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5 Best Virgo Crystals

My name is Verona, and I’ll be highlighting the sign Virgo. I’m a Virgo rising, so I really do understand the energy and quality care characteristics of this sign. I picked out some awesome crystals that resonate vibe with the energy and also can really benefit the sign. I would love to describe the energy of Virgo briefly, go over the characteristics, and then I’ll be transitioning to five Virgo crystals that resonate and benefit the sign. 

The Characteristics Of Virgo

Virgo, there is no problem you can’t solve. 

Ruled by strategist mercury, Virgos hold power in analytical thinking and altruism. The image of the Virgo is a beautiful earth maiden holding the harvest. This can symbolize Virgo’s role in utilizing their resources to share and optimize what is bestowed upon them to others. 

Their internal guidance services them to the healthiest, most appropriate situations, circumstances, and events leading them toward personal excellence. When Virgos transition the knowledge of inner service to teach others, that is when they feel the most satisfied. 

Virgos serve their lovers completely, executing every detail of their life so that it can run smoothly, truly, hardwired for service. Virgos must be cautious not to confuse love with their partners’ need for them. 

They also need to be reminded that they don’t have to put out every fire. Simple earth pleasures can do wonders for Virgo’s mental health. 

Simply planting your feet in the soil, enjoying the sunshine, and walking amongst a field of golden grain, these practices set in motion a beautiful connection to the bountiful energy of the earth, where Virgos can truly connect with this stillness. 

Virgo Crystals

I am super excited to jump into these crystals for Virgo. 

Virgo Crystals-Rhodonite

Rhodonite Unicorn Quartz Animal thegreencrystal

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The first crystal on this list of Virgo crystals is rhodonite. Rhodonite promotes the energy of love, and in this case, the love is more outer-directed. This outer-directed love engendered by rhodonite is one of altruism and generosity, using one’s talents to bring gifts to others. 

It is a stone of learning and development, encouraging one to expand or perfect one’s skills, so those skills can be employed to help others. 

What truly sets a Virgo in motion is doing something for someone else, especially if it’s for the betterment of someone else. My mom is a double virgo, and I’ve always noticed this about her. She just feels so fulfilled and loves doing things for other people, because it makes her genuinely feel good inside. That is literally the energy of rhodonite. 

This Virgo stone helps you find out what you’re good at and how you can do that to help others. If you are trying to look for your passion in life, working with rhodonit puts you on a path of discovering your passion, and you will notice whatever you find out your passion is there will be an element of altruism in there. 

Overall if you enjoy or want to help build something with a community, rhodonite has a way of helping you in this process and sending out so much support and love. 

Virgo Stone-Fluorite

Fluorite Wolf

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The next crystal on this Virgo crystals list is fluorite. Fluorite is a force of order in the stone kingdom, giving form and structure to energies, ideas, and concepts and helping them to manifest into three-dimensional reality. 

This Virgo stone can assist in clearing away mental fog, confusion, or conflicting ideas, and it is a powerful stone for clearing the chakras of imbalances. 

Different colors of fluorite all affect the mental body, brain, and energetic levels of being. Any color of fluoride would work wonderfully since virgos naturally have hyperdrive of organization, mental clarity. They are like go go go, like a worker bee. Working with fluorite assists them within their natural. 

If you are a Virgo or you need more order, more mental clarity, maybe you have a little bit of mental fog, incorporating fluorite in your life, it’s really going to help you. 

Fluorite is my number one recommendation for students or people who are learning something new. If you’re going through any training, having fluoride can help you tremendously. 

Also fluorite is really wonderful for balancing and clearing out our chakras. So if you are looking to kind of have more of a mental and physical clearing, fluorites are really wonderful for that. 

Virgo Gemstone-Malachite

Malachite tumbled stone

The next crystal on this Virgo crystals list is malachite. Malachite’s beautiful rich green color reveals its ability to heal physically and emotionally. Malachite can draw out impurities, densities and attachments in the energy field. Its frequency melts constrictive energy patterns in the aura and stimulates an energized flow of life force throughout the aura and body. 

Malachite is a wonderful stone for anyone that stresses out about being perfect all the time, maybe you have a harsh inner critic, and it’s just tearing you down, or perhaps that harsh inner critic keeps getting expressed outwardly, and you feel people perceive you as really judgmental. 

This Virgo gemstone works with our heart chakra and brings about this transformational energy that guides us to the healthiest version of ourselves. 

Virgos love to be healthy, they like to practice mindfulness, they can be kind of strict with their diet. They need to have an exercise routine, maybe they’ll go about doing holistic practices, it’s very important to them. And sometimes this can show up in their mental health, being a little bit critical of themselves if they’re not perfect. So malachite can aid anyone, specifically at Virgo, if they are currently going through something like that.

Malachite is a powerhouse in providing confidence towards one’s health and well-being and doing this in a loving way rather than in a harsh way. 

Virgo Gemstone-Sodalite

AAA Grade raw sodalite thegreencrystal

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The next crystal on this Virgo crystals list is sodalite. Sodalite is the perfect blend of using the mind in both logic and intuition. Sodalite facilitates self-discipline, efficiency, organization, and structure in research and other mental pursuits. This Virgo gemstone also increases one’s capacity for intuition. It activates the third eye chakra making one more aware of intuition pings and strengthening one’s inner knowing. Sodalite greatly assists with letting go of self-judgment that causes second guessing.

Sodalite is a powerful intuition and logic stone. I love working with sodalite when I need a boost of willpower, because willpower is all mental right. Most Virgos have that analytical side of their brain, down, and need more stimulation with their intuition. 

Working with third eye chakra stones like sodalite really has a way of bringing more of a well-rounded approach, with both the analytical and intuition mind and Virgos need more of their intuition activated with the relationships that they’re carrying out in their life.

They may need more intuition with their personal lives, their work lives, their love lives, their family life. Whatever it may be, it’s always good to be truly intact and in sync with your intuition. So if you are a Virgo out there, and need a little bit of a boost there, I definitely recommend working with sodalite. 

Virgo Birth Stone-Fairy Stone

virgo crystals virgo stone virgo gemstone virgo birth stone birthstone for virgo crystals for virgo crystals for virgos

And the last crystal on this Virgo crystals list is fairy stone. Fairy stones, also known as goddess stones, have been used as a good luck and protection talisman for centuries amongst numerous diverse groups of people. 

Fairy stones are calcium carbonate, and it’s made of fine argalacious sand mixed with limestone cement, and created in the permeable layers of a basin. 

They can be found in the haracana river in Canada. Fairy stones will help you connect with beings from the natural world. It resonated with Virgo. It looks so unique and so cool. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a fairy stone before, but they’re so soft, because they’re like in a basin, there’s a lot of water pressure and stuff. 

This Virgo gemstone really strengthens our connection to the earth. It associates with our root chakra. Virgo is an earth sign, and you can feel resonance with the fairy stone. It has this earthy quality to it.

A fairy stone can enhance Virgo’s energy by connecting with the earth and feeling grounded. When you are feeling overwhelmed you can just use this stone like a touchstone, it’s so soft and kind of like having that kind of grounding energy and body inside.

Conclusion On Virgo Crystals 

I hope this Virgo crystals list can act as like a crystal energy pack for anyone that has Virgo in their birth chart. So that they can harness their unique gifts, qualities, and talents to share with the world and the ones around you. 

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