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energy detox

Energy Detox

Hi, I’m Marjorie. Maybe you’ve just gotten through a holiday dinner with your family—perhaps a stressful situation at work with your boss, who’s an energy vampire—or maybe you have a job dealing with the general public. What’s happened? Your energy field has gotten clogged, and drained, and you need a detox.

Ways To Have An Energy Eetox

There are lots of ways to have an energy detox.

  • One, going out into nature.
  • Two, burning some sort of clearing incense. Maybe taking some sort of salt bath.

Crystals That Help With Energy Detox

But, as always, I’m a crystal healer. So, here are some crystals to help you detox your energy field.


I think the best place to start is hematite. It’s like a vacuum for the energy field, pulling out all the negativity and impurities that you’ve absorbed. But just remember, it requires deep cleaning every time you use it.


Shungite is a fabulous filter. It is constantly circulating and filtering your etheric energy. It’s particularly good for not only emotional energy but also EMFs as well.


Sulfur is the original detox stone. Not only is it good for your energy field, but it’s also incredible for your home. Any sort of halite or selenite is fabulous to purify and detoxing your energy field.


Selenite brings in tons of light and promotes energy circulation.


Kenite clears, purifies, and circulates your energy.


Citrine transmutes negativity to positivity.


The pursuit of an energy detox is a profound journey towards revitalization and renewal. Whether delving into the therapeutic properties of crystals like hematite, shungite, sulfur, selenite, kenite, and citrine, or embracing cleansing rituals and nature retreats, the goal is clear—to rid oneself of negativity and restore the vibrancy of the energy field. This transformative process not only uplifts the spirit but also promotes emotional well-being.

If you need any of these crystals and any other supplies to help you clean, detox, and purify your energy field, go check out more of our crystals.

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