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Showing all 4 results

How to give your apple watch a makeover? If you feel apple watch bands do not look good, try the crystal apple watch band. Apple watch bands are typically made of various materials such as leather, silicone, metal, and woven materials. So apple watch crystal band may brighten up your day.

What Is Crystal Apple Watch Band?

The crystal apple watch band is a band made of natural crystals, and it may contain different colors and different types of gemstones.

Crystal Apple Watch Band Benefits

Crystals have their energizing vibration, and when you wear these or keep them near you, it meshes with your own vibration and helps clean out your energy centers, meaning your chakras, your meridians.

We all have energy centers and certain crystals that respond to certain areas in our bodies. And certain energy centers contribute to what you experience in your life, like depression, anxiety, success, stability, and grounding, so there are crystals that respond to all of these different areas.

There are multiple crystals that respond to different areas in our body. So by wearing crystal apple watch bands, you are opening up your chakras to whatever you’re trying to do.

Amethyst Apple Watch Band

If you’re having problems with depression and anxiety, you will wear an amethyst band when you call on peace. Why? Because it’s doing inner work to clear out the chakras that are causing the problems and blockages.

Amethyst is great for insomnia, depression, peace of mind, and spirituality. All of these things are happening within yourself, and it will focus on those chakras and meridians that need to be opened and cleared to release you from negative thoughts and feelings and allow you to live.

Amethyst creates a smooth, calm environment around you, making it great for work environments.

Rose Quartz Apple Watch Band

Pink rose quartz is going to bring inner love for yourself. Remember, you’re clearing out that heart chakra that could be blocked and stopping you from opening up to love. Love starts from inside, so opening up that chakra is essential to allow yourself to open up to love.

When wearing rose quartz, you’re sending out a vibration of love, peace, and happiness around you.

Black Healing Crystal Apple Watch Band

Discussing black crystals like black tourmaline will protect your aura from negativity, negative people, energy vampires, and those who bring negativity. It’s more of a base chakra or root chakra that will keep you grounded and safe from all that negativity.

Wearing black tourmaline sends positive energy to your environment, protecting you from negative people and them from negativity.