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Tektite Stone

In this article, I’m going to be sharing with you some new tektites that have come into my life. This is going to be a little tektite stone haul.

This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about tektites. I have written an article about moldavite, where I talk about getting moldavite and having those first three months bring in a lot of positive change.

Moldavite was the very first tektite stone that I have ever worked with, and now I can say that I have worked with four tektites, I’m going to be sharing with you three brand new tektites that I have added to my collection.

What are tektites?

If you are unfamiliar with what tektites are, let me explain.

Tektites are basically glassy objects formed from the impact of a meteorite. So, tektites are space crystals; they’re from outer space and hit the earth with such force and energy that when we experience tektites, we notice a high vibration from them.

Some people can have different reactions to tektites. It’s essential to acclimate to new tektites that you bring into your home.

So, when I got three, I was kind of like, “Okay, I gotta brace myself.” I was just mindful of the fact that that’s a lot of energy. Again, it’s been nothing but goodness from my work so far with all of these tektites. Let’s jump into this and let me show you the first one out of this haul.

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Different kinds of tektites

Libyan Desert Glass

Libyan Desert Glass
Libyan Desert Glass

This first tektite stone I’m going to share with you is the one that I feel the strongest connection to. I instantly vibed with it and felt good inside—a warm sensation, like it was calling to me. It’s a beautiful gold Libyan tektite, also known as Libyan Desert Glass.

This tektite stone speaks to confidence, manifestation, and realizing your personal power, and has a feeling of solar plexus energy.

I love working on my solar plexus chakra, and this tektite stone works with all of our chakras, heightened around our solar plexus. I felt this connection because of my draw to work on my solar plexus.

Meditating with Libyan Desert Glass has been nice. It’s only been about eight weeks, but when I meditate with it, after about five minutes, I have to get myself worked up to a relaxed state.

Once you’re there, it brings a vibrating feeling inside, almost like drifting off and vibrating above your body. It’s trippy and cool, and I’ve enjoyed working with this particular tektite.

Prophecy Stone

Prophecy Stone
Prophecy Stone

The next tektite stone I’m sharing in this haul is one I’ve never heard of before. I was totally surprised when I got it, and I did my research right away. That is a Prophecy Stone.

Prophecy stones bring grounding spiritual light into the physical realm and are known to help you see prophetic visions, which is interesting and kind of trippy.

When I got all these tektites, I decided to keep them in the bedroom that night. Normally, with my moldavite, I didn’t sleep with it in the same room for the first week because I was new to tektites. But since it’s not my first rodeo with tektites, I decided to keep them in the bedroom.

And with this stone, when I was reading about how it brings in this prophetic vision, that night when my fiancé and I went to sleep, he had a very interesting dream.

That night, I thought, “Oh, that’s so weird.” He dreamt that the sun blew up, and the world was ending; it was kind of scary. It sounded a lot like what this stone does when you’re meditating with it.

This stone, I will say, is best used when you are meditating. Out of the three that I am going to share with you in this haul, I probably have worked less with this one. The other two have drawn me more, and I just haven’t meditated with this raw prophecy stone.

Its purpose – help you open up your third eye and see visions and cool stuff. Overall, I’d say this energy hasn’t been too overwhelming. It’s a helpful hand for seeing things and deciphering messages when you’re meditating or dreaming.

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Tibetan tektite

The last tektite stone that I’m going to share with you is this cool Tibetan tektite.

Tibetan tektites help open up all your chakras, accelerate your evolution, and awaken the light body. I was intrigued to get this tektite because it’s a well-known one.

When I hold the Tibetan tektite, it feels interesting in my hand and looks odd, like something I’ve never seen before – like lava. But the way you hold it and the feeling it gives off, I haven’t experienced anything like this before.

Personal experience with tektite stone

Something I noticed in researching all three tektites is a similar characteristic of accelerating evolution and getting to where you want to be in life.

As I’ve been working with these stones (it’s only been a few weeks, relatively not that long), I have noticed certain things that I’m putting out into the universe. It’s almost like I’ve been in this attraction mode, and some opportunities have been coming my way related to what I am currently manifesting.

Another big thing that happened since I got these tektites is I’m engaged now. That’s a big change, and it’s been bringing in a lot of things that I have been mindful of – I’ve been patient with my manifestations.

I don’t like to rush anything, and the fact that these bring an accelerated energy, I am prepared for things to come quicker. But my whole way of manifesting, I want it to be in divine timing.

I don’t try to manipulate anything. Not saying that these tektites manipulate anything, but they all have this core element of having things come together faster for you. So, I’ve been thinking about this, and I think it’s quite interesting.

Since getting these tektites, I have been acclimating to their energy, and there has been an appropriate amount of time for me to feel into their energy, not be so overwhelmed, but kind of noticing those shifts. I do feel now like I am ready to start a new experiment that I’m excited to share with you.

I was reading in one of my crystal books that all three of these guys paired together really helped bring something in super fast, like the acceleration energy that I was talking about.

Pairing all three together brings in fast change, so I’m gonna try it out. I feel like, why not? It’s gonna be a little experiment.

I’m going to be pairing all three of these tektites together, set a big intention, and see what happens. If you find yourself interested in wanting to experiment with tektite energy, if you feel this calling inside of you, no matter what type of tektite stone it is, if you feel like you’re ready for it, go for it.

Don’t deny it, just try it out because there’s probably a reason why you’re having those pings to work with a tektite.

And now that you know our crystal shop, you can go check out. We have a lot of different varieties of tektites that you can choose from. We’re a trusted source. You will love the tektites you get, so definitely check out his shop if you feel called and ready to work with tektites.

Conclusion on tektite stone

I hope you had fun with this little taste of this new tektite stone journey I’m about to go on with all these new tektites in my life. A little crazy, but so far, so good.

Remember to enjoy the process, and that you are really in control of what intentions you are seeking, and what you’re trying to manifest into your life. Know that everything’s gonna be fine. You don’t need to be scared of tektite stone. It’s all good. I know sometimes they can have a weird rap to them, but honestly, their intent is bad at all. I think that they’re here to help us grow and help us get what we want out of life.

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