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blue kyanite benefits

Blue Kyanite Benefits

Blue kyanite is one of the first minerals I ever purchased as an adult. I think I read about blue kyanite benefits to help with psychic ability, so I remember I bought a piece for $1. It was really small, and I carried it around for a while.

I know during that time I grew psychically, but it was in my early 20s during a psychic awakening, which was one of many. I was trying lots of different things, so I don’t know 25 years later. I can’t say exactly what it did, but it must have done something because here we are.

What Is Blue Kyanite Good For?

Blue kyanite is loved by the healing community for many, many reasons. It is a master of duality, being intense and subtle, beginner and advanced, strong and soft, and energizing and calming. It is incredible for energy flow but also facilitates meditation. It personifies the concept of the yin and yang, not only as a philosophy but as a way of life. The idea of the balance of opposites is in every facet of human existence, and kyanite not only embodies this; it gently and intuitively explains this as you navigate life.

What Is Energy Balance?

Now, the idea of balance overall is an optimum way to live your life. In fact, one can view balance as a minimum Nirvana, a goal that leads to peace and contentment. Balance is a personal achievement that might be as valuable as wealth or money or time.

How Does Kyanite Help With Balance?

raw blue kyanite
raw blue kyanite

Kyanite not only teaches about what balance is and how to achieve it; it also attracts balance in ways that you might not have even considered possible. It opens you up to the new and unseen, bringing a fresh perspective on how to live the ultimate life that’s available to you.

If the concept of finding balance is intriguing yet daunting, kyanite will also help you go with the flow. It wants you to find ease in your life and not always feel like you’re fighting against the current.

When we access the spiritual self and do the inner work, things start to line up. We also need to let go and go with the flow, allow things to develop patience, and trust, and feel supported in our life mission.

Kyanite helps you feel your way through this process, learning to trust and listen to your own inner wisdom over conventional thinking and rigid social expectations. It’s this encouragement of feelings that also makes this a fabulous mineral for an empath.

2 Other Blue Kyanite Benefits

The Ultimate Tools For An Empath

Speaking of blue kyanite benefits, it is one of the ultimate tools for an empath. It helps you sort out what’s yours and what’s somebody else’s. It slowly separates you from the stickiness of other people. It is often the life path of an empath to learn to trust their feelings and senses as divine guidance and higher truth.

While there are layers to this concept, learning to trust and translate the unique language of the inner self is something that many of us crave and few will find. Kyanite helps you to do that. It helps you to listen to yourself, and understand what is coming from within.

A Master Teacher Of Intuition

The truth is that blue kyanite is a master teacher of intuition, no matter how sparse or bountiful your skill set is. For most of us, it will give us something to work with, and one of life’s great rules is you have to take whatever gifts you are given, no matter how big or how small.

And make the most of them. Figure out your strengths and weaknesses early on and create a plan if you want to explore your intuitive gifts. This mineral is a great place to begin; it will lead you down the path and help you master the basics.


There are so many wonderful blue kyanite benefits; I don’t think I can fit them all in here. We haven’t even begun to talk about its clearing and aligning effects on the human energy field, how it facilitates meditation, how it’s a stone of poetry, how it’s self-cleaning, or how it’s cooling for hot flashes during menopause. And that’s just a few things it does; this list goes on and on. Hope this article about blue kyanite benefits may help you.

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