Opalite Worry Stone


Opalite worry stones are great for meditation, daily carrying, and gifting! The options are endless!
Lovely, soothing palm stones made from Opalite partially clear, translucent, and white rainbow opaque stones.

Perfect size and nice indent for rubbing!

Size:  approx  1.77in x 1.38 in x 0.31 in(45 mm x 35 mm x 8 mm)

Opalite worry stone
Opalite Worry Stone $26.90
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Worry stones
Worry stones are smooth, polished gemstones in the shape of an oval with a thumb-sized indentation. They are also known as thumb stones or palm stones. They originated in Ancient Greece. The first worry stones were simple rocks that had been worn smooth by the sea. Held between the index finger and thumb, rubbing them creates feelings of calmness and reduce stress levels.

These opalite stones are carefully carved with a smooth indentation for your thumb. Very comforting to hold and rub in your pocket! These opalite worry stones are natural and will vary in coloration and markings. They are hand-carved and will have slight variations in size and shape, however, will look similar to those pictured.

Opalite is a created crystal reminiscent of natural opal gemstones, glowing in shades of white, blue and even gold as it is turned. A polished glowing opalite worry stone for your earthegy energy rock collection. Opalite, also known as Tiffany Stone, helps with communication, clairvoyance, and removing energy blockages. It is an excellent healing gemstone, also associated with business success.


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