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crystals for scorpio

Crystals for Scorpio

I’m excited to continue with my crystals for the Zodiac series. In today’s article, I’ll be highlighting some crystals for Scorpio. I must say, I don’t have many Scorpios in my life, but I did have a lot of fun researching the sign, diving into all the characteristics and qualities that Scorpio has, and then finding some awesome crystals that vibe well with their energy.


I took it upon myself to dive into the energy of Scorpio, figure out their traits, their energy, their qualities, and then pick stones that resonate with that energy.

I also want to say if you’re reading this and you are not a Scorpio, like your sun’s not in Scorpio, you can also go off your moon sign, your rising sign, or any other planets that are in the sign Scorpio.

In this article, I’m going to start with a brief introduction of the energy of Scorpios, so you can get the vibe of Scorpio. And then I’ll be diving into five crystals that resonate with this sign.

crystals for scorpio
crystals for scorpio

Scorpio energy and character traits

Scorpio, your mystic ways are mesmerizing to watch and captivate so many from afar. The question is, is one willing to leave their comfort zone and investigate their fears and transform as you do so well?

Born in the dead of autumn, Scorpios hold power in personal transformation and can act as a gatekeeper between two worlds – the physical and spiritual.

Scorpios live in the Underworld with their planetary ruler Pluto, the planet of rebirth and regeneration.

The outlook Scorpios have is ambitious at a high vibration and controlling at a low vibration.

Beware the mighty sting of a Scorpio; remember, they are the scorpion of the zodiac. They are calculated with their next move and will strike with vigor.

Scorpios dive deep into the psyche to assess their environment and the ones around them, really seeing who they can trust. They are the embodiment of intimacy.

Feisty, yes, but this intimacy isn’t just sexual; it’s the way they communicate, their work, their creativity. This is intimate work for them.

An important thing for Scorpios to express to others is why they do what they do because it helps the other party understand them better.

Communicating with a Scorpio can be a transcending conversation as they discuss the light in the dark, the human experience, and really continuing in life, no matter the obstacle in front of you.

Overall, Scorpio energy offers an ocean of strength to cleanse past shadows that are hindering your growth and assist you in welcoming the new. Alrighty!

Best crystals for Scorpio

We’ve dove into the mystic waters of Scorpio, let’s transition over to the crystals for Scorpio section.


The first on the list of crystals for Scorpio that I’m excited to share with you is Labradorite.

Labradorite is the gemstone of magic, and it awakens in those who carry or wear it the awareness of one’s innate magic powers. It is a gemstone of adventure, for it offers one the chance to embark upon a multitude of voyages of self-discovery.

Most of all, it assists one in recognizing the interconnectedness of all apparent duality and unity of creation that underlies paradox.

Labradorite is such a great stone for Scorpios because Scorpios are not timid towards magic and understanding the unexplainable. They’re very much spiritual beings that believe in the afterlife and even paranormal activity. They are a perfect channel for receiving this mystical energy.

When you work with labradorite consistently, not only does it open up your third eye, but you become aware of the interconnectedness of everything in the universe. It is such a stone that we can utilize in our spiritual journeys.

If you’re a Scorpio reading this or you want to enhance your Scorpio energy to kind of feel more magical and feel one with the universe, this is a crystal that’ll help you trust.

It’ll help you trust what’s going on in your life, whether it’s good, whether it’s hard or challenging. There is this underlying feeling that everything is working for you when you are working with Labradorite.

Learn more about purple labradorite here.

Black Obsidian

The next on this list of crystals for Scorpio is black obsidian.

Black obsidian helps uncover unconscious thoughts and patterns that inhibit one’s spiritual and personal growth. These patterns can contribute to addiction, abusive power towards oneself or others, negativity, scarcity, and other undesirable traits.

This stone gently but firmly points out where one holds these patterns and assists in clearing them from the auric field and cellular memory.

Scorpios can recognize when they are in their shadow, and sometimes they can choose to stay in there a little bit longer. The reason why is because they know how to transcend the darkness.

Shadow work is part of our spiritual evolution, and sometimes we can get stuck in the fog of shadow work, and that’s where black obsidian comes in. It has a way of recognizing our past, seeing how we can learn from those experiences, and making the best out of our current situation. And that is why black obsidian vibes so well with Scorpio energy.

Scorpios are really deep; they like to have deep conversations; they will talk about the dark. They’ll help a friend go through something when they are in their shadow.

If you’re currently kind of going through some shadow work and you’re looking for a stone to help you kind of get through it and make the most out of the experience, I recommend working with black obsidian.

I gotta say, I do think black obsidian is probably my favorite one on this list that resonates and benefits Scorpio energy the most.


crystals for scorpio Shiva Lingam
crystals for scorpio Shiva Lingam

And the next on this list of crystals for Scorpio is one of my favorites for intuition, and that is azurite.

Azerite’s ability to stimulate inner sight is useful for the spiritual seeker. It lends insight to help one honestly see where one’s motives are without the presence of the ego.

A true spiritual seeker will use intuitive abilities and inner vision for the highest good of all beings, not for personal gain or ego fulfillment.

As I said, this is one of my favorite crystals to work with for psychic activation. I’ve had so many crazy experiences when I have Azerite with me, where I’m guessing a situation or I think something’s gonna happen, and then it does.

What is important for Scorpio energy and for Scorpios is to understand how they want to direct their power because they are very powerful beings, whether this comes in the dominance that they possess or their intuition.

It’s all about choosing where to focus your energy. Azerite has a way of opening up our third eye and just getting this clarity towards situations and perceiving energy.

If you’re a Scorpio and need help in that realm of really getting a clear focus on your intuitions, azurite is definitely your biggest help when it comes to strengthening your intuition. There is this psychic power activation like no other.

I am baffled when I work with the stone on how I can get these pings from the universe or just my abilities enhancing.

So if you’re a Scorpio out there or if you’re just looking to enhance your psychic abilities, azurite is definitely the one to go with.

Black Moonstone

The next on the crystals for Scorpio list is Black Moonstone.

Black Moonstone carries the mysterious and powerful energies of the new moon, wherein all things exist as potential. It is a powerful magnifier of intention and can assist one in bringing forth creations from the void and perceiving beyond the veil.

The frequency of moonstones encourages us to pay attention to the cycles of our lives.

I felt called to black moonstone because of the frequency of intimacy that Scorpios carry. It’s like this divine feminine energy that they possess, and in this case, more so the dark divine feminine because of their drive, their power, their creativity, and their willingness to get things done.

This stone resonates with the new moon, and the new moon is a time to set intentions and embark on a brand new cycle, envisioning this person that we want to be and carry through the next moon cycle.

And I resonated with Scorpio’s vibe, this way they can reinvent themselves so easily.

If you are looking to embrace your dark divine feminine, maybe start on something new in your life, I recommend working with black moonstone.

Shiva Lingam

The last on the list of crystals for Scorpio I’ll be sharing with you is Shiva Lingam.

Shiva Lingams are emblems of inner transformation, partaking of the storm element to break up self-limiting habits and beliefs so one can be flooded with spirit.

Like Lord Shiva, they destroy what is old and corrupt, clearing the way for rebirth. Those who wish for such transformation will find in them a fierce and ready ally. The most Pluto crystal on this list. I love Shiva Lingams, and they are so on-brand for Scorpio energy.

I chose a Shiva Lingam for two reasons.

Number one, Shiva Lingams holds this sexual energy.

Scorpios are intimate; they love pleasure and can be sexy. If you want to spice up your relationships and add a little bit more fire, Shiva Lingam is there to assist you.

And number two, if you’re looking for a rebirth – you are done with all the ways, done with the past, and you want to start a whole new life, a whole new book – Shiva Lingam brings this energy.

It brings on this Kundalini energy, and this is very transformational. Scorpio energy loves personal transformation; they love developing this new thing in their life. They are constantly going through a death, a birth, and a rebirth. That’s how their cycles operate, and that’s honestly how Shiva Lingams work.

So, if you’re looking for one of the two reasons I shared – if you’re looking for more intimacy, more sexy time, or if you’re ready for a rebirth, a new start, a new cycle, a brand new you – Shiva Lingam is here for you.

Conclusion on crystals for scorpio

So that is it for today’s article. I hope that the crystals for Scorpio list can act as a crystal energy pack for anyone with Scorpio in their birth chart, so they can harness and work with the unique gifts and talents that they share with the world and the ones around them.

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