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crystals for beauty

Top 3 Crystals for Beauty

Which crystals and gemstones are good for enhancing beauty? In this article, we’ll dive into crystals for beauty.

Define beauty

Let’s define beauty. Now, we can include different aspects of beauty.

One aspect of beauty is physical beauty. In terms of your physical appearance, and your physical features, and that aspect, we will cover that aspect. And also, to connect to the beauty of your heart and the beauty of your soul and spirit, to enhance that type of beauty as well.

And remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and as we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. We can also work with crystals and gemstones to shift our perceptions, and to be able to open up to see various aspects of beauty.

Best crystals for beauty

These are my top three crystals for beauty to enhance all of those aspects of beauty.

Rose quartz

The first one on the list of crystals for beauty is rose quartz. It’s a very common crystal to obtain, and this is a really beautiful crystal to work for beauty, especially to help heal the skin.

Rose quartz is said in many cultures that people would work with rose quartz to heal the skin. This includes:

  • healing blemishes
  • helping the skin to be smooth
  • helping the skin to be radiant
  • to bring out the beauty of your skin
  • to have a beautiful radiant glow to your skin

So, that’s one aspect that we can work with with rose quartz.

  • Bring out a youthful appearance

As one of the crystals for beauty, rose quartz can bring out a youthful appearance as well, to look younger than your years. If that’s important to you, you can work with rose quartz for that.

I think in our culture too, especially in our modern culture, we tend to focus on youthfulness and beauty, that if you’re young you’re beautiful, and if you’re old, maybe not as beautiful.

And I want to just break down that type of belief because I feel that we can be beautiful at any age, no matter what age we are, whether we are 12 years old, a baby in our 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, even if you’re over a hundred. I think there’s beauty at every age.

Some cultures would work with the rose quartz to bring out that youthfulness.

And also, I would like to say, that bringing out the beauty of the spirit, being young in spirit, and giving yourself that beautiful, beautiful youthful glow, as bringing out that playful quality in you as well.

  • Bring out the beauty of our soul

Rose quartz helps to bring out the beauty of our soul, and our spirit so that you can shine as the beautiful spirit that you are, the beautiful person that you are, radiating the goodness and beauty of your spirit, of your soul, in everything that you do, all interactions with people, and all activities, even at work.

  • Let go of those negative beliefs

Working with rose quartz is also so important because if you have any negative beliefs that you’re holding about yourself beliefs that you are ugly or that you don’t like your physical features like you don’t like the shape of your nose or you don’t like your eyes or you don’t like your hair, or you don’t like the shape of your lips.

If you have belief systems of your physical features that you feel are not beautiful enough.

Working with rose quartz helps to teach you to let go of those negative beliefs, to also be able to open up your perceptions about yourself, to see yourself as beautiful, teach self-love to accept yourself beautifully so that you can see yourself in a different light.

Remember when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

If you see yourself as ugly, you’re going to focus and fixate on that, and then you’ll just find more things to judge yourself for and criticize yourself for.

If you start shifting those beliefs and releasing those negative beliefs and start to love yourself, loving yourself at all levels of your being, loving your physical features, loving your beautiful self, your soul, then you’re going to start to see yourself as more beautiful and you’re going to nourish the energy of beauty to then become more beautiful.

When you see yourself that way, other people around you will also take notice of you and see you for the beautiful person that you are at all levels of your being. So, I love that about rose quartz.

  • Express beautiful qualities and personality traits

As one of the crystals for beauty, rose quartz is also a beautiful crystal to help you express beautiful qualities and personality traits, to help you to express the beautiful qualities of love, joy, compassion, patience, peace, and harmony, making it beautiful to be around you as other people will feel good in your presence.

When you embody and express those beautiful qualities, also you will see yourself as beautiful, other people will also see you as the beautiful person that you are expressing those good qualities. So, I love rose quartz for that.


Another one on the list of crystals for beauty is jade.

  • Soothe inflammation of the skin

As one of the crystals for beauty, jade has a beautiful soothing quality, and in some cultures, people work with jade to soothe inflammation, especially inflammation of the skin.

So when there are blemishes, pimples, things like this, helping to heal that, also helping to heal the complexion so that your skin is beautiful and radiant.

In some cultures, people would work with jade to help release wrinkles, smoothing out the skin, so increasing and enhancing the beauty of the skin in that way.

I don’t mind wrinkles, I think wrinkles are beautiful in themselves, but some people don’t like wrinkles, so you can work with jade for that. Working with Jade can help smooth that out.

  • Bring out playful and youthful energy

Also, jade helps to bring out playful energy, and youthful energy, bringing out the beauty of youthfulness whether that’s in physical appearance or youthfulness of spirit.

  • Embrace grace and positive energy

As one of the crystals for beauty, jade also helps you to embrace and express your beautiful qualities of patience, tranquility, serenity, balance, and joy, helping other people to delight in your beautiful presence. It has a nice graceful quality to it as well, so helping you to embrace your beautiful quality of gracefulness, expressing that.

Rose quartz also has that quality as well, so I love working with jade in that way to bring out those beautiful qualities so that people feel good in your presence, delighting in those beautiful qualities that you share with others.

Peacock stone

The last one on the list of crystals for beauty is peacock stone, also known as bornite.

Peacock stone comes in beautiful colors of shades of purples, greens, blues, and gold. It helps to bring out your sparkle and shine, to shine your beautiful skills, your beautiful talents and abilities in everything that you do at work, in interaction with others, bringing out your beautiful skills, talents, and abilities so you can sparkle and shine.

And when your sparkle and shine are bright and enhanced, it’s like you will see yourself as beautiful; the people around you will see you as beautiful as well.

  • Enhance your unique beauty

As one of the crystals for beauty, peacock stone also helps to enhance your unique beauty so that other people take notice of you and see you for the beautiful person that you are.

If other people have been projecting negative judgments, opinions, and criticisms towards you because, sometimes that can happen, working with the stone helps to dissolve that so that your authentic self shines through so that people can see you for the beautiful person that you are.

  • Positive self-image

Peacock stone also is great to work with to transmute a negative self-image into a positive self-image so that you can also see yourself as beautiful.

When you see yourself as beautiful, other people will also see you as beautiful as well, so dissolving any negative beliefs that you have about yourself boosts self-esteem and positive energy there as well.

  • Raise your vibration

Working with peacock stone helps to raise your vibration to a nice bright state, to get you out of lower vibration energies, to ascend to a nice vibrant, radiant state of being so that you’re radiating and sparkling and shining in everything that you do.

And when you hold that beautiful radiant energy, both inner radiance, and outer radiance, and express that, then you become a beautiful person as well. It’s like your inner beauty is shining through, other people will notice that.

We are all beautiful; what happens is our negative beliefs, our judgments, and our criticisms about ourselves can dull that. Other people, when they project negative beliefs upon us or their judgments or criticisms upon us, can dull our beauty.

So as one of the crystals for beauty, peacock stone helps to dissolve all of that so that you can sparkle and shine, being the beautiful self that you are, being the beautiful person that you are.

Working with peacock stone helps to boost the beauty of having a joyful, sparkling disposition, helping you to be bright and radiant and to shine in your life.

Conclusion on crystals for beauty

Do you have rose quartz in your collection? Do you have jade of various colors? Do you have peacock stone? What do you love about these crystals for beauty? Working with them to bring out beauty, what are your experiences working with them? I hope you have enjoyed this article.

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