.

Why Use Crystals for Abundance?

Let’s begin discussing crystals for abundance and manifestation. Why do you need crystals for abundance? Abundance crystals represent your intentions for manifesting abundance.

Once you program your crystal for your intent, in this case, abundance, whenever you have it around, whenever you’re holding it, whenever you’re wearing it, or you can just feel it in your aura, you are reminded to break your poverty mindset and focus on your money mindset.

A lot of us have grown up with this poverty mindset where money is never enough, there’s a lack, or maybe you have developed this later on in adulthood once you have to deal with your finances.

Either way, you want to break the cycle and connect with that abundant money mindset, and crystals for abundance help you do this by reminding you of your goals and also connecting you with that energy of universal abundance.

The universe has all the things that we could ever desire; we just need to connect to that energy, and with the help of money crystals, we can do that.

By using your crystals for abundance in your rituals, you can send out a beacon of thoughts to the universe that you are ready for the abundance that you deserve in this life.

Best Crystals for Abundance

We have a list of the top seven crystals for abundance, and this is a crystal list that has been developed over the years of us working with crystals and hearing people’s experiences with them.

Your experience might vary, so start by experimenting with the stones you feel most drawn to. These crystals for abundance resonate with your energy. Using these stones, you can send your desires out into the universe.

Now, I’m going to show you seven different crystals for abundance and explain the slight differences in abundance energy of each, so that you can decide and have a guide on what kind of stone to use first, or you can use all of them if you wish.


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As one of the crystals for abundance, aventurine is very famous. It is a type of quartz with mica or sparkling mineral inclusions, and it comes in a variety of colors. The most popular one to use for abundance and money is the green aventurine.

Aventurine is great for any type of abundance that you wish to call in, it doesn’t have to be just money; it could be also friendship or health, or spiritual abundance, so it’s an all-encompassing abundance crystal.

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Now, a special note is one that I used to help break my poverty mindset back in my twenties. I did a money manifestation holding two aventurine pyramids, one in each palm of my hand, and I would recite my money affirmations every day for 30 days to help break that cycle and focus on a money mindset.

Another special note I want to make about aventurine is that aventurine Ganesh figurines are very popular.

Ganesh is the Hindu elephant god, a remover of obstacles and a bringer of wealth, so having him in an aventurine form or any of your other money crystals is an excellent way to call in your money and remove those obstacles like your poverty mindset.


Bloodstone is a great abundance crystal for conserving your wealth, retaining your wealth, for keeping your wealth safe.

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A lot of people place bloodstones in the wealth and prosperity corner of the feng shui map, and this helps to keep the wealth you have instead of squandering it away or losing it to some unknown sources.

You can retain the abundance that you have collected. You can also place it in a money safe or somewhere where you don’t constantly use the money. Place bloodstone crystals for that wealth conservation.


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Citrine is known as the merchant stone. It is said to be flowing with the energy of cash flow in the universe. So, being a merchant stone, a lot of merchants use it to place citrine wherever they have cash in their place of business, whether it is the money box or a cash register, wherever the cash is flowing, so this helps to balance the in and outflow of money.

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For individuals, we can place citrine in our wallets, in our purses, in our coin purses, wherever we have cash. But cash is getting rare these days, so you can place citrine wherever you have your credit cards, is somewhere where you’re constantly having that money flow, is where you want your citrine.

Whereas bloodstone was more for conserving your cash, where your savings, retaining your wealth, citrine is for spending and receiving.

And just a small note about citrine, we have heard a lot of success stories with citrine and cash flow for the untreated and the heat-treated versions of citrine, so don’t hesitate to use either formation.


Emeralds are great for attracting the abundance that you deserve in this life. It helps to change your mindset to realize that you are a confident and deserving human being, and you should attract all the abundance that is your birthright.

Emeralds, luckily for us as healers in their raw form, are pretty affordable. Of course, you can also go for the more high-end. Either way, emerald is great to build up that confidence and claim your royal birthright.


Iolite is all about balancing your financial abundance, so we use Iolite when you want to clarify your thoughts on your finances.

It’s great for the third eye chakra, you can clarify instead of getting into debt. You’re going to get out of debt, you’re going to be financially free. You can have that money mindset where everything is more logical rather than just spending wildly, rather than being very stingy and not attracting more money. You’ll have that balance thanks to iolite. Iolite is like your financial advisor for your spiritual self.


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As one of the crystals for abundance, jade is long known as a stone of money luck and prosperity. It has been used since the beginning of mankind, and you can use it, particularly in those instances where you want to turn your luck around in your money thoughts.

If you are trying to get out of that poverty mindset and into a money mindset, jade is perfect to help with this transformation.


As one of the crystals for abundance, pyrite is known as fool’s gold because it deceived many miners into thinking that it was actual gold, thanks to its metallic golden surface.

But for us, using pyrite for abundance is an excellent stone. The energy of the pyrite cube attracts all kinds of treasures. If we were dragons who were collecting all those shiny objects, pyrite would be right at the top of the pile.

Pyrite’s reflective surface helps to attract even more abundance into your life by kind of being a money mirror.

Where to Place Crystals for Attracting Abundance

Where do you place your crystals for abundance? If you practice feng shui, you’ll want to place your money crystals in your wealth and prosperity corner. This is the top left-hand side of your room or your space when you’re looking in towards it.

You can also place crystals for abundance in whatever kind of money box you have. If you have coin purses or a wallet, you want to place small pieces of abundance crystals like the tumbled citrine or little jade hearts within that because you have that money flow to you.

If you are somebody who is placing money in your space, you can have larger pieces crystals for abundance, you can place that in our money corner.

And clusters, as I said, are great for manifesting abundance as well, so you can place your money and other stones on your abundance clusters to attract that positive energy.

Wands can activate your whole setup. Just activate it with the energy through the tip of the wand. You can also place all these stones in a layout and lie within the abundance layout.

If you have crystal grids or crystal mandalas, you can place your abundance stones on that and have them in a corner as well. Whatever helps you to attract the money mindset, whatever inspires you to go forth and think of those positive money thoughts, leaving behind the poverty mindset is your ultimate goal here.

So, place your crystals for abundance where it is visible to you constantly or wherever you have money or in your money corner.

Whereas you might not want a bunch of tumbled stones scattered over your work desk, you can place crystal eggs or spheres on nice display stands. You can have clusters or pyramids displayed on your work desk, and they look very professional, but they’re also bringing in that abundance where you are working for abundance.

So, placing crystals on the work desk or wherever you have something that you’re working on that will bring in abundance will help that flow as well.

Crystal Pairings for Different Types of Abundance

What are some crystals pairings that you can use to attract certain types of abundance?

Mostly when we talk about abundance, we are talking about wealth and money and finances, but there’s all sorts of abundance out there.

Abundance is found in all parts of your life, and I’m just briefly going to show you some great crystal pairings that you can use for those areas.

Social Abundance

First of all, we have social abundance. If you’re looking for more or stronger friendships and better bonds with family members or people around you, you can use emeralds, which we said was a royal stone of prosperity, and rhodonite, which is a great one for friendships and loyalty.

Emerald is also great for loyalty and unconditional love when you use it for love as a love crystal. Combined, they are green and pink, which are both colors of the heart chakra, so use this combination for social abundance.

Health Abundance

For health abundance, you can use the pairing of bloodstone, which we talked about as a conservatory of wealthy energies, and garnet, which is known as the stone of total health. This works at the root chakra to give you that boost in energy and grounding.

Bloodstone for Health Abundance

Bloodstone is one of the crystals for abundance
Bloodstone is one of the crystals for abundance

Bloodstone is particularly known for its heart chakra work, having the blood flow and circulate without any blockages, it’s kind of like moving the chi or the energy within your aura field. Together, they are great for an abundance of health.

Spiritual Abundance

For spiritual abundance, you can use amethyst and citrine. Purple amethyst is known as the spiritual stone, and citrine, which we talked about for that abundant flow.

Creative Abundance

For creative abundance, use carnelian and citrine. So, citrine, we talked about that abundant flowing energy. Carnelian is great for that creative boost, so together they can be a great motivator and muse whenever you feel any kind of creative block. Use this pairing for creative abundance.

Love Abundance

For love abundance, we recommend that you use your love crystals and enhance them with the abundance crystals. The heart shape is perfect for manifesting your love desires as well.

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