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root chakra healing crystals

Root Chakra Healing Crystals Combination

In this article, we’re going to talk about root chakra healing crystals combination.

What color is the root chakra stone?

Traditionally, root chakra healing crystals usually range from black to red to brown, and sometimes white. But as always, you can use whatever color you feel called to when working with issues around the root.

Root chakra energy

One of the most common energies you’re working with is the energy of grounding, really trying to get people back in their bodies.

Another thing that’s very common with a root chakra is that people use it very much like a basement; they store and stuff everything they don’t want to deal with down at the bottom half of their energy field. This, in turn, causes them to become more ungrounded.

The lower half of the body can be very susceptible to abuse, particularly sexual abuse, and you can carry that over many lifetimes. So, it’s very common for people not to be in the lower half of the body.

How do root chakra crystals work?

When you work with root chakra healing crystals, you’re actively not only trying to heal trauma but then gradually getting people to be comfortable inhabiting the lower half of their body and being present.

It has a lot of benefits; you’re more aware, more protected, more present, more focused, more able to get things done, feel accomplished, procrastinate less, and very often can have more success.

Best root chakra healing crystals combination

The first combination

You can use this combination on someone who wants to get their root chakra open, flowing, and raise their vibration, but you can also want to be a little bit more on the gentle side, get them excited about being grounded and present. This would also help if they experience numbness in the lower half of their body.

The second combination

  • zebra calcite or the red calcite
  • eudialite
  • biotite mica
  • black obsidian

This would be good for someone who’s had a lot of trauma in the root and they’re trying to gently heal, making them feel more comfortable in their body, nurturing them, and also kind of getting them to be a little bit more aware of why they’re out of their body.

It wouldn’t be as aggressively grounding as some stronger stones, but it still would work to start to get them in their body.

The third combination

This would be more of an intense grounding situation. This would be good for someone who’s experienced shock or trauma and needs to be pulled back down into their body or for someone who’s chronically ungrounded, and you’re trying to retrain their energy body to be back in the physical body and feel comfortable.

This is quite a strong pairing; it would also be good for releasing negativity making them feel more protected and strengthening their energy field.

The forth combination

  • gertite
  • garnet
  • silver sheen obsidian
  • eudialite

This would be very good for helping solve current or past life trauma. You’re trying to bring it to the surface, transmute it, and understand what happened to them in early childhood.

This is also going to be a tremendous energy mover, so not only will it bring things to the surface, but it will also move them out of the way. It will get it going.

Keep in mind you don’t have to use these root chakra healing crystals in combination; you can use one at a time. And sometimes, depending on the state of you, one is enough.

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