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crystals for pisces

Crystals For Pisces

I’m so excited to discuss crystals for Pisces. I know many Pisces in my life. I would say that’s probably the one sign that I have an abundance of communication with. So, I had a lot of fun picking out the crystals for this article. Learn about the best crystals for Pisces with me.

I love following the phases of the moon, learning about astrology, following the transits, the Zodiacs, and all that good stuff. I took it upon myself to study this sign, understand its characteristics, their traits, and then choose crystals that I felt would really benefit the sign and also really gel well with their natural energy.

In this article, I’m going to give you a brief overview of the energy of Pisces. Then, I’ll be transitioning over to five crystals for Pisces that resonate with the sign.

Pisces Energy

Pisces are the last of the zodiacs, meaning they carry the wisest energy tasked with helping the Zodiac understand that the collective love in our hearts is where all 12 signs join as one. They share this message proudly, and with that, it can define and deliver the collective to spiritual transcendence.

What’s special about Pisces is that they were born knowing to identify with soul communication and partnership.

With a Pisces, it helps one bring them back to their spiritual center. They help one understand that giving and receiving love is what we are all asked to do for the most meaningful life.

Because Pisces are emotionally led, they must obtain a low tolerance policy in engaging with emotionally self-indulgent behavior. As in creating catastrophes in their external world and making up conspiracies in their internal world.

With their creativity, compassion, and empathy, Pisces can be the lifeboat that we desperately seek when we feel alone and need someone to talk to.

Pisces, the mystical fish of the zodiac, are the waters where we cleanse ourselves of fear and remember that love is all we need.

Like I said, I know a lot of Pisces in my life. My fiancé is a Pisces, my sister is a Pisces. I have a lot of relatives who are Pisces, and pretty much my whole inner circle is full of Pisces people.

5 Crystals For Pisces

So, I do know this sign very, very well. I admire their creative genius, their hearts, and just their philosophy on life. Without further ado, let’s now transition over to the crystals for Pisces section.

Blue Kyanite

The first crystal on the crystals for Pisces list is blue kyanite.

Blue kyanite opens the psychic channels and activates the mind center, accentuating one’s mental capacities and enhancing one’s ability to download information from higher sources. With its high vibration, blue kyanite can act as a bridge to accessing one’s innate psychic powers.

My fiancé is very drawn to blue kyanite and kyanites in general. I’ve always taken note of this, and I feel it’s such an attraction for Pisces to work with blue kyanite.

Blue kyanite opens our third eye and strengthens our intuition. If you are looking to activate your psychic center, maybe this is something you want to practice more. It is the perfect aid in accomplishing this.

Sometimes you can experience weird things with blue kyanite, at least in my own experiences, especially with dreams. It has a way of helping your lucid dream and taps into another world.

You wake up from sleeping with blue kyanite, and you’re like, “Where was I? What just happened?” It can be very intense, so keep that in mind if you choose to work with blue kyanite and sleep with it.

Regardless, this is a wonderful and intuition-led crystal. If you’re looking to boost that area in your life, definitely check out blue kyanite.


The next crystal on the crystals for Pisces list is amethyst.

The vibration of amethyst stimulates the higher mind and facilitates brain function. Because of its ability to stimulate the third eye up to the etheric chakras, it is a natural choice for intuitive work. Its high frequency acts as a barrier against lower energies, making it a valuable protective tool for those doing intuitive work.

As I’ve been doing this series, I’ve been thinking about which sign is going to get amethyst. It’s been in the back of my mind, and I almost chose amethyst for Aquarius.

But I was like, “No, amethyst is so Pisces to me.” Pisces energy is perfectly intertwined with amethyst.

I also like that amethyst has a very protective quality to it, and Pisces, being empaths, need protective tools. They can latch on to their emotions and make decisions based solely on their emotions, instead of taking a step back and using their analytical mind in the process of working with their heart.

I would say amethyst is a true embodiment of the energy of Pisces. Wearing amethyst would be wonderful for anyone wanting to enhance their Pisces energy and have a bit of protection on their side.

I know how it can be a toll on some Pisces when they’re just in their feelings all the time. It increases one’s psychic sensitivity, making one more able to notice the meaningful synchronicities that can point the way to one’s higher path.

Black Obsidian

Following my last crystal, amethyst, talking about its qualities in helping empaths, I wanted to bring up obsidian here.

If you’re a Pisces that is strongly affected, like you’re an empath, point blank, a super duper empath, you’re going to need a crystal that is a little more serious – serious in the sense that it brings a ton of energetic support to you.

I know how debilitating it can be when you are in your head and feeling all these emotions. People’s energy may come off on you, and you want to dispel it. Obsidian is wonderful for this.

I narrowed it down to snowflake obsidian because obsidian comes in a lot of different varieties. I felt like snowflake obsidian was great for Pisces because it has this grounding energy.

Pisces are very dreamy; they can get lost in their fantasies, and snowflake obsidian grounds your energy, protects your energy and gives you more balance in the real world. It creates a protective shield around you. If you’re a super duper empath and you need some assistance, snowflake obsidian is going to be great for you.

Lemurian Quartz

The next crystal on the crystals for Pisces list is Lemurian Quartz.

The inner message from Lemurian Quartz is that their purpose with us involves expanding our brain function and consciousness, showing us that increased consciousness equals increased pleasure.

Our feel-good cells are illuminated or turned on. Known as the lightworker’s crystal, Lemurian brings on an energy that recharges our system like no other. Being that Pisces is the wisest zodiac, they would benefit the most from working with Lemurian Quartz.

Lemurian Quartz is super cool; they have messages encoded in them. You can see this ladder-like striation in a Lemurian Quartz, and by rubbing your thumb against it, that is how you access the records and messages inside the crystal.

I am way overdue on talking about Lemurian crystals; I need to do a crystal meaning on them because they are so trippy and cool. If you are a Pisces healer, a teacher, a student assisting someone in finding their gifts and talents, or a lightworker, this crystal is meant for you.

It helps recharge your system and brings on this guidance, these messages that not only uplift your energy but create this collaborative energy with everyone you talk to. You’ll be beaming with light.

During Pisces season, you can meditate with Lemurian Quartz. That’s going to be my main meditation crystal during Pisces season because you will truly feel like you can receive amazing downloads when working with Lemurian, and it’s just a Pisces vibe.

Picasso Jasper

crystals for Pisces Picasso Jasper
crystals for Pisces Picasso Jasper

The last crystal on the crystals for Pisces list is Picasso Jasper.

Picasso Jasper inspires self-discipline and creative arts. Named for the artist, the stone itself resembles a painting, helping you tap into your inner artist and dissolve creative blocks, allowing you to see your projects through. This energy boosts artistic gifts and stimulates creative abilities, making it easier to achieve your goals.

Pisces holds a very creative key. Nine times out of ten, there is something about a Pisces—they are so artistic, whatever the medium may be. They just have this genius quality about creating in art, music, anything.

They have a talent for finding flow in what they’re doing and being good at it. The reason why I think they can get into this creative flow so easily is that they naturally obtain a super hyper-focused state. They can be so focused on something that it becomes like an obsession, and they just keep on doing it, getting better and better.

So, if you’re a Pisces and want to boost your creativity, maybe you’re facing a creative block, or need some inspiration, Picasso Jasper helps with your artistic visions.

Whenever I’m doing something artsy or creative and need a boost in that department, this stone brings it on and helps me fulfill whatever task is at hand. If you’re looking for a creative hack, I definitely recommend working with Picasso Jasper.

Not to mention, these stones are so cool to look at. If you can find a Picasso Jasper, they’re all unique and different. The piece that I have almost looks like a cool Chinese illustration, like Mulan artwork. It kind of reminds me of that – beautiful, like trees in a mountain.

Conclusion On Crystals For Pisces

I hope these crystals for Pisces can act as an energy crystal pack for anyone with Pisces in their birth chart, allowing you to harness and share your unique gifts, talents, and qualities with the ones around you and the world.

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