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crystals for plants

Crystals for Plants

Do you have questions about crystals for plants and gardens? You may want to know what crystals are good for plants and gardens to encourage plant growth or also to help plants that might not be doing so well.

Importance of proper plant care

When it comes to plants and gardens, it’s very important to take care of them in a good way, watering properly, efficient sunlight, and things like this. Are crystals good for plants?

Let’s talk about some beautiful crystals that can enhance gardens and plants and growth for the plants.

5 Best crystals for plants

What crystals are good for plants?

Green fuchsite for plant growth and connection

The first one I like to work with is green fuchsite. It’s quite sparkly, it has a nice shimmering energy shimmering in the sunshine.

As one of the crystals for plants, green fuchsite is a beautiful stone to help connect to plants. It deepens your connection to the plants that you have, deepening your connection to the garden, deepening your connection to the earth, which also helps to nourish plants.

Working with green fuchsite helps to provide beautiful healing energy to plants that are unhealthy and to encourage good health and also encourage the growth of plants as well.

If you are starting out, let’s say you’re planting some seeds and you’re growing plants from seeds, the green fuchsite can help to encourage growth so that the plants can grow strong and healthy.

If you have a plant that isn’t doing so well, that is unhealthy, you can place a piece of green fuchsite near that plant, and the green fuchsite will radiate that beautiful healing energy to the plant to encourage the well-being of the plant.

And as this green crystal helps to deepen the connection, it helps to strengthen the connection between you and plants and you and the earth.

That connection being strong helps you to form a good, strong relationship with the plants to deepen that connection so that you can take good care of them as well, taking good care of your garden, taking good care of your houseplants. So, I love green fuchsite.

Moss agate for abundant growth

Let’s talk now about the next one on the list of crystals for plants, which is moss agate.

People love moss agate because it stimulates the growth of plants, stimulates renewal. So, really good to encourage renewed growth of the plants, helping them to bud, and sprout. Also, helps to boost abundant energy.

If you’re growing plants that produce flowers, producing an abundance of flowers, or you have a garden where, let’s say, you have berries growing, so strawberries, it helps to increase the abundance of strawberries, of the berries, of the fruits.

If you’re growing peppers, encourage a good, healthy, abundant crop there. Moss agate is beautiful for that. It has strong abundance energy, helping to boost the abundance of berries, seeds, and vegetables, so that the plant can thrive and you get more yield out of the plant.

Also, moss agate helps to stimulate growth more quickly.

For instance, if you’re growing herbs inside your house on the windowsill, or you have a garden outside, moss agate helps to speed up the growth of that as well.

If you’re taking some leaves, let’s say, out of your little herb garden there and you’re using it in your cooking, that this helps then the plant to regrow, regrowing more leaves faster. So, moss agate is nice for that.

Tree agate for tree growth and fruit abundance

tree agate crystals for plants
tree agate crystals for plants

Let’s talk now about the next one on the list of crystals for plants, which is tree agate.

People like working with tree agate specifically for trees, healing for trees, strengthening the growth of the trees, growth of the leaves, and growth of the bark. Also, encourages the yield of fruit trees.

If you have an apple tree in your yard, or crab apple, or maybe you have a lemon tree, or peach tree, working with the tree agate helps to increase the abundance of the amount of fruit that the tree can produce. Really nice in those cases.

If you have trees of any kind in your yard or even in your neighborhood that are special to you, working with tree agate can help to boost the growth of trees, and the health of trees, helping them to be strong and healthy.

Even if you are getting a new tree, let’s say you have a yard and you’re going to plant a young tree, bringing it into the yard, tree agate will help the tree to take root and to grow strong and healthy as it’s in a new environment to harmonize to its environment.

Green jade for plant vitality and healing

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The next one on the crystals for plants list is green jade.

If you have plants in the garden that are unhealthy, let’s say being attacked by bugs and pests, or even your indoor plants, placing a piece of green jade near the plant, the jade will radiate healing energy to boost the life force energy of the plant, helping the plant to be more healthy and vital. Green jade is so really good for that.

If you are transplanting plants, so let’s say you go to the store, you buy some potted plants, you bring it home, you want to then put it in a bigger pot. Or if the plant is growing bigger and it’s outgrowing the pot, and you need to put it in a new one, working with a piece of jade will help the plant to adjust, adjusting to a new environment when you get it home from the store, adjusting also to a new environment of a bigger pot. Working with jade is good for that.

Jade also stimulates new growth, helping the plant to grow strong and healthy, having new growth, and more abundant growth.

And also, jade has a nice property that it brings healing to the earth, to heal the earth.

For instance, if you have an outdoor garden and if there’s an imbalance of the soil in some way or if the energies flowing through the earth are disharmonious, the jade will help to promote balance and harmony, bringing healing energy to the soil, to the earth, to also help the plants to grow, because plants are in partnership with the earth to be able to grow.

Also, the jade helps to encourage the plants to absorb the healing energy from the sun and to utilize that healing energy in a deeper way for photosynthesis so that this plant can thrive, be strong, and be healthy.

Jade also encourages nutrient uptake for the plants as well, to absorb more nutrients from the earth as well, or if it’s a potted plant, from the soil in the pot, to absorb that good nourishment it needs to grow strong and healthy, to thrive and be filled with vitality.

Clear quartz for amplifying healing effects

And the last one on the list of crystals for plants is clear quartz.

Clear quartz is considered the master healer crystal. It helps to boost and amplify the life force energy of the plants. It also helps to boost productivity, helping the plant to produce flowers, seeds, and fruit as well, to make that a lot stronger, and more abundant.

People like to work with the clear quartz with all of the other gemstones, because when you combine them, so for instance, if you combine the fuchsite and the clear quartz, or clear quartz with the moss agate, or tree agate, or the jade, it amplifies the healing power of the other stones as well.

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How to use crystals for plants?

Placing crystals around potted plants

What you can do for your plants at home? When you have the plant in a pot, what you can do is place the crystals for plants around, the gemstones around the plant pot.

If you have the quartz points, you want to point it inwards to the plant pot, not facing outwards, because healing energy flows from the point. So your plant is here, pointed inward, placing it around, and then that way, the plant will absorb the healing energy.

Using crystals for plants in outdoor gardens

If you have outdoor gardens, just be careful because the animals outside – squirrels, birds, even rats and mice, and things like this – they could run off with your crystals. Because they’ll be attracted to the healing energy, and they might want to have some healing too, they might run off with it.

If you have an outdoor garden and you want to work with crystals for plants there, what you can do is place them strategically.

If you’ve got pots outside, you could place them strategically in the pots. You could also place crystals for plants in little boxes. You can get weatherproof boxes that you can place crystals in there, and then you can place that in your garden and partially bury them, so the critters, the animals, are not going to run off with it.

You can also place crystals for plants on the ground, just kind of close to the plants. But again, if you do that, just know they could go missing. So, there’s that.

Precautions for burying crystals for plants

We would not recommend burying crystals for plants as in the earth, especially with green fuchsite, because this one is a soft stone. It could dissolve over time and kind of crumble and things like that.

The clear quartz, if you wanted to have little tumbled stones that you bury in the earth and you have it close to the plants, you could. That stone is more durable.

So, just be careful about that. It’s easy to also forget where the stones are, okay?

Conclusion on crystals for plants

Those are our top picks of crystals for plants and gardens. Do you have these crystals and gemstones in your crystal collection? And we would encourage you to place them near your plants.

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