Moss Agate Tower


△ Handmade
△ Moss Agate
△ Stone Size: approx. 3″-3.5″ tall
△ Stone Weight: approx. 75g
△ Gemstones are 100% genuine

“This piece is really pretty, and the colors are nice”-Corrie

moss agate tower
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moss agate tower moss agate towers moss agate point Moss agate is a popular crystal for attracting prosperity and progress. According to many who believe in the healing properties of crystals, this stone has a lovely stabilizing energy that can help you when you feel like things are overwhelming. When you feel lost, the moss agate tower inspires a gentle resolve to keep moving forward.

What Is Moss Agate Tower?

Moss agate tower is recommended for mental health and for encouraging financial, social, and spiritual abundance. If you are interested in the moss agate crystal tower, consider it a sign that you must cultivate and nurture your passions.

What Is Moss Agate good for?

Technically speaking, moss agate is a chalcedony stone and not an agate. That’s because it’s not banded. The crystal is associated with stability, grounding, perseverance, and abundance. It’s associated with the heart and root chakras and is believed to connect the user to Mother Earth so that they can heal and prosper.

Moss Agate Tower Meaning

Moss agate is a fantastic stone for individuals who believe in Mother Nature’s healing potential. If you feel the need to unblock your chakras and experience healing, love, friendships, and creativity, a moss agate tower is the best choice to place in your home.

It will connect you to mother earth, so you can draw in positive energies and calm your mind. Just remember to clean it from time to time by dipping it in sage or lavender or holding it under running water to eradicate toxic vibes. You can also keep it near greenery so it can draw power from nature.

Moss Agate Tower Benefits

  • Emotional Balance And Tranquility
  • Exposing The User To New Possibilities
  • Boosts Strength

1) Emotional Balance And Tranquility

Moss agate can promote physical and mental stability. It is the crystal to use when masculine and feminine energies become unbalanced. Moss agate towers will help you when you are experiencing abnormal levels of anger or sympathetic feelings.

Also, use moss agate towers when you need to detach from the craziness of contemporary culture. The relaxing energy of the stone can help you reconnect with nature and provide a sense of peace or perspective.

2) Exposing The User To New Possibilities

Moss agate is also linked to fresh starts and adventures. It is advised to don this stone when going to meet new people. It’ll help pique their interest and make lasting connections.

This explains why Aquarius, a zodiac sign often associated with friendship, is linked to moss agate. The stone connects with Virgo and helps bring much-needed tranquility to these generally analytical minds.

3) Boosts Strength

Moss agate is also a dependable crystal for strength. It boosts confidence and encourages self-acceptance. It links the root chakra and helps to concentrate the aura and physical energies.

Moss agate towers promote a sense of security and shields users from harmful influences and energies. You can use the stone to eliminate negativity and resentment in your life.

How To Use The Moss Agate Tower?

There are various ways to use moss agate towers. You can get several crystals and scatter them in your home or anywhere you want to attract prosperity and abundance.

Alternatively, you can simply place moss agate towers in a strategic location. You can also wear moss agate tower jewelry to envelop yourself with limitless self-esteem, balance, and unstoppable creativity.

The History Of Moss Agate Crystal

The gemstone moss agate, often called a mocha stone, is well recognized for its greenish filaments that mimic spreading moss or other vegetation types. The name “Mocha” refers to the historical source of the stone, the Yemeni city of Mocha.

However, there is some debate over whether these two names can be used interchangeably. Some people contend that only certain types of moss agate featuring a brown or red hue should be called mocha stone.

Moss agate has a long history of use in jewelry. It is a medicinal stone in prehistoric societies; and a lucky rock by the Brits during the latter half of the 18th century.

Moss agate was also once considered a gemstone of agriculture by farmers and gardeners. Some legends say that farmers in Europe once hung the stone on trees and wrapped it around their oxen’s horns.

Different Types Of Moss Crystal Point

Moss agate towers exhibit moss-like variegated patterns of green-grey, black, and cream inclusions. The hues are primarily iron and manganese oxides, but it’s also common to find trace amounts of chrome and other minerals in the gemstones.

Sometimes you can see some red in the moss agate tower. India has some of the best moss agate. Here’s a breakdown of the different types of moss agate towers:

1) Large Moss Agate Tower

Large moss agate crystal towers are beautiful and bigger, usually weighing 180 g or more. They are perfect for use in homes or workplaces. You can place the large moss agate towers in your home’s eastern and southeast areas to feng shui the area.

2) Red Moss Agate Tower

Red moss agate is a chalcedony with a toughness range of 6.5-7. It gets the name red moss agate because it has color variations that mimic moss in nature. Red moss agate is common in Central Europe, the US, Brazil, Uruguay, and India. Red moss agate tower is excellent for increasing energy and stamina.

3) Purple Moss Agate Tower

Purple moss agate is one of the most sought-after crystals. The color purple is associated with ambition, kingship, powers, luxury, nobility, magic, creativity, and wisdom. Purple moss agate is a calming stone that promotes emotional balance and peace. You can use purple moss agate tower to revive the spirit and foster creativity.

4) Pink Moss Crystal Towers

Pink moss agate tower exudes a warm, compassionate feminine aura. It’s endearing, but it’s also a formidable force! Pink moss agate tower balances emotions and encourages self-love and independence. Use it as a healing, womb-warming, and calming stone.

5) Blue Moss Agate Crystal Towers

Blue moss agate stone is a rarer variety of moss agate. It represents wisdom, trust, faith, and loyalty. Use the blue moss agate towers to attract hope, optimism, and prosperity in your life.

6) Amethyst Moss Crystal Tower 

Amethyst moss agate has a reddish-purple hue due to abundant iron oxide deposits. You can use it to link to psychic energy and gain inspiration, mental clarity, and discipline.

What Is A Moss Agate Tower With Druzy?

Druzy, also known as drusy, druze, druse, or simply “Aura Quartz,” is a combination of quartz and agate. Druzys, which are real gemstones, form on other stones as water moves naturally and gradually, depositing silt and silica on their surface.

The process takes millions of years, and at its conclusion, stones begin to show glittering crystals, aka druzys. Moss agate tower with druzy achieves a lovely symphony by fusing a few quartz druzys with their own hue.

Where Should A Moss Agate Tower Be Placed In A Home?

As a profoundly balancing gemstone, you can place moss agate towers anywhere in the home to prevent disharmony and keep everyone’s spirits upbeat. Most experts recommend placing a moss agate tower in a home’s eastern or southeast areas for better grounding power.


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