Authentic Moldavite Ring


△ Handmade
△ Moldavite
△ Metal: Sterling Silver 925
△ Plating: 14k Gold Plated
△ Gemstones are 100% genuine

14k gold filled moldavite ring
Authentic Moldavite Ring $169.00
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This is the true Philosopher’s stone, born of etheric fire and stardust. Moldavite is a glass formation that resulted from a meteorite collision 14.8 million years ago. It impacted Earth with a force of six trillion megatons, finding its way deep into the foundation of Mother Gaia.  Be aware it is an authentic moldavite Ring.  See more moldavite rings here

Moldavite has the power to cleanse the body, the aura, and all negativity. It brings a keen focus to the mind, helping one formulate new solutions to problems that have not been considered or may be considered, just lacking courage for action. Moldavite helps a person get back on their destined path by releasing unhealthy attachments to people, objects, ideas, and false paradigms.

All stones are unique and may vary from the ones shown in the picture.
Each piece is handmade for you and comes packaged in a beautiful gift box. 🎁

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