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Malachite VS Moldavite

Malachite VS Moldavite

Malachite vs moldavite: How are they the same, and how are they different? Let’s talk about it.


Let’s begin with the fundamentals.

Malachite is a copper-based carbonate mineral. It is found deep in the Earth in many locations, primarily in Africa, Russia, Australia, and Mexico.

On the other hand, moldavite is an amorphous silicate glass, a remnant of a meteor that crashed into Central Europe 15 million years ago. This makes it a tektite and also very, very rare.

The elements that comprise each mineral are crucial; they mostly define the energy of each stone.

Why Do They Have Similar Properties?

So, if moldavite and malachite are entirely separate minerals, how do they have similar properties? Our best suggestion at this time is that the atomic structure, combined with the energy of how they were formed, creates some similar properties. Of course, there’s a mystical component far beyond our human comprehension.

A great comparison to help us understand this is that of musical instruments. You can play the same note on several different instruments, but the sound from each is distinct. It is true; both stones are transformative, protective, bring intuition, and are heart-healing minerals.

Malachite has a heavier, more grounded energy, stimulates willpower, and brings financial abundance.

On the other hand, moldavite is better at connecting you to the spiritual self, aids in dreamwork and astral travel, brings fertility, and enhances the energy of other stones.

Conclusion On Malachite VS Moldavite

If you want to understand the subtle nuances and complexities of different minerals, I highly recommend a deeper study. However, don’t feel you need to completely nerd out on crystals for them to be effective.

Crystals are for everyone, and you should always go to what you feel called to over anything else. Sometimes the reason why you’re called to a specific mineral is far too complex to articulate, even for a professional.

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