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sunstone crystal

Sunstone Crystal: Meaning, Properties, Benefits

Are you seeking the sunniest crystal out there? Then it’s time for you to learn about sunstone crystal.

What are the metaphysical properties of sunstone and how to use it in healing? What chakra is sunstone for? How do you tell if your sunstone is real or fake? Is sunstone crystal the same as moonstone? Let’s dive into this article and find out the answers.

What is sunstone?

Sunstone is a crystal in the feldspar group. Other crystals that it is related to, that you’re probably aware of, are moonstone, labradorite, and amazonite. These are all stones in the feldspar family.

What makes sunstone crystal distinct from these other stones is that it has a spangled effect. So, it has tiny metallic inclusions within the stone that light reflects off of, giving the sunstone a glittery effect.

If you look closely, you’ll see that it has a glittering effect wherever there are some inclusions. These inclusions could be hematite, pyrite, goethite, or other kinds of metal that have been included in the stone.

An interesting fact is that the only sunstone that has copper inclusions comes from Oregon, and it is called Oregon sunstone.

Sunstone is usually found in this reddish-orange color, but it can also be found in other colors, which are more rare.

Who should wear sunstone?

Can you benefit from sunstone crystal?

  • If you can relate to one or more of these statements, then sunstone is for you.
  • If you are looking to channel the sun’s energy and perform solar rituals, sunstone crystal is perfect.
  • If you are looking for a happy disposition, you want to turn that frown upside down, sunstone.
  • If you want to spread joy to all living beings, use sunstone crystal for this energy.
  • If you want to harness that masculine yang active energy, use sunstone.
  • If you are looking to balance your solar plexus or your sacral chakra, sunstone can be placed in these areas.
  • If you are seeking confidence and independence, if you want to project your personal power and optimism out into the world, then sunstone is definitely one that you need in your life today.

There are many uses for sunstone crystal, we’re going to show you a few different ways of how to use it in your healing practice.

Sunstone healing properties

What are the healing properties of sunstone crystals?

Sunstone crystal is all about the sun energy, as you would have guessed from the name. It has that radiant, brilliant, joyous energy that washes over you and allows you to channel that universal light. It is an energy that brightens your mood, lifts your spirit, and encompasses your whole aura with a warm glow.

How to use a sunstone crystal?

sunstone pyramid

sunstone crystal pyramid
sunstone crystal pyramid

Use your sunstone pyramids during your meditation or your solar rituals to channel the sun god Ra, the giver of life on earth.

Sunstone tumbled stones

Surround yourself with sunstone crystals in a crystal layout to strengthen your aura, to empower your chi or your life force. Sunstone tumbled stones can be placed around your body and also on your chakras. These are also great portable to take around with you to keep this energy of the layout with you throughout the day.

Sunstone worry stone

Whenever you’re feeling a little bit low, a little bit sad, you want that healing energy of the sun, just rub your hands over smooth polished sunstone like these palm stones here, and they’re like worry stones.

Sunstone heart

To relieve your worries and to fill you with the light of sunstone instead, gift sunstone hearts to friends or family who are feeling a little bit blue, who need a little pick-me-up, or if they’re going through mourning and need a bit of hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sunstone is perfect for this.

sunstone crystal sphere

Use your sunstone spheres during your law of attraction manifestations; they are like a beacon to call out to the universe to bring you the goals and desires that you are seeking.

Sunstone crystal wands or point

Use sunstone wands or points when you’re doing any rituals where you are energetically cutting ties with toxic people. Sunstone crystal is perfect for that as it works to develop your personal power and confidence.

Use sunstones for feng shui

For feng shui, you want to place sunstone crystals in your fame and reputation area of your space. This is the top middle area of the space, where other people perceive you, and you want to be perceived as somebody who is happy, joyous, optimistic, and giving.

Sunstone crystal jewelry

Wear sunstone jewelry when you want to project that warm, friendly persona out to the world.

What chakra is sunstone associated with?

What chakra is sunstone for? Sunstone is perfect for two different chakras. You can use it at your solar plexus chakra or your sacral chakra.

The solar plexus chakra is a little bit above your navel, and this is your emotional center. Sunstone crystal is perfect for this area when you are seeking to develop confidence and personal power. It helps to strengthen the masculine energy regardless of your sexual orientation.

We all have yin feminine energy and yang masculine energy, and we want to balance these out. When we are balanced, that is when we have a good sense of self-worth, self-confidence, and we can project that out into the world.

We can shed any kind of jealousy or possessiveness over others. So, that is at the solar plexus chakra.

You can also use sunstone at your sacral chakra, which is in your pelvic area. This is great for sexual or creative energies.

It also grounds that personal power that you have developed here on earth into reality. It is at the sacral chakra; it is great for enhancing creativity so you can find the solutions to help you progress in your life path. So, you can use sunstone at the solar plexus, the sacral, or both.

How to tell if sunstone is real? goldstone vs sunstone

raw sunstone crystal
raw sunstone crystal

How do you tell if your sunstone crystal is real or fake? Now, luckily for us, there’s not too much fake sunstone out on the market. However, you could be confusing it with goldstone, especially if a vendor is selling goldstone as sunstone. You do want to know the difference.

Goldstone is actually a man-made material made of glass and copper flecks. So, if you look closely at the goldstone, you will see that the copper is creating that glittery effect that could confuse you with sunstone.

Sunstone crystal comes in this brownish-red color, and goldstone also comes in navy midnight blue color. It could also be a green color and rarely a purple color. The most likely one that you would get confused with is the brownish-red goldstone with a real sunstone. But once you do get familiar with both, you will see the difference very easily.

The goldstone is very uniform in color. It is always opaque; it is never translucent like many of the sunstones are, and the gold flecks are very uniform and even throughout the stone, whereas natural stones usually are not.

So, if you do know that you have goldstone or you want goldstone, that’s a different story. But the vendor should not be selling the stone as sunstone crystal if they know that it is goldstone.

Aventurine vs sunstone

Another stone that you might get confused with sunstone is aventurine.

Aventurine and sunstone are both known for their metallic glitter. They are known for a phenomenon called aventurescence.

As you can imagine, aventurine has aventurescence. It usually has mica inclusions where the light is bouncing off and giving you that glittery aventurescence, whereas sunstone, as we talked about, has all kinds of different metallic inclusions that are bouncing the light off and also giving it aventurescence.

These two stones are very different in color, so you will be able to tell which one is which. But sometimes, when the colors of aventurine and sunstone are very similar because they have different colors.

Mostly, aventurine is green, but sometimes it is red.

Sunstone crystal can be much darker, so sometimes you might get a little confused. And unfortunately, there’s not really a great way for common people to tell the difference.

If you are confused, the first way is to study up on your own, of course. Look at all the different pictures of real sunstone crystal and real aventurine and get familiar, educate yourself.

Second of all, ask the vendor. Crystal shops should be reputable. They should be somebody that you are trusting to know their different stones and all the different facts about the stones.

And lastly, you could also send it into a certified gemological laboratory where they can do the scientific tests on the two. And of course, this would cost money and time and maybe even forfeit your stone, so you most likely won’t want to do that as these are not very valuable precious stones. But of course, the best way is to educate yourself.

Aventurine and sunstone crystal have about relatively the same hardness, so it’s hard to do the scratching test on them.

Sunstone vs moonstone

Are sunstone and moonstone the same stone? Well, as we said, both sunstone and moonstone are feldspars, but they are very different because of the way that they shine.

Sunstone crystal has that spangled effect where it looks like little pieces of glitter that are shining back at you, and moonstone has more of an iridescent glow. It kind of dances over the surface of the stone, but it’s not very defined like sunstone.

In crystal healing, sunstone and moonstone are a perfect complementary pair.

Sunstone has that bright sun energy; it has that masculine energy, and the moonstone is connected with the moon, with that feminine calming yin energy. So, together they are perfect for using for your balancing of the chakras and for any kind of astrological work moon and sun rituals, lunar and solar eclipses. These two are the perfect pair.

What is the Viking sunstone?

There’s a lot of information out there that credits the sunstone as we know today as the stone that the Vikings used to navigate the seas.

However, in 2011, research has come out that points to optical calcite as being the most likely stone that the Vikings used, and they called it sunstone crystal because they used it to look at the sun through at the sun to navigate the seas, especially that long call to America.

This has always been a point of debate of which crystal it was. So, if you do see any articles out there, and there are a lot about sunstone being the Viking stone, think twice. They probably have not done their research thoroughly. Otherwise, they would have mentioned optical calcite.

How to clean sunstone crystals?

A lot of you are always curious about how to clean your stones: Sunstone is one of the stones that you can clean in water.

So, go ahead, soak it in water, and wash your sunstone crystal in water.

Of course, take the precautions like all other stones. If it does have any internal fracture lines, you want to be careful with stones in water. If you want to know more about metaphysically cleansing, charging, and programming your stones.

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