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jade bangle meaning jade bangles jade bangle bracelet thegreencrystal

Jade Bangle Meaning: Luck, Fortune, Health

Are you looking for jade bangle meaning? Here is what expert say. Read on.

What Is Jade?

A semi-precious crystal, jade, is divided into amphibole and two minerals with similar appearances, jadeite, and nephrite. Jadeite is more durable and robust than nephrite. Nephrite is less lustrous & nearly opaque. 

Jade is the official stone for the twelfth birthday. It comes in various beautiful colors, including green, white, emerald-green, orange, lavender, yellow, black, amber & ice-green lavender. 

The Significance Of Jade Bangle

jade bangle meaning jade bangles jade bangle bracelet thegreencrystal

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Jade bangle balances chakra physically and energetically. It helps with circulation and reduces trauma from previous wounds. It helps to find a place of love, understanding, and openness. 

The Jade bangle bracelet meaning stands for elegance, grace, and purity. Wearing a jade bangle will bring wealth, health, and sensible fortune. It possesses lucky-charming and protective energy and is typically precocious to a newborn.

What Is The Meaning Of Jade Bangle?

As a fashion accessory, everyone from musicians to fashion models like to wear jade bangles for hundreds of years. 

1) Stylish And Unique

The Jade bangle is a stylish, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that could elevate your jewelry collection. 

The genuine jade bangles are incomparable. The exquisite and delicate jade bangles are divided into captivating, original, and timeless designs.

On the other hand, mineral is highly prized for its superior transparency & deep green tones.

2) Brings Good Luck And Fortune

jade bangle meaning jade bangles jade bangle bracelet thegreencrystal

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The jade bangle brings the wearer sensible luck and fortune. Jade bangle bracelet has significant meanings in China. As a sign of love and protection, elderly Chinese women would give their children jade bangles. 

A jade bangle is strong enough to bring the gutsiest dreams into the physical world and can access them. This elegant jewelry has powerful astrological, religious, and healing properties and you can wear it with any outfit. 

The enticing jade bangle has a waxy shine, and reiki masters, crystal healers, and herbalists use jade stone a lot during the healing process and reiki sessions. 

3) Symbol Of Good Health

Jade bangles are also a popular present for new babies because they can improve health and bring good fortune. Jade has a long history of veneration in many Asian cultures, and it is more valuable than gold or diamonds. 

4) Prevents Misfortune

Legend says that jade bangle shields the wearer from misfortune. 

If your bangle breaks, it’s because it was holding the bad intentions meant for you. It is not unusual to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a high-quality item.

Jade bangles are passed down from cousin to cousin, beginning to bear the weight of history. You can quickly accumulate a group of items that are centuries old.

5) Jade Bangle Meaning As A Gift

It was a principle that helped individuals, communities, and tribes maintain their social balance. This was demonstrated by the gifts that were given in response to other people’s acts or previous gifts, each of which continued to be of greater significance or value. 

Jade bangle gifting was typically used during this custom because of its significance to religion. It was always lapidary in ancient Maori symbols, each of which had a different spiritual meaning for the wearer. 

Some of the most stunning or significant carvings were also made by powerful tribesmen who were chosen for their strength or spirituality.

More About Jade Bangle Bracelet Meaning

1) Chinese Jade Bangle Meaning

Chinese women frequently wear jade bangles. They believe jade bangles provide both positive energy and protection from evil spirits. Chinese mothers often give daughters jade jewelry as gifts as a symbol of the love of mother and elder.

2) Green Jade Bangle Meaning

jade bangle meaning jade bangles jade bangle bracelet thegreencrystal

Green is the most common color for jade. It symbolizes prosperity, tranquillity, good fortune, and general healing.

In its darker hue, jade primarily symbolizes physical development and strength. On the other hand, the softer tones symbolize spiritual growth, intuition, and a connection to higher dimensions.

3) Lavender Jade Bangle Meaning

The “stone of the angels” jade, also known as the lavender variety, is the second most expensive material after green jade. One can connect with the higher self and use this stone to deal with emotional pain.

4) Purple Jade Bangle Meaning

Purple jade is a stone of laughter, happiness, and joy. It enables us to comprehend the Divine order and the reassuring knowledge that everything is in its proper state.

Purple jade bangle is extremely purifying. It can help people to get rid of negative energy and clear their auras.

5) Red Jade Bangle Meaning

The chi stone known as red jade, enhances the warrior’s energy. Red jade bangle is a talisman of personal power and determination that gets people to take action by getting rid of worries, fears, and hesitation. This stone can enhance life force, like physical vigor, power, and desire.

Red jade, the stone of spiritual life force, makes you want to work toward a specific goal and takes away your fear.

6) White Jade Bangle Meaning

white jadeite bracelet thegreencrystal

White jade can improve attention and reduce interruptions. One of the lighter shades of jade, this stone helps you connect with your higher spiritual nature. 

It is a lucky stone for business, love, or health. The white jade bangle can also enhance or amplify the love energy in your life.

7) Black Jade Bangle Meaning

Black jade bangle has powerful defensive energies that counter negative energy. Many people use it to get rid of unwanted thoughts and feelings and combat psychic attacks.

As a guardian stone, black jade protects against psychic attacks and negative energies. It will protect you from people who drain your energy and give off negative emotions like rage, fear, or resentment.


Jade is valuable in addition to being a stunning stone. It can bring luck, prosperity, protection, harmony, and healing when worn as jewelry.  Jade bangle meaning is associated with a lot of uses and benefits. Through centuries among different cultures, the jade bangle is a valuable piece of jewelry.

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