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Raw Citrine

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This raw citrine is known for its ability to promote creativity, joy, and optimism. It can also help to boost your self-esteem and confidence, making it a powerful tool for personal growth. If you’re looking to bring more joy, abundance, and prosperity into your life, order yours today and start manifesting your dreams!

  • Size: Approximate 1.12″/3cm
  • 2pcs
  • Intentions: Happiness, Abundance, Positivity
  • Zodiac: Sagittarius
  • Chakra: Solar Plexus, Sacral
  • Elements: Fire
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raw citrine
Raw Citrine $29.90 Original price was: $29.90.$19.90Current price is: $19.90.
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Raw citrine is the crystal of manifestation and joy, which is already the best thing ever. We need manifestation, and we need joy, or you could call it the stone of abundance.

citrine raw
citrine raw

Raw citrine properties and benefits

  • Energy and Creativity
  • Manifestation
  • Protection and Cleansing
  • Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Concentration and Focus
  • Emotional Balance
  • Physical Healing
  • A Stone for Energy and Creativity

Citrine actually carries the power of the sun, and it is a very powerful cleanser and regenerator. It has a very warming energy, and it really gives you energy. You can get energized when you’re working with this crystal, and it’s also going to make you very creative.


Rough citrine is associated with your solar plexus chakra and your sacral. It can absorb all that negative energy and turn it into something positive, while also helping to ground you.

This kind of means that citrine is a very highly protective stone for not only you but also the environment around you. It’s going to protect your aura and help cleanse and balance your energy.

Manifesting abundance with citrine

Along with citrine being the stone of abundance, manifestation, and joy, it is also an amazing stone for manifesting. It can teach you how to manifest and attract those manifestations into your life, such as wealth, abundance, prosperity, success, and all the good things that you desire.

When you’re manifesting in your journal or however you choose to manifest, we recommend meditating with citrine and having it around you to enhance the process.

It’s going to help a lot with wealth. Raw citrine is a great crystal to have in your business area, whether it’s in your office, workplace, or even a dedicated corner in your house focused on prosperity. By creating a space dedicated to attracting wealth and abundance, citrine can aid in manifesting financial success in that area.

Raw citrine stone and self-esteem

citrine raw stone
citrine raw stone

Raw citrine crystals can help with your self-esteem, which is great because when your self-esteem is good, that’s when most of your manifestations are likely to come true.

Being content with what you have and feeling confident in your own body are key factors in successful manifestation.

Unleashing creativity and positivity

Rough citrine can give you that self-confidence and help eliminate self-destructive behaviors that hinder your confidence.

Using raw citrine crystal can help you overcome self-sabotage and become more comfortable in your own skin.

Since raw natural citrine helps with creativity, it enhances your individuality and motivation. You’ll find yourself more inspired and driven when working with this crystal. Furthermore, since it radiates joy, it helps dispel negative thoughts, fostering a more positive and joyful outlook.

Citrine has the remarkable ability to transmute negative energy into positivity. Not only does it benefit you personally, but it also positively impacts those around you by creating a more uplifting environment, thanks to the presence of raw citrine stone.

Rough citrine can enhance the concentration

Raw citrine stone also helps enhance your concentration, regardless of what you’re focusing on. Whether it’s school work, business tasks, painting, creative endeavors, or simply watching something, citrine can significantly improve your ability to focus.

This can be especially beneficial if you struggle with concentration, as it will enable you to concentrate more effectively on the task at hand.

citrine raw crystal
citrine raw crystal

Combat anxiety and foster communication

Raw citrine is also a great crystal for overcoming issues such as depression, phobias, fears, and anxiety because it assists with managing these emotions.

It promotes inner calmness and carrying this crystal can help overcome difficulty in verbalizing and expressing your feelings. You’ll find it easier to communicate what you want to say to others.

Overall, raw citrine crystal is just going to bring joy into your life and help you become a happier person, fostering a more positive outlook. It releases negativity and transforms negative traits into positive ones, effectively reducing anger and promoting emotional balance.

Citrine’s healing properties extend to issues related to the environment and external influences, offering protection. Known for its ability to energize and recharge, raw citrine stone can also aid in healing various diseases by supporting the body’s natural healing processes.

Learn more about Citrine Crystal Meaning, Properties, And Benefits

What does raw citrine do?

citrine crystal raw
citrine crystal raw

Raw citrine stone especially helps with areas associated with your solar plexus chakra, which is located in the region around your belly area.

Therefore, it can aid in healing digestive issues, stimulate digestion, support the spleen and pancreas, and help prevent infections or kidney problems. Additionally, it may assist with eye problems, detoxify the blood, and improve circulation.

Furthermore, raw natural citrine can also help remove cellulite. Whether applied topically or made into an elixir spray, it has shown effectiveness in reducing cellulite. It can also alleviate constipation and menstrual cramps, promoting hormonal balance during menstruation or menopause.

Lastly, due to its energizing properties, rough citrine can help combat fatigue and tiredness, providing a much-needed energy boost.

Where is citrine found?

They’re going to be from places like Brazil, Russia, France, Madagascar, Britain, and the United States.

Why buy raw citrine from TheGreenCrystal?

Feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries about the raw citrine we offer. As a trusted source of crystals, we assure you of the quality of our products. Your satisfaction with your purchase from TheGreenCrystal is our priority, and we are dedicated to delivering the best possible customer experience.

Raw citrine FAQ

Is raw citrine expensive?

No, raw citrine is generally considered an affordable gemstone. Citrine is a relatively abundant crystal compared to some rarer gemstones.

Can raw citrine go in the water?

Yes, raw citrine can go in water! Citrine is generally considered a stable crystal that won’t dissolve or break down when placed in water.

How much is raw citrine worth?

The value of rough citrine can vary depending on several factors, including its size, clarity, color, and overall quality.

$5 to $10 per gram is a common range for raw citrine, especially for smaller stones or those with lower quality. Look for reputable crystal shops and compare their prices for similar-sized and quality stones.

How to cleanse raw citrine?

Before you start working with most crystals, it’s a good idea to cleanse them. However, citrine is one of the very few that doesn’t seem to need cleansing all that often.

You can pass your raw citrine through the smoke of sacred herbs like sage, cedar, or palo santo. The smoke will absorb and dispel any negative energy trapped within the crystal.

What does raw citrine look like?

The color of raw citrine is going to range from shades of yellow, yellowish-brown, to a smoky brownish color. Usually, it will range from a yellow color, perhaps slightly more brown, to a smoky gray color.

4 reviews for Raw Citrine

  1. Zahra

    I absolutely love my raw citrine! It’s like having a little ray of sunshine tucked away in my pocket.

  2. Conrad

    As a writer, I often struggle with getting stuck. But since I started keeping a raw citrine on my desk, the ideas just flow! It’s like a magic well of inspiration. Plus, it looks amazing on my bookshelf.

  3. Ida

    since meditating with my citrine every morning, I’ve noticed a huge shift.

  4. Mina

    Public speaking used to terrify me. But then I tried carrying a raw citrine for my last presentation, and let me tell you, it was a game-changer! I felt calm, collected, and even a little bit charismatic. Now I wear it for every important meeting.

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