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Is Labradorite A Healing Stone

Is Labradorite A Healing Stone?

People often ask me, is labradorite a healing stone? And I have to say, I think labradorite is one that checks a lot of boxes.

Now, while all the different colors do slightly different things, in general, labradorite is good for stimulating intuition. It’s very loving, and protective, and helps raise your vibration.

Labradorite is incredible with is helping you find and align with your soul path.

In my work as a professional healer, I have found one of the most important things you can ever do is align with who you are and why you’re here.

In my experience, people who align and find their life path, no matter what it is—whether it’s being some sort of incredible professional or just having a much simpler life—tend to be the absolute happiest.

You come here with goals for your soul, things you need to learn, and experiences to help you grow and understand.

Once you learn to align with those experiences and can tune into them to better navigate your path, life becomes a lot easier.

Is labradorite a healing stone? I think Labradorite does it all. There are lots of different colors, and you can try working with all the different colors, but I do think any color will help you align with your soul path.

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