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benefits of pyrite

Benefits Of Pyrite

While it might be called fool’s gold, iron pyrite is no one’s fool. This formidable mineral has been known to humanity for millennia and is considered a pillar in the crystal healing community. What are the benefits of pyrite? I think we can all agree we love a sparkle, and pyrite does not disappoint. But its energy makes it rather unique and actually incredibly versatile, putting it in the very rare category of minerals that could perhaps do it all.

6 Benefits Of Pyrite


With all the wonderful benefits of pyrite, I’ve got to give a shout out to its two most notable energies: protection and manifestation.

Pyrite is a mineral that can help with all forms of protection. Not only is it one of the best minerals to guard against physical harm, but it also offers energetic protection and protection against EMFs.

Attract Money

Iron pyrite is also one of the best minerals to attract money, wealth, and abundance. It is a straight-up manifesto, and you can use it to attract all sorts of things, but it is particularly good at attracting all kinds of cash and fixing your finances.

pyrite elephant
pyrite elephant

It is so grounding and heavy that it’s fabulous for manifesting in the physical, and it can be used to help sort things out, like your finances, so you can get a better plan and move forward more intelligently.

If you need to get your act together, pyrite is a good stone for you.

Cut Through The Illusion

It’s also a mineral to help you be honest with yourself. Sometimes we need to cut through the illusion to get to the next step in life, and sometimes we need to have a look at how that illusion has run our life. Pyrite will put you back on track with better insight and say, “Here, this is what you need to do—cut the fluff, walk the line, and you might just make it.”

So, it’s a really good mineral when you’re trying to unwind yourself from a crisis, particularly a self-made crisis.

Good For Healing Shock And Trauma

pyrite crystal benefits
pyrite crystal benefits

Speaking of the benefits of pyrite, it is also really good for healing shock and trauma.

When we experience something shocking or traumatic, our energy body unseats from our physical body, and we can become chronically ungrounded. It can take a very long time for the energy self to sync back up with the physical self, and pyrite can work as a bridge for realignment.

Calming Anxiety

Pyrite is also good for calming anxiety. It is a very heavy, energetically grounding mineral, and it might be a little intense for some people. But it can help, particularly when you have racing thoughts and you just need to calm down and think clearly. It’s like that slap across your face that says, “Pull yourself together.”

A Mineral For Identity

Fool’s gold is also a mineral for the identity. It can help you build a strong sense of self and individuality, and it helps you to be more independent. It can help break the bonds of codependency and encourage you to think and act for yourself. It is very useful when you’re learning how to say no and is very good for those of us who are people pleasers and feel personally responsible for everybody else’s emotions.

Conclusion Of Pyrite Crystal Benefits

The benefits of pyrite extend far beyond its captivating appearance. This remarkable mineral, often referred to as “fool’s gold,” proves itself as a valuable ally in various aspects of our lives.

Pyrite cultivates inner strength. It is a mineral to help you be empowered in the physical but also allows you to be open to the spirit. It teaches lessons of Earth and humanity and helps you see the world with realistic eyes but also with hope and positivity.

It says to us, “Yes, you can have what you want, but just make sure you know what you want, and here’s what you need to do to get it. Let’s embrace the transformative power of pyrite and unlock its potential to enhance various facets of your well-being. Hope this post about benefits of pyrite may help you.

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