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how to use crazy lace agate

How to Use Crazy Lace Agate?

I will teach you a beautiful healing technique to get you going with this stone if you would like to work with it.

How to use crazy lace agate for intention?

Step one

Go ahead and take your crazy lace agate, close your eyes, take a nice deep breath in to center yourself, and exhale fully.

Step two

We’re going to speak a healing intention to the stone to bring about the healing effect that we would like to achieve with the stone.

Go ahead and hold the stone to your heart chakra, just right in the center of your chest, and then repeat these beautiful healing words after me:

“Thank you, Agate, for helping me to release all stress and tension so that I can relax, unwind, and enjoy all of life’s riches. In full faith, so be it.”

Step there

And now, as you breathe deeply, sense, see, and feel that the stone is flowing a beautiful golden-peachy colored light, a healing light, into your heart chakra, and your heart chakra absorbs that beautiful healing light of the stone, melting away all tension, melting away all stress, and infusing you with healing energy, helping you to relax, helping you to unwind, infusing you with joyful energy so that you can enjoy the beauty and the riches of life.

So, sense, see, and feel your heart chakra just absorbing all of that beautiful golden-peachy light from the stone, and sense, see, and feel all of that beautiful healing light flowing through your heart chakra into your entire body so that your body is shining with that beautiful golden-peachy light, raising your vibration, infusing you with joyful energy, and helping you to relax, to sparkle and shine.

And as you breathe, sense, see, and feel that beautiful light flowing from the stone and now filling your aura, the energy field around you so that your aura is shining with that beautiful golden-peachy-orange healing light, helping you to relax, unwind, connecting to the joy of life so that you can relax, enjoy life, and sparkle and shine.

And as you breathe, sense, see, and feel yourself shining brightly your vibration is shifting into this beautiful, bright, joyful state.

Step four

So, take a nice deep breath in and exhale, and then slowly open your eyes.

how to use crazy lace agate tumbled stone
how to use crazy lace agate tumbled stone

Carry the stone with you

Okay, so now what you can do is take the stone, put it in your pocket, wear it on your body as you go about your daily activities, or if you’re going to be hanging out with a friend or family member or going to a social event.

As you do that, the stone will continue to radiate healing energy to you to help you relax, enjoy, and connect to the deep riches of life.

Hope this article about how to use crazy lace agate may help you.

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