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how to work with crystals

How To Work With Crystals?

In this article, I’m going to be covering a very common question or topic, and that is: What does it mean when you work with a crystal or how to work with crystals? This is a great question to ask, and I’m not gonna lie; today’s article is going to be short and sweet because the explanation isn’t too hard to grasp. It’s quite easy.

What It Means To Work With A Crystal?

We are just going to jump right in here with a simple explanation of what this means—what it means to work with a crystal.

You may hear someone say, “Oh, I’ve been working with this crystal,” or you might hear me say, “Oh, you should work with raw sodalite during the full moon in Virgo,” whatever the case may be. And what this statement is referring to is the actions that you take with your crystal. It is, first and foremost, your practice with your crystals.

Let’s say you enjoy getting quiet—maybe lighting a candle, maybe envisioning your dream life, doing some scripting, doing some manifesting. You may want to entice an energy center within you, and you may feel called intuitively to grab a crystal or maybe be directed to work with a certain type of crystal while you are doing your practice.

This is what you’re doing—your energetic field is working with that crystal as you do the task at hand, whatever it is that the action is. That is you working with a crystal.

How To Work With Crystals?

Step One: Hold Crystals In Hand

But I gotta say that the main way that I work with crystals every day—that is so easy that you can do—is just holding a crystal in my hand.

This is like a crystal practice that is so easy that I feel like not a lot of people talk about this. But simply holding a crystal in your hand—that is you working with a crystal.

Step Two: Trust Your Crystals

Another thing to mention is that when you are actively working with a crystal, the most important aspect of your work is the belief and trust that you are building a connection with your crystal.

If you do not have that, it’s going to be hard to work with that crystal, and that is one of the first things. It’s very, very important, so make sure you have an open mind and you are receptive to the crystal energy.

Conclusion On How To Work With Crystals

That is it for today’s article. That’s how to work with crystals and what working with a crystal means. I would love to incorporate shorter articles like this where I can explain a concept more in depth. If you are new here and maybe you’re also new to starting your crystal journey, I highly recommend reading more of my blogs.

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