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why wear jade bangle on left hand

Why Wear Jade Bangle On Left Hand

If you are wondering why wear jade bangle on left hand, then you should note that this crystal is associated with feelings of calmness and functions as a good luck charm for warding off evil spirits. Let’s learn more about this brilliant resource from the lap of mother nature.

why wear jade bangle on left hand

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Benefits Of Wearing Jade Bangle

Jade is available in hordes of colors and textures, with the most popular being the emerald green shade. 

It is always associated with the auspicious meaning of leaving amicably and harmoniously. Jade stones are known to increase the charm of a woman. 

1) Spiritual Benefits

Alongside a notable fashion statement, the jade bangle is also known for its spiritual benefits. 

Wearing a jade bangle daily will ward off the influence of the negative elements present around us. It is also endowed with an element of spirituality that protects our emotions and secure our relationships. 

2) Physical Health

Jade is proven to calm the heartbeat and stabilize blood circulation and blood pressure to a great extent. 

It has a compounding effect in bringing down irritability and stress. This results in better memory retention since both the mind and the body is less occupied with unwanted emotions. 

3) Represents Wealth And Good Luck

The jade bangle promotes healing and brings wealth and fortune to the wearer. If you wear the stone for a prolonged period, you will reap the benefits of self-sufficiency and stability in your mind and body. 

How To Wear A Jade Bangle? 

why wear jade bangle on left hand

Many people prefer a tight fitting of their jade bangles. If you want to have a tight bangle fitted, you have to move away from hot weather since it might cause swelling. To ease the fitting, you have to apply moisturizer on the wrist, palms, knuckles, and fingers. 

You can massage your hand for around a minute to increase its malleability. Fold your thumb and little finger inward and try placing the bangle on the palm. Use the other thumb to apply pressure on the thumb knuckle while trying to insert the bangle through the fingers. 

You can pull it towards the wrist. Now you can enjoy the benefits of wearing the jade bangle and experience the abundance, joy, and fortune the bangle brings into your life. 

5 Reasons Why Wear Jade Bangle On Left Hand 

carved jade bangles

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If you are considering why to wear a jade bangle on your left hand, here are the five most plausible reasons.

1) Chinese Tradition

Wearing a jade bangle on the left hand is associated with the acupoints, meridians, and overall human body orientation. The calming impact of the stone and its ability to bring down vibrations are better felt when worn on the left hand. 

2) Closeness To The Heart

When you touch the jade bangle, you will feel the coolness of the stone. It is very effective for people with diabetes, blood pressure, and heart ailments. Since the left hand is closer to the heart, people often wear a jade bangle on the left hand. 

3) Buddhist Traditions

Since Buddhism considers the left hand a clean hand and the right hand associated with various sins, jade bangle should be worn on the left hand. It’s a great way to imbibe the positive energy of the stone. 

4) Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui, jade bangles can improve a person’s health and protect from negative and evil energy. To enhance these abilities of the stone, it’s crucial to wear jade bangles on the left hand. 

5) Convenience

We mostly use our right hand for doing daily activities. If you wear your jade bangle on your right hand, it can be very inconvenient to work. This also makes your bangle susceptible to breakage. 

Wearing Jade Bangle With Watch 

Jade bangles are significant elements of fashion and beauty. 

Wearing it with your watch will showcase sheer elegance and sophistication. After all, it’s an all-purpose lucky charm that you can wear all time.

Why Do Chinese Ladies Wear Jade Bangles?

yellow jade bangle

As per ancient Chinese culture, jade bangles are very popular among women. It formed a crucial cultural element used by children and women for manifesting shared love, communication, sustenance, and a bond between mother and child. 

Although jade bangles are revered in all ancient cultures worldwide, they have been widely used to protect people from negative and evil energies. 


Jade is an alive stone that can absorb all the energy emanated. The color tends to change over time. If the wearer is happy and healthy, the jade bangle will have more clarity and become beautiful. 

Why wear jade bangle on left hand? Because it can remove negative thoughts and toxins while bringing perfect harmony to your life. 


Who Should Not Wear Jade?

There is no restriction regarding anyone wearing jade. You can wear it if you want to welcome wisdom and thoughtful thinking. 

Can I Wear Jade Bangle On Right Hand?

Although it’s a popular tradition to wear a jade bangle on the left hand, if the right hand is more convenient for you, you can wear it on the right hand. 

Can You Wear Jade Bangles Together?

Yes, you can wear jade bangles together, but you must ensure that they don’t clunk much against each other. But it is customary to wear one bangle at a time. 

Is Wearing A Jade Bracelet Cultural Appropriation?

Jade bracelet symbolizes purity, grace, and elegance. It shows cultural appreciation rather than cultural appropriation. 

Do Jade Bangles Get Better With Wear?

Jade bangles give a richer color the more you wear them. But this is just a myth. The color and texture intensity can change due to grease it accumulates in daily wear. 

Which Hand To Wear Jade Bangle?

According to Chinese, Buddhist, and Feng Shui traditions, it’s best to wear jade bangle on left hand. 

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