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best crystals for protection

Best Crystals For Protection

If you’re looking for crystal recommendations to aid you in protecting your energy from negativity, toxic people, situations, bad vibes, or anything of that sort, you have come to the right place. In this article, I’m going to be going over the five best crystals for protection that will greatly assist you in protecting your energy.


We live in a world where it’s not uncommon for us to feel a type of bad energy in certain situations or from other people, or maybe we even notice this negative behavior within ourselves. One way that I have personally overcome these obstacles is by working with the grounding energy of crystals.

What are the best crystals for protection to help me protect my energy from negative people, negative situations, or when you’re going through a hard time? So I’ve rounded out my top five crystal recommendations, and we’re just going to dive straight into this.

5 best crystals for protection

Smoky quartz

The first on the list of best crystals for protection is smoky quartz.

Smoky quartz offers protection from negative energies in one’s environment. It can absorb and translate almost unlimited amounts of negativity by grounding it into the Earth where it can be neutralized.

Smoky quartz is definitely a favorite of mine because it has such a grounding energy to it. When we are faced with toxic people, and toxic situations, and we want to protect ourselves, the first thing that we need to be mindful of is to be grounded within ourselves, and smoky quartz is one of the best grounding crystals out there.

If you work in a beauty-type job, like a salon. Let me tell you, working at those beauty places, there’s a lot of cattiness and just toxic energy, I would say. So You could bring your smoky quartz to work.

Once you start to bring smoky quartz to work, you can feel this protective shield around you. The gossip and the talking and all that just stopped at the desk.

You can also use this if you are in school; maybe there are situations in school where people are being negative towards you. Keep it with you; it does have a way of banishing those negative vibes and sending them down, down, down into the Earth.

Black tourmaline

The next on the list of best crystals for protection is probably the most popular protective stone, and that is black tourmaline.

Black tourmaline crystals act like vacuum cleaners, sucking out the negative energy to replace it with positive energy.

This is an ideal stone for anyone who must work or live in challenging places or circumstances. This crystal is powerful in protecting you from outside negativity.

It’s not so much internal negativity that you may be feeling; it’s this outside presence of dark energy or something that is weighing you down.

As one of the best crystals for protection, black tourmaline is so protective in stopping that, literally clearing all that out so that you can feel safe again.

Personally, I feel like the best way to utilize your work with black tourmaline is by holding it. I feel like there is this kind of sensory feeling that we have when we hold black tourmaline.

If we grip it, hold it tightly, do this for a few minutes, about five minutes, and then release it, you will feel an energy exchange there.

What’s going on is that the black tourmaline’s energy is detoxifying your system so that any low vibrations are the least if your work is really heavy.

Maybe you help people with trauma, maybe you’re a therapist, any kind of work like that where you are emotional. You can’t be super emotional when you’re talking to your client or your patient, what have you?

You have to keep it together, stay strong at that moment, and then maybe when you come home, you have this heavy weight on you. That would be the prime time to work with black tourmaline, to hold it in your hand, and to release and let go of whatever energy you were absorbing in the day.

Again, this is probably the most popular protective stone and one that I think is really good to put in a crystal practice to regularly use because it really is so potent and so powerful.

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Tourmaline quartz

I have a little honorable mention on this best crystals for protection list, and the crystal I wanted to quickly shout out is tourmaline quartz.

Because we just talked about smoky quartz and black tourmaline, I just wanted to quickly shout out this crystal because it is a quartz crystal with black tourmaline-like spikes in it.

If you’re looking to have an amplified feeling of protection, that is when you can best use tourmaline quartz. I love this; I think it’s great, and it’s also just one I wanted to recommend for protecting your energy.


The next crystal on the list of best crystals for protection is everyone’s favorite crystal, and that is amethyst.

As one of the best crystals for protection, amethyst can clear one’s energy field of negative influences and attachments and thereby facilitate the creation of an energetic shield, a field of spiritual light around the body that wards off the negativity in one’s environment.

This crystal is really such a beautiful blend of a spiritual connection and true protection.

I do feel like this bubble of light protecting me. It’s like this beautiful shine. Like when I’m driving sometimes, I will have amethyst in the car with me because I like that protective quality when I’m driving. I feel like there’s a force field around my car, a little hack for you out there if you want to try that.

But even if I don’t have an amethyst in the car, I’ll tune into the amethyst frequency, and I’ll think about this protective shield around me whenever I need it, whenever I feel a little bit off. I’ll just call upon the amethyst purple light around me to protect me. Amethyst is also really helpful in negative behaviors.

It’s a really notable stone for anyone who’s trying to get sober. It has that really good healing quality to it. So, if you’re trying to protect yourself in ways that are kind of like self-sabotaging, you can use amethyst.

Again, this is a popular stone; it has so many benefits but noteworthy to know how protective amethyst can be if you set that intention with it and utilize those properties.

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Black obsidian

The next crystal on the list of best crystals for protection is black obsidian. Black obsidian’s energy is that of protection; its frequency seals the aura and removes energetic attachments, hooks, and cords.

Black obsidian energy creates a protective shield that helps one remain centered when faced with negativity. This stone helps you uncover your shadow-conscious thoughts and patterns that inhibit your spiritual and personal growth.

These patterns can be negative, like addiction, abusive behavior, scarcity, negativity, or anything really that is harmful to you.

As one of the best crystals for protection, black obsidian works with our shadow, it helps us face that negativity, to understand why we are feeling this way. Is there some root cause for this negativity? Where black tourmaline helps protect us from outside negativity, black obsidian helps us with internal negativity.

I would say that this is more so helpful if you are trying to overcome something within yourself that feels dark, that feels like a tough situation that you are putting yourself into.

Sometimes it’s hard for us to realize that it’s us putting us in those types of situations. But if you feel like you are recognizing that it is this self-sabotaging behavior or it’s you making yourself feel down, black obsidian can really help you shift your energy to get out of that and to try to find solutions to those problems you’re facing.

This is a wonderful stone to aid you in that personal development journey. I’ve worked a lot with black obsidian, and it’s done amazing things for me in my personal development journey, so telling you there is a light at the end of the time when you are working with black obsidian.


The last crystal on the list of best crystals for protection is labradorite.

Labradorite creates a force field throughout the aura, protecting and strengthening the energies within and preventing others from tapping into your personal energy and draining you.

Labradorite is such an amazing stone to help you when you are faced with energy vampires. Energy vampires are people in your life that just drain your energy just being in the presence around them. There’s something that goes on that they just can drain you; they make you not feel like yourself.

And labradorite is amazing because it has this psychic protection. It creates this force field that they can’t tap into, especially if you can get labradorite in a jewelry form.

I recommend that if you’re facing toxic people in your life or if you’re in a situation where you don’t know who is sending you these bad vibes. It can be like a psychic attack that’s going on; that’s another great way to utilize labradorite is to set an intention to protect you from any psychic attacks, people trying to tap into your energy to send you bad vibes.

Labradorite is good at stopping this.

I know I have had situations where I have felt like someone is sending me bad vibes, and I was like, “I literally need to protect myself. I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m going to stop this right now.” So, I did a little Crystal ritual with my labradorite. I set the intention; I had my labradorite with me every day, and I was wearing my Labradorite bracelet.

I felt like my energy felt lighter and lighter. It was almost like this heaviness was coming off every day, like I was shedding a layer. I was taking another layer off, taking another layer off, and then, pretty soon, shortly after that, I just felt like myself again.

So, a really big crystal hack out there if you’re feeling like someone is sending you bad energy, and you don’t know who it is, work with labradorite, set those intentions, and see how you feel.

Other things to do for protection

I hope that these crystal recommendations help build your energetic tools for protection. But I will say, crystals haven’t been the only thing that has helped me overcome obstacles where I feel like I need to protect my energy. I just wanted to mention a few other things that you can do if you are feeling like you need help right now, and you don’t know who to turn to, you don’t know what to do.

Burn some sacred smoke

One of the things that I love to do when I feel like I need to protect my energy is I will burn some sacred smoke.

I will cleanse my house; I’ll cleanse my body, and I utilize this with palo santo, with dragons blood sage, with yba santa.

I like to find herbs that have those protective qualities, and I like to set an intention and clear the energy in my home so I can bring in good energy, send out any bad energy, and then bring in really good energy.

Call upon my angels for guidance

Another thing I do when I feel like I need protection is I like to call upon my angels for guidance, for protection.

I want you to know that you can always, always call on your angels, your guardian angels; you can call on archangels to help protect you.

You can be like, “Hey, hey, Guardian Angel, I’m feeling weird in this situation; I need your help. I need you to send me protection and strength right now.”

I do this all the time; sometimes I do this with work – “Please protect me from work right now.” Whatever the situation may be, always know that you can call on your angels for protection, and they will always be there for you.

Talk with my friends and family

And then one last tip, I wanted to let you know that whenever I feel like I need to protect my energy, something I like to do is I like to talk with my friends and family that I trust or even go online and talk to an online community that I feel safe and protected with.

I share my experiences with them. Sometimes when we’re feeling like our energy is off, we need to protect our energy; we just really need to talk to someone and tell them how we’re feeling so we can kind of process what’s causing this negative energy. So, I definitely recommend talking to friends, family.

Conclusion on best crystals for protection

I hope this article about best crystals for protection is helpful for you. If I didn’t mention a crystal that you utilize, and I know there are so many out there, I know I can’t list them all here, but those are just my top ones. If there is a crystal I didn’t mention that you personally work with to help protect your energy, please email us, maybe share a little experience you had with it, why you love it, and why it’s such a good protection crystal for you.

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