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peridot stone Money and abundance

Peridot Stone| Money and Abundance

I’m going to be going over a crystal that I love to work with when I am calling in more money, when I’m calling in more abundance. This is a low-key crystal that doesn’t get talked about enough regarding abundance and money, and that is peridot stone. I’m super excited to share with you my insights, my experiences, and what I’ve learned so far with peridot stone.

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Some keywords that are related to the peridot stone are increase, prosperity, warmth, and spiritual abundance. The chakras that are associated with this stone are the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra.

What color is peridot?

As for the appearance of Peridot stone, it is this teeny-tiny crystal that has this beautiful lime green color.

Peridot formation

Peridot is one of only two gems that are observed to not be formed in the Earth’s crust but instead in the molten rock of the upper mantle. Its crystal system is Ortho Hambrick, and generally, it is formed in short compacted prisms.

Different peridots

There are a few different varieties of specimens of Peridot stone.

The first one I’m going to show you is this gorgeous Peridot that has a rock attached to it. This is how Peridot is made in the earth.

What you’ll see in the store a lot of the time is you’ll see it scraped out, and it’s just the little Peridot chips or little tiny crystals.

You can also get Peridot stone in a little nugget form, so I have a polished little nugget of Peridot, and then I also have a raw little nugget of Peridot.

Peridot specimen
Peridot specimen

I will say if you do happen to find a Peridot specimen that’s like this, they are super duper fragile. Whenever I pick this up or touch it, little pieces fall out.

So, I’m super careful even when I’m handling this, because it could crumble and turn into just the little tiny crystals if you’re not careful.

History of peridot gemstone

Since ancient times, Peridot was viewed as a symbol of the Sun, and in Greece, it was believed to confer the energy of royalty to the wearer.

Peridot stone activates and harmonizes the solar plexus and heart chakra, assisting us in having the courage to act out our heart’s desires and to be generous to others, even as we pursue our ambitions.

Peridot is a stone of financial and spiritual abundance, and it can aid in attracting and creating our most inner visions here on Earth.

Peridot money stone

peridot stone sphere
peridot stone sphere

What is so powerful and interesting about Peridot stone is that it emits a frequency of increase, and this is why it’s labeled as such a good money and abundance stone.

I love working with Peridot for money rituals.

If I’m looking to kind of call more money into my life, honestly, it’s just one of those crystals that I like to experiment with to see if more money is going to pop up in my life.

My biggest tip for you guys out there, is if you have Peridot stone or you want to experiment with a money hack with a crystal, I recommend getting Peridot, whether you have a little nugget or the little tiny dusty chips of Peridot, and putting it in your wallet.

My experience with peridot money stone

So, I have a funny story about doing this.

I got a new wallet probably around Christmas time; it was like the new year, and I had gotten this little Peridot, and I was like, “What? I’m gonna put it in my wallet and see what happens.”

So, I did like a little money blessing in my wallet. I put my Peridot stone inside, and I had one dollar in my wallet at the time.

About two weeks went by, and there was some money exchange, and I had like seven dollars in my wallet, all cash, and I was like, “Okay.”

Then I went to a family function, and there was some kind of bingo game or something like that, and I ended up winning like 60 dollars, all cash, and I put it in my wallet.

I went home, and I was self-reflecting and thinking about, “Wow, since I put the Peridot in my wallet, it’s been about two months. I have like 70 or whatever in my wallet now. This is really awesome. This is really cool.”

It was like one of those immediate confirmations, and I kind of understood how Peridot stone brings this increase into your life doing that fun little experiment.

Why you should choose peridot stone?

I think one thing that we all can relate to right now in regards to money, and this will stand the test of time, is we are always thinking about how can we make more money in our lives.

I think in this day and age, we hear a lot in regards to building wealth, to take it upon ourselves to start something that is like a small business or start a side hustle or just tap into something that you do that you can monetize.

raw peridot stone
raw peridot stone

I think that’s a big thing in this day and age, and honestly, I feel like incorporating and consciously choosing to work with Peridot stone in that process can be major.

Peridot has an energy that we can utilize, especially in this day and age, and the reason why is that Peridot blesses our work.

If you are looking for success and abundance in your career endeavors and you truly feel like you are doing the right work and that you are deserving of success, there is a frequency here for you to tap into to receive this financial increase.

When we look at the stone in regards to expanding our ability to receive from the universe, and understanding that we are deserving of abundance on all levels, we go through a process of seeing where our limiting beliefs are showing up, self-worth issues, and we come face to face with them to experience this spiritual abundance. It’s part of the process.

Peridot meaning and benefits

Peridot stone helps us release fear, the emotions that we feel towards money when we envision the life of our dreams but it feels so out of reach.

For all the blocks that come up, there is a reprogramming that takes place as we are working with Peridot that helps us get into this flow state with the universe.

Working with the Peridot stone can teach us to receive grace and gratitude by opening up to receive universal love. Peridot can truly help us receive abundance in all forms in our lives.

Peridot is one of my favorites because it helps bring in an increase of whatever it is I’m trying to attract into my life.

So, this can go as far as money; it can go with knowledge; it can go with healthy habits; with love; feeling more joy. It helps bring in more good as I let go of the things that aren’t serving me.

Crystal grid wallpaper

This past month, I was vibing with Peridot. I was inspired by a Peridot crystal grid that I made for my digital storefront. It was a Peridot money manifesting crystal grid. I loved it so much that I wanted to create my own.

So, my intention, really the energy I was calling in, was more so for financial energy. I have digital downloads of crystal grids that I made exclusively just for my storefront.

Never-before-seen Crystal grids; they’re just for you, and I made them available to download on your phone, your tablet, and your computer desktops, so you can have this beautiful crystal grid energy with you wherever you are.

I know we’re on our phones so much, and we’re on our laptops so much. I wanted to create something intentional that can help you manifest any time of the day.

What I’ve noticed this month as I’ve had this crystal grid activated in my home is not only have I seen an increase in financial endeavors—nothing crazy, not like a huge amount—but when these small things show up, it’s accumulating to the energy that I was calling in.

I’m feeling in alignment as I’m building a new business and this mindset towards creating art that not just serves my soul but I feel like it can benefit the person that is on the other end manifesting and trying to tap into that energy as you’re reading this article.

peridot stone grid
peridot stone grid

If you are currently pursuing a Peridot vibe in your life and you want to have a crystal grid of Peridot on your phone or your desktop. You can download my Peridot one. I’m sure it’ll help bring a high vibe to whatever you’re manifesting.

I currently have it on my phone; I don’t know if you can see it, but again, I’m like obsessed with it. I love looking at my phone and seeing it. Just a quick shout-out to my Peridot crystal grid.

Peridot is a crystal that can bring so much happiness, so much inner self-confidence, and love towards whatever it is that you are creating in your life, whatever abundance you are manifesting.

Even if it’s taking a little bit of time, slow and steady wins the race, but it is this momentum as you are pushing forward the universe is always going to show up for you.

Conclusion on peridot stone

I hope you enjoyed diving into the energy of Peridot stone. Again, it’s one of my favorites. If you have Peridot in your crystal collection and you’ve noticed kind of like an increase in something, I would love to hear your experience.

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