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real jade bangles real jade bangle real jade bangle bracelet

How To Tell Real Jade Bangle?

Owning a real jade bangle will satiate your ornamental and astrological needs. But how to tell a real jade bangle? We’ve listed 6 simple ways. Read on.

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Is Real Jade Bangle Valuable?

Jade holds a privileged position, making the antique pieces highly sought after amongst crystal and gemstone connoisseurs. The stone is not just hailed for its spiritual virtues but also its mystical healing powers over the mind and the body. 

Various types of jade stones are available, and the price tags vary depending on the variety. It’s truly valued for the host of benefits jade proffers.

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How To Tell If Jade Bangle Is Real? 

real jade bangles real jade bangle real jade bangle bracelet

Jade is considered a prized gemstone in numerous cultures and traditions for centuries. But with technical advancements, fake jade bangles have come into existence. 

And therefore, you can conduct the following tests to discern whether you have a real jade bangle bracelet in your possession. 

1) Checking The Texture

The initial step in identifying whether a jade bangle is real or not is to assess the texture. 

You can find real jade bangles in various colors, but they are never dull or entirely opaque. If your jade bangle lacks luster, it’s highly likely that the jade isn’t authentic and might have been chemical-dyed.

If you see bubbles within your jade bangles or two distinguished colors in the same stone, it’s probably made of glass or imitating the real jade stone. 

The best and real jade bangle feels very smooth to the touch and has a translucent texture. It comes with a vivid hue and reflects light strikingly. You can also find opaque jade stones, and they are much more inexpensive. 

2) Evaluating The Color

Another telltale sign that the jade bangle is real or fake is by checking its color. If you find it vivid green with a perfect evenness in color, it may be fake. This happens when the stone is dyed with color.

The value of real jade bangles depends on four elements. These are texture, craftsmanship, color, and transparency. The color and texture of the original jade should look and feel natural rather than being treated and dyed. 

3) Conducting The Light Test

real jade bangles real jade bangle real jade bangle bracelet

The light test is an effortless yet highly effective way to tell whether your bangle is real. 

You have to bring the jade bangles under direct light and observe it for color consistency. Real jade bangles will show consistency all through, with some negligible patterns or variations. 

On the flip side, if the jade is fake, you will notice blemishes or impeccable color throughout. If your bangle shows a uniform pattern and it’s too perfect to be true, then it is not an authentic piece. 

You should rather try to find the flaws in the stone cutting or the lines appearing on the surface of the jade. There can be instances of dents or some other imperfections on authentic jade even after it is polished. 

It’s worth noting that you may come across a flawless real jade bangle. But it will be priced at a premium as the imperfections are carefully removed through extensive polishing and other treatments. 

4) Checking The Density Of The Stone

Another weird and easy test to check if your jade bangle is authentic is to toss it up. 

If you see that the jade bangle feels heavy on your hand when you catch it, then you have real ones. Original jade stone has a very high density. Jadeite jade has a density between 3.30 and 3.38, while nephrite jade has a density from 2.90 to 3.03.

All you need to do is to toss your jade bangles a few times to assess its weight. If it’s made of glass or some other cheap substance, then it won’t feel heavy on your palm. 

While this is not a surefire means to tell whether or not any jade bangle bracelet is real or fake, it’s a highly popular one. 

5) Listening To The Sound Of Your Jade Bangles

real jade bangles real jade bangle real jade bangle bracelet

The next step to discern whether your jade bangle bracelet is real or fake is to listen to its music. 

If you already possess real jade bangles in your collection, then you can tap one gently. Make sure that you don’t strike it hard. In case you don’t have real jade, then a piece of metallic substance like a coin or key would also serve the purpose. This is also known as a sound test. 

If the jade bangles you are trying to test gives a hollow or echoing sound, then it’s not authentic but made of cheaper alternatives like plastic or glass. But when you tap an authentic jade bangle, the sound will revert as more muted and deeply resonating. 

6) Conducting The Scratch Test

Yet another effective means to tell if you have a real jade bangle bracelet is to conduct the scratch test. 

As mentioned, jade has an impressive hardness, and it’s difficult to scratch it with regular metal substances. The hardness of steel is 5.0 on the Mohs hardness scale, while the same with jade ranges between 6.0 and 7.0. This indicates that it’s impossible for steel to nick the surface of the jade. 

Attempt to scratch the surface of your jade bangles with a metal object like a needle or even a knife. If you find it leaving a clear mark on the stone surface, then it’s fake. 

Other gemstones like amethyst or topaz will nick your jade effortlessly. Therefore, it’s a certain way of telling whether you have real or fake one. 

Also, if your jade bangle leaves a powdery substance after scraping, it’s probably a fake one. 

How Much Does A Real Jade Bangle Cost?

white bracelet

The price of a real jade bangle bracelet is based on the quality and variant of the stone. It starts from $5 for a carat and can even raise up to $3 million per carat. 

As a single-piece bangle needs a relatively high amount of jadeite for the yield, the price of a bangle can come at a premium price. 

What Color Of Jade Is Most Valuable?

The most valuable jade is the one in imperial green, and you will be stunned to see its emerald shade. This variety is followed by purple-blue and icy jadeite, known for its translucent icy shade. 

Where To Buy Real Jade Bangle?

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