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Yellow Turquoise 101-Why You Need This

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What is Yellow Turquoise?

Yellow turquoise does not fall under the category of turquoise , but it is named so due to its close resemblance to the latter. 

This stone is usually a serpentine or jasper that features hematite on its surface. It is common to find this stone where turquoise is mined, but it is mostly found in the serpentine form. 

Yellow turquoise is known for its cleansing properties and for helping in the release of negativity. It works to restore your overall well-being by realignment and detoxification. 

Stone Of Intuition And Creativity

Yellow turquoise can improve your intuition, communication, and creativity. Additionally, it can enhance personal power and energy by infusing your body with effective protective energies. 

It ushers in positive energies in you and improves the way you sense your environment. This stone ushers peace and harmony while effectively creating positive vibes in and around you. 

Yellow Turquoise Spiritual Meaning

What spiritual meaning does this stone convey? Yellow turquoise can be effectively used for spiritual cleansing, and it works efficiently to release all kinds of negativity in you. 

It helps in encouraging you to let go of those things that do not help you, especially negative emotions like jealousy and anger. This powerful stone provides aid while you are undergoing a change or transition in your life.

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Yellow Turquoise Properties 

1) Physical Healing Properties

Using this stone can prove beneficial in getting rid of toxins and impurities from your body. This crystal helps in building up your body’s immune system. 

The healing energies that come with this stone can effectively improve your digestion and other stomach-related disorders. Again, it can enhance the functionality of your gallbladder, kidneys, spleen, liver, and pancreas. 

2) Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

When it comes to mental and emotional healing, this stone can help you do away with negative energies and emotions like envy and rage. 

It ushers in positive energy that helps you build up your damaged mental health and removes energy blocks that may negatively affect your overall health.

3) Metaphysical Properties

It carries power that releases positive energies that can improve personal power and make you more sensitive to those around you. 

This gemstone effectively promotes overall harmony, especially when you need calm reflection or while meditating. It helps you keep track of your daily tasks by improving your focus, and makes you feel grateful and inspired for all you have achieved or received. 

4) Yellow Turquoise Birthstone And Zodiac Sign

The zodiac signs associated with this gemstone include Scorpio, Virgo, and Leo. Gemini is the birthstone associated with this crystal. 

5) Yellow Turquoise And Chakras 

The chakras associated with yellow turquoise include Solar Plexus, the Throat, and the Third Eye.

raw Yellow Turquoise stone

Yellow Turquoise Essential Benefits

How will this stone help you?

1) In Terms of Healing and Health

This powerful gemstone can efficiently rid your body of toxins and impurities while helping improve your immune system. 

It works to heal problems in the stomach, including digestion. This crystal can make your gallbladder, liver, spleen, kidneys, and pancreas function better. It soothes chronic digestive issues, bloating, fat intolerance, and nausea. 

Since this stone works on the throat chakra, it can aid in relieving sore throat, flu, and head colds. 

Again, it provides speedy recovery from ailments and assists you with achieving maximum energy and nutrition from all that you eat. 

2) In Terms Of Wealth

This gemstone is crucial when starting a new and exciting journey, and using its healing properties, and you can easily reach the destination with proper guidance along the way. 

Moreover, this crystal will solidify your new hobbies, interests, or passions. Your creativity will improve, and you will profit from creative interests or ideas you want to dive into. 

Success and abundance are rewards that you can achieve with the help of yellow turquoise.

3) For Relationships And Love Life

It will make you open your heart and overcome your stubborn and hard feelings. It promotes trust, compassion, kindness, and loyalty in you for others and yourself. 

You will be able to build strong friendships and relationships. You will get hope and inspiration to talk about your romantic feelings. 

If you are in a romantic relationship, this crystal will help you better communicate and understand your partner while bringing stability and clarity to your relationship. 

4) When It Comes To Your Chakras

This yellow stone resonates with the throat, third eye, and solar plexus chakras. It provides a connection of celestial vibrations with earthly energies, and improves serenity and protective energies that are in you. 

Yellow Turquoise stone

5) In Terms Of Overall Well-Being

This gemstone ushers in friendship and honesty while establishing positive vibes. It is known to be a stone that provides overall peace and can stimulate optimism, sensitivity, and sympathy. 

How To Use Yellow Turquoise For The Best Results

This crystal will effectively protect you from all forms of negativity, including negative situations, energies, and events. 

Additionally, this stone will usher good fortune into your life. Since it symbolizes amazing friendships, this crystal will enlighten your home with peace. 

Hold onto this stone when in need of mental clarity while decision-making, and carry it everywhere you go to free you from tiredness, panic, exhaustion, or even nervousness. 

You can wear it as a pendant to gain a sharper memory and improve your focus level. 

Best Combination To Use With Yellow Turquoise

Bloodstone, Honey Calcite, Opal, Chiastolite, and Botswana Agate for stability are some of the best combinations with this stone. 

For improving communication, it is best to pair this gemstone with Howlite, Emerald, Quartz, Kunzite, Blue Topaz, and Copper. 

You can pair it with Hawk’s Eye, Euclase, Lapis Lazuli, Onyx, and Amethyst to improve awareness. 

How To Cleanse Yellow Turquoise?

Since this is found mainly in the form of Serpentine stone, cleaning it requires rinsing the stone with water and mild soap. Next, wipe the gemstone with an untreated, soft cloth. Wear this crystal after you apply perfume or cosmetics. 

How To Charge Yellow Turquoise?

The best way to charge this gemstone is by placing it in the moonlight for a day or two. 


Why Does Turquoise Turn Yellow?

When turquoises are exposed to high heat, they tend to discolor, and their surfaces get damaged. Discoloration in yellow occurs when turquoise is exposed to sweat, skin oils, chemicals, or cosmetics. 

Can Turquoise Be Yellow?

Depending on the color of turquoise, oxidation can lead to a change in its color, and it may turn yellow due to discoloration. 

What Is The Rarest Color Turquoise?

The rarest known turquoise is the lander blue spiderweb turquoise.

Where Is Yellow Turquoise Found?

Yellow turquoise is usually found where turquoise is mined, including in the mines of Mexico and California. 

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