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Does Jade Bangle Change Color

Does Jade Bangle Change Color?

Are you wondering about does jade bangle change color? Let’s learn something about jade.

What Is Jade?

Jade or the jade stone, also known as the “Jewel of Heaven” and “The Emperor’s Stone,” is a precious gem. It has been used for thousands of years in jewelry across Asia, particularly in China, where it was considered one of the sacred stones.

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In the ancient Chinese culture, jade was believed to have magical properties that could attract luck and fortune, enhance health, increase fertility, protect from evil spirits and disease, aid childbirth, and bring wisdom. 

In the modern world, jade is still a popular gemstone. But its value depends on several factors, such as shape, color, clarity, cut, and weight.

Nephrite vs. Jadeite

Many are unaware that jade is not a single type of mineral. It’s two different gems, nephrite and jadeite, and they are both known as jade.

While nephrite is harder and found worldwide. Jadeite, a relatively less durable stone and therefore easier to carve into ornaments, is only available in some parts of Myanmar. 

Also, nephrites typically come in darker shades and cost less than jadeite.

Does Jade Change Color? 

Yes! Jade does change color as it ages. However, this process is very prolonged, so you won’t notice the difference between an old and a new piece of jade unless you are looking closely at them side by side. 

The older your jade gets, the more it will look like a darker version of the same stone.

What Causes Jade Bangle To Change Color? 

This happens because jade is a porous mineral that can absorb materials from its surroundings. 

When you wear your jade bangle, your skin’s natural environment, such as oil and dirt, will come into contact with the jade bangle and cause it to change color over time.

What Does It Mean When A Jade Bangle Changes Color? 

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When your jade bangle changes color, this is usually due to wear and tear. After wearing your jade bangle day after day, you may find that it becomes darker due to exposure to dirt, grease, oil, dead skin cells, and other environmental pollutants.

If you recently have noticed that your jade bangle doesn’t look the same color it originally came with and has become darker, it simply means you are wearing a genuine jade bangle (not a fake one). 

Due to its porous structure, it has the natural property of absorbing pollutants from the surface it comes in contact with.

How To Prevent A Jade Bangle Change Color? 

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1) Avoid Wearing Jade Bangle During Swimming Or Showering

First of all, it is important that you remove your jade bangle before showering, swimming, or bathing. Otherwise, chlorine can damage your jade bangle. 

2) Wash Your Jade Bangles Regularly

To clean your jade bangles, use warm water and mild soap. 

Be careful when using hot water, as heat can dull the stone’s surface. Also, remember to rinse well and pat dry with a soft cloth before putting it back on.

3) Do Not Use Harsh Detergents When Cleaning

This is important if you want to avoid damaging the jade bangle by exposing it to harsh chemicals and detergents that would damage the stone.

4) Protect Your Ornament From Accidental Scratches

Try not to let your jade bangle rub against other objects. 

For example, while washing dishes or gardening, keep your jade bangle away from any sharp tools or objects that might scratch or rub off the stone. 

5) Remove Jade Bangle During Intense Physical Or Outdoor Activities

You should also take extra care when handling your jade bangle in sports activities, especially when using your hands to hit hard surfaces or objects. 

Make sure you remove it if you plan to participate in activities that require you to hit or throw something hard, like tennis or squash.

6) Store It Away From Heat Sources

Keep your jade bangle in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing it near heat sources, such as radiators or fireplaces, where it may get too hot and change color. 

And don’t expose your jade bangle to direct sunlight for extended periods of time, as this can also cause it to get darkened.


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What Are The Colors Of Jade Bangle?

Jade is primarily found in green. However, many other shades exist, including yellow, blue, purple, brown, black, and transparent.

What Is The Most Expensive Jade Bangle?

The most expensive type is imperial jade, which originated in Mayanmar (earlier Burma). Imperial jade or burmese jade can often be costlier than diamond, depending on its quality. So, generally speaking imperial jade is expensive.

Does Jade Change Color When You Wear It?

Yes. However, it takes years for jade to change its color when you wear it. 

The process is extremely slow, so you may not even notice it until observed closely. Jade absorbs dirt, grease, oil, etc., from your skin through its pores and eventually starts to turn darker.

Can You Shower With A Jade Bangle?

You’d better not take a shower with your jade bangle. If you do, certain precautions must be taken to make your jade bangle safe.

Does Real Jade Change Color?

Yes. No matter how surprising it sounds, only real jade changes color as it has the ability to absorb pollutants from the environment through its microscopic pores that cause its color change. 

So if your jade ornament doesn’t show any hint of even the slightest color change after years of wear and tear, there’s a good chance of it being fake. It’s important to find a reliable crystal shop.

Does Real Jade Glow In The Dark?

No. You may have seen the image of a glowing jade bracelet somewhere. However, these are nothing more than photoshopped pictures that are meant to trick potential customers into buying fake jade jewelry. 

The best way to ensure that your Jade bangle is genuine is to check its authenticity from reputable and reliable gemstone verifying agencies.


Jade is a naturally occurring precious gemstone that has been treasured and mined for thousands of years. It is commonly regarded as a symbol of wealth, power, and prosperity. 

A Jade bangle is a perfect gift for those who love beauty and elegance. However, you need to take good care of your ornament, as genuine jade bangle change color over the years due to everyday wear and tear. If there are no crystal shops near me, shop at our store. We appreciate your support of our business.

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