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What is Howlite Stone and Howlite Benefits

What is Howlite Stone and Howlite Benefits

What do you need to know about howlite stone? What are you about to find out? Today we are discussing howlite stone, its meanings, and properties, and answering your top five questions about howlite. And we’re going to reveal if you are somebody who could benefit from having howlite in your life.

What is howlite stone?

Howlite is an opaque Snow White Stone with trickling gray inclusions. It rarely comes in crystal formation, but usually, you will see it in nuggets that look like cauliflower heads.

The top five questions we are going to answer about howlite stone today are:

  • What are the healing properties of howlite stone?
  • How can you use howlite stone in your healing practice?
  • How can you tell real versus fake howlite?
  • What about magnesite?
  • Is howlite a turquoise, and is howlite dyed? And if so, how can you tell?

What are the healing properties of howlites in crystal healing?

raw howlite stone
raw howlite stone

Focused energy

Howlite stone is best known for its minimalist energy. It has a very focused energy connecting you to your higher self. It’s a spiritual stone that is great for your crown chakra.

At the crown chakra, it connects to your higher realms, and because of its gray trickling veins, it also helps you root down into the Earth at your root chakra.

So, it’s a great yin-yang balance. It is best known for keeping you on your path in this lifetime, think about it as spiritual blinders. It helps you to focus, stay positively on your path without distractions.

A soothing stone

Some other healing properties of howlite are that it is a soothing stone.

People who feel stressed or anxious will use howlite stone to calm their minds.

It’s also great for people who are quick to anger or being frustrated. Howlite also has this cooling effect for that, and it is known for breaking habits and creating new beginnings so that you can have a healthy lifestyle. These are just some of the metaphysical properties of howlite.

Learn more: Howlite meaning and properties.

Who needs howlite?

  • If one or more of these statements applies to you, then you should definitely have howlite in your collection:
  • If you are seeking to connect with your higher self without any kind of distractions, remember those spiritual blinders, use howlite at your crown chakra.
  • If you’re also seeking that yin-yang balance, use howlite both at your crown and your root chakras.
  • If you want to follow your positive path in this life, use howlite stone.
  • If you are somebody who’s quick to anger or frustration or anxiousness, use howlite to alleviate those emotions.
  • If you are looking to develop patience, then howlite is great for you.
  • If you are somebody who is wanting to wear a neutral-toned crystal, something that will match with everything, wear howlite jewelry.
  • If you’re looking to break a habit and develop some healthy new lifestyle, use howlite for sure.

How to use howlite?

Let’s talk about how we can use it in our practice. How do you use howlite in your healing practice? Here, I’m going to show you a few ways on how to use howlite stone.

Howlite worry stone

First of all, you can use howlite whenever that you are going to go into some frustrating situations or when you’re feeling some anger bubbling up.

Have polished howlite stone with you so that you can rub your thumb over these pieces and help to alleviate that angry energy.

It develops the patience so that you can process these emotions. It’s okay to have the emotions, but at the end, after you have processed them instead of lashing out, you are going to be able to deal with them much more effectively thanks to your howlite polished stones.

Howlite wands

Use howlite wands whenever you are feeling stressed out.

You can use the smooth side of the wands to physically remove tension from your body, and the pointed part can metaphysically direct unwanted energies away from your body.

Howlite tumbled stones

You can use howlite stones at your crown chakra whenever you are doing any past life regression work to access that memory, access the akashic records from the universe, bringing down that spiritual higher self energy to your session.

Howlite sphere

howlite sphere
howlite sphere

Meditate with howlite spheres so you can have that clear, clean access, a column of energy to your higher self and the spiritual realms.

It is also a great stone to fill your aura with white light when you’re going forth into your meditation.

Howlite heart

Gift howlite hearts to anybody who is going through new beginnings. It’ll help them through this change in a positive way.

You could also gift your howlite hearts to a new love, a new friend, thanking them, feeling the appreciation and gratitude for their presence on your life path.

Howlite jewelry

If you are somebody who works a lot on the computer or on your phone, somebody who is always looking down at your hands, wear howlite rings or bracelets and be constantly reminded of what you had programmed your howlite stones for.

So those are a few ways on how you can use your howlite stones in your healing.

How to tell if howlite is fake?

Now let’s move on and find out if we have real or fake howlite. How can you tell real versus fake howlite?

Well, luckily for us, there is not very much fake howlite out there. Howlite is relatively affordable and it is abundant, so there’s not much benefit for vendors to fake howlite.

However, if you are unsure if you have howlite or something else, here are three tips for you:

First of all, real howlite stone will have its veins embedded within the stone as it grew within the stone, and fake howlite may have it on top of the stone where they have drawn or painted the veins on.

If you look very carefully, look at the veins of the stone.

If you think you have plastic instead of howlite, you can press a hot pin into the surface somewhere discreet. If you’re worried if it has that plasticky burnt smell and if it melts, obviously it is not howlite.

And third, if you think you might have glass, howlite is much softer than glass, so glass will scratch howlite very easily, whereas howlite will not scratch glass.

In this case, you can use the Mohs scale of hardness, and you can find out the softness or hardness of your stone.

Magnesite vs howlite

howlite stone point
howlite stone point

While you’ll not commonly encounter fake howlite, what you will probably be confused between is magnesite and howlite.

Magnesite and howlite are very similar in appearance. They are both porcelain white with dark veins, and if you’re not experienced with them, it’s very hard to tell.

And even if you are experienced, with the naked eye, sometimes you can’t tell at all. So these ones are very similar.

magnesite tends to have the more browner veins, and the howlite will have the more gray veins. This is not a definitive answer, as they could be interchangeable, but for the most part, you’ll be headed in the right direction if you’re buying howlite with gray veins and magnesite with brown veins.

They also say that howlite stone has a brighter white color than magnesite, which is a duller white. This, of course, is subjective and is quite hard to tell what is bright and what is not.

Magnesite comes in different shades, whereas howlite is always white.

Magnesite you might find in other colors, so might be shades of yellow or brown. So if you do have that, you have a good clue that you have magnesite rather than howlite.

If you have raw pieces of magnesite and howlite stone, you can stick it to the tip of your tongue, and if it sticks to your tongue, it’s magnesite; if it doesn’t stick, it’s howlite.

And other than that, we don’t have very many definitive ways to tell just by the naked eye. Both of them have relatively the same hardness, so you can’t tell by the scratch test either.

Just an add-on note, if you have a trusted crystal shop, that is the second best thing to a certified gemological laboratory. I just wanted to make a note of this because when I was researching how to tell magnesite and howlite from each other, I did see several crystal websites that claim howlite and magnesite are the same stone. They are not. They did not do their research. These are totally different stones.

They have different chemical compositions, so if you see something like that, think twice about buying from that shop.

Howlite vs turquoise

Howlite is not turquoise; it is a completely different crystal than turquoise, but it is often mislabeled as white turquoise.

There is actually such a thing as white turquoise, but it is not very common because real white turquoise is very powdery like talc, only a one on the Mohs scale of hardness, so you won’t see white turquoise in the market.

However, howlite stone is often dyed into a blue-green color to resemble turquoise. It also has the veins like turquoise often does.

If you dye white howlite a blue-green color, you might be able to pass it off as turquoise to unsuspecting buyers. So make sure what you’re buying: turquoise or dyed howlite.

Howlite is a much softer stone than turquoise, it’s easily told apart using the Mohs scale of hardness that we had spoken about before.

White buffalo howlite

Now, White Buffalo turquoise does not exist at all. There is a rare stone called White Buffalo; it only comes from Nevada. It’s a black and white stone, but it is neither turquoise nor howlite stone. So if you’re being sold White Buffalo turquoise, beware.

Dyed howlite

To tell the difference between dyed howlite stone and other stones, you can place the stone in acetone, which is a nail polish remover, and see if any of the dye flows out of the stone.

This will indicate that it is not a real stone. You could also scrape the stone to see if it is white underneath, and more drastically, you can break the stone to see if it is white within because usually, the dye will not absorb into the center of the stone.

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