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what does shungite do

What Does Shungite Do?

Shungite is a mineral for the modern world. It is a formidable ally for protection and one of the few minerals to undergo scientific research. But what does shungite do?

Where Is Shungite Found?

You guys have been using Shungite for healing and protection for centuries. The mineral gets its namesake from where it was found – the Shunga village in the north of Russia. It is considered a non-coal carbon mineral that metamorphosizes under extremely high temperatures.

While it appears to be similar to other carbon minerals such as jet, it is special because it contains antioxidants known as fullerenes.

Real Shungite has a very high carbon content and rates as being extremely conductive. The best and most expensive Shungite comes from Russia, but it has been found in other places in the world.

What Does Shungite Do? 5 Benefits You Should Know

raw shungite
raw shungite

What does shungite do and what is it used for? I just listed 5 things you may not know.

Absorb Radiation And Negative Energy

Carbon is known to absorb lots of things, including radiation, and Shungite is considered some of the best for this. Shungite has become somewhat of a legendary protector and shielder of negative energy. This includes toxic energy from people, situations, media, and sometimes yourself.

Not to mention, it is considered one of the best and most effective shields against EMFs or to absorb any type of radiation from electronics.

A Warning Stone

What does shungite do? In fact, it is also a warning stone, repelling you from people or situations that are damaging. If that were not enough, it is grounding, centering, and promoting responsibility in thought and action.

Make Better Decisions

sphere shungite
sphere shungite

Shungite can help you make better, more informed choices and provides insights when making choices about your future. It is really useful when you have to think through something, and it loves discernment. It’s quite logical in an intuitive way. It is comforting and calm, not assertive nor aggressive, and it integrates so well with the human energy field that yes, you can feel it working, but it’s a bit more comfortable than most.

Balancing And Transformational

Shungite is also known to be balancing and transformational. It is connected with the root of the human energy field and has been used to promote better energetic flow. This means it not only opens the energy centers; it brings energetic circulation to the entirety of the human energy field. This can be felt as increased vitality, better concentration, relaxation, improved mood, or the enhancement of excitement for life. It also brings freshness and rejuvenation.

I also think it is very reparative to the human energy field and can particularly be used to strengthen the lower half of the energy field. This would be useful for someone who needs to develop more inner strength and a stronger sense of identity.


It also helps to heal areas where people cord into you and thus try to dominate you. If you are a person who loses yourself in people or situations and tends to give up your power, this mineral could be useful for helping you to stay present in your own body so you’re not self-abandoning. It also works like a filter, filtering through your energy field, sorting out whatever you’ve got circulating through. Just be careful; it can leave a small residue on your fingers.

Hope you like this post about what does shungite do, if you have questions, you can leave us messages.

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