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purple labradorite purple flash labradorite

Purple Labradorite: Meaning, Properties, Benefits

Purple labradorite stone is among the world’s most stunning gemstones. Labradorite in any color other than blue, green, or yellow is extremely rare, making the owner of such a gem all the more fortunate. Indeed, the “stone of enchantment” moniker given to labradorite is well-deserved. Identifying its applications, and discussing its intriguing moniker’s origin below.

What Is Purple Labradorite? 

purple labradorite purple flash labradorite

Among the wide varieties of labradorite, purple labradorite is known for its potent metaphysical qualities. The presence of copper ions in its crystal structure and iron give the gemstone its distinctive purple hue.

Labradorite is a magical and mysterious crystal known to stimulate the imagination, heighten psychic abilities, and ward off negativity. Transforming one’s outlook and encouraging development, this gem is a stone of metamorphosis. 

As a protective stone, labradorite can soak up and neutralize any harmful energy it comes into contact with. In circumstances where you seek spiritual guidance, it can bring focus to the decision-making process. 

In addition to protecting you from negative energy, labradorite can also act as a shield against “Psychic Vampires” or those who drain your life force.

Purple Flash Labradorite

purple labradorite purple flash labradorite

People say that the energy of purple labradorite aids in self-awareness and awakening. It will activate the crown chakra, allowing you to connect with higher spiritual forces and find meaning in life.

Labradorite aids you in stepping into your spiritual power, allowing you to become less reliant on other people or things for your sense of strength and vitality. As such, it is an excellent tool for past-life regression, opening a person to the knowledge and experience of previous incarnations.

Purple Labradorite Meaning

Because of labradorite’s ability to help you see situations as they are, you’ll be able to make well-informed choices on what to do next. It will move through your chakras and clear any obstructions to the free flow of energy in the body. Feelings of freedom and lightness will wash over you as barriers fall away.

Purple Labradorite Properties

purple labradorite purple flash labradorite

Metaphysical Properties

As a protective stone, labradorite can soak up and neutralize any harmful energy it comes into contact with. In addition to protecting you from negative energy, labradorite can also act as a shield against “Psychic Vampires” or those who drain your life force.

You can channel healing energy through purple labradorite crystals, which are also excellent for spiritual development. For thousands of years, people have turned to it for guidance in developing their inner lives. 

Labradorite is a “stone of awakening” that can help you see past superficial appearances and into the heart of things. It is a stone for tapping into your inner knowledge and intuition.

Physical Properties 

Divine feminine energy is attracted to the rock because of the strong vibrations of purple and violet colors. It makes it an excellent option for people who want to strengthen their ties to the divine feminine.

Spiritual Properties

crystal ring

It is said that this purple stone may shield its wearer from any entities or negative energies that want to drain their vitality or cause them physical or spiritual harm. The stone is effective because it enhances awareness of any toxic points in your immediate vicinity, allowing you to withdraw from potentially dangerous situations quickly. 

It’s a suitable defence mechanism against anyone trying to hurt you physically or your loved ones or through spells (such as pets).

Because of its bravery and selflessness, purple labradorite is often referred to as “spiritual warriors,” They can show you how to triumph over adversity while keeping your sense of modesty intact. This trait makes them helpful companions in times of tragedy or grief (albeit they won’t be able to fix everything).

Purple Labradorite Benefits

  • It’s a powerful amulet that shields its owner from psychic harm while balancing yin and yang energy.
  • Intimacy with the divine and inner tranquillity are the results.
  • As a “Stone of Transformation,” is useful for calming nerves and facilitating positive development.
  • It facilitates the development and expansion of awareness, paving the way from dualism to unity.
  • It is a profound grounding stone that aids in developing one’s intuitive abilities and facilitates meditation.
  • Labradorite is a manifestation stone because it facilitates communication with one’s higher self and actualizes one’s goals and dreams.

Popular Purple Labradorite Products

Purple Labradorite Ring

This cleansing stone, labradorite, is a conduit to the power of the sun. It can help quiet an overactive brain and inspire the creative process.

Purple Labradorite freeform

Due to this shift, your innate magical abilities can now shine through. Whether you’re looking to sharpen your clairvoyant skills, expand your capacity for telepathy, or get insight into your prophesying powers, previous life recall can help.

Purple labradorite pendant

It boosts new-age thinking, mends aura damage, and seals aura leaks.

Purple Labradorite Bracelet

It soothes a frantic brain and sparks creativity, opening the door to fresh thoughts. It’s a great way to bring back fun and spontaneity into your life.

Purple Labradorite For Sale

You can buy it at an online crystal shop, and check out our labradorite collection.


Purple labradorite is a beautiful crystal to incorporate into your life if you want to improve your communication skills, open up your heart chakra, and activate your third-eye clairvoyance. Labradorite is always ready to be your muse, even if you only want a gorgeous stone to inspire you.


Is Purple Labradorite Natural?

Yes, it is natural.

Is Purple Labradorite Rare?

Because of its rarity, purple labradorite is said to be an especially effective shield against the harmful effects of energy. It is said that by bringing harmony to one’s yin and yang energy, this purple flash stone can help its user better withstand the psychological attacks of others. Using this stone in meditation can help one unwind and increase their receptivity to intuition.

Where Is Purple Labradorite Found?

The Isle of Paul, in the vicinity of the town of Nain, on the Labrador Peninsula in Canada, is the source of labradorite. Labradorite, often black and grey, is manufactured in Russia, India, Finland, and Madagascar using feldspar stones.

California, Georgia, North Carolina, Idaho, South Dakota, and Oklahoma are the seven states that produce feldspar in the US. Labradorite can be discovered in the wild in the states and countries above.

Is Purple Labradorite Man-made?

Purple labradorite is not man-made. Imitation labradorite is typically crafted using UV polymer or resin. It’s less pliable than the real thing and glows in the dark when exposed to UV light. 

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