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Crystal Spheres to Connect Animal Guardians

Crystal Spheres to Connect Animal Guardians

Do you know you can use crystal spheres to connect your favorite animal guardians? Today, we are going to show you seven different crystal spheres that you could use to connect your favorite animal guardian spirits.

crystal healing spheres which you can work with to connect your favorite animal guardians.

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7 crystal spheres to connect animal guardians

crystal sphere for animal guardian connecting
crystal sphere for animal guardians connecting

Spiderweb obsidian sphere: connecting the spider spirit

Spiderweb obsidian is used to channel your talented spider spirit guardian. When you channel your spider spirit guardian, you will gain traits like tranquility, patience, and manifestation.

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Serpentine spheres: connecting with the serpent advisor

Septarian stones, also known as dragon stones, will help you channel your majestic dragon spirit guardian. The traits that you can gain by working with septarian stone are leadership, power, and admiration.

Serpentine spheres are great for connecting with your serpent advisor. It is a green stone swirling and twirling with all kinds of snake-like patterns.

Use serpentine when you want to gain traits like wisdom, intuition (where you can trust your intuition), and rebirth (like the snake that sheds its skin constantly, it wants you to shed your baggage and be reborn).

Onyx sphere: Embracing the ox guardian

The onyx sphere is about connecting with your ox guardian animal.

Like the onyx stone, it is all about strength, stability, and ethics, where you are dedicated to your life mission, family, friends, and morals.

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Tiger’s eye spheres: Summoning the brave tiger spirit

Your tiger’s eye spheres are perfect for summoning your brave tiger spirit animals. This golden brown iridescent stone will bring you traits like confidence, courage, business savvy, and focus on success.

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Crocodile jasper sphere: Connecting with the crocodile animal guardian

Crocodile jasper is about connecting with your crocodile animal guardian. It is a green jasper full of eye-like patterns, watchful reptilian eyes within the green.

When using your crocodile jasper, you will gain traits like protection, control, and emotional stability.

Safari jasper sphere: Channeling a whole kingdom of animals

Safari jasper is all about those times when you need a whole kingdom of animals on your side.

With safari jasper, you can choose to channel the whole safari of animals or just your favorite ones that you want to work with right now. When working with safari jasper sphere, you will gain traits like guidance, hope, and worldliness.

Those were seven of our crystal healing spheres which you can work with to channel your favorite animal guardians.

How to use crystal spheres for healing?

If you want to add any of the seven crystal spheres to your collection, head on over to our crystal shop. We have them all waiting for you, plus a whole world of natural gemstones for you to choose from.

Meditate with crystal spheres

The most popular way to use the crystal balls in your healing practice is to meditate with them and try to channel your animals that way. You can also use them when you are doing any manifestation work. If you are writing or reciting affirmations, have your spheres in your hands or have them nearby.

Use crystal spheres for massage

If you have smaller crystal spheres, you can also use them for massage or roll them over your body for that energy to absorb into your physical body.

Use spheres for crystal gazing

You can also use the spheres for crystal gazing, which is when you use your subconscious mind to gaze into the stone and get answers that way.

For feng shui

We can also use your animal crystal spheres for your feng shui in your space. You would place the stone according to which area of the space that you want to activate.

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