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spiderweb obsidian

Unraveling the Mystical Beauty of Spiderweb Obsidian

Today we will be exploring the amazing qualities of spiderweb obsidian. Let’s dive into the world of spiderweb obsidian and explore its unique power to benefit us in our everyday lives.

Spiderweb Obsidian Meaning

This volcanic glass is named after its spider web-like pattern and is often found in Mexico with a dark green, gray, or blue color. Spiderweb obsidian is powerful for helping you to tap into your inner magnetism to draw to yourself what you want. Although obsidian is not technically a crystal, its powerful formation during volcanic eruptions and cooling process gives it similar properties to crystals.

Spiderweb Obsidian Properties And Benefits

tumbled spiderweb obsidian

Attract Desired Outcomes

Spiderweb obsidian is particularly powerful in tapping into our inner magnetism and drawing toward us what we desire. 

In today’s fast-paced world, we often focus too much on chasing our goals, but spiderweb obsidian helps us to attract what we want simply by using our innate magnetism.

A simple yet powerful meditation involves holding the stone in your non-dominant hand and visualizing a web forming around you that catches your desired intention. Carrying the stone after the meditation can enhance the web energy and allow you to see the results of your magnetic attraction.

We’ve always been told, “If we want something, go out and get it,” but spiderweb obsidian helps us to utilize the other form of attraction – innate magnetism. 

Now, think about what happens when you want something. You work towards it. Or, most animals – what do they do when they want it? They go out and hunt it in one way or another. 

But think about the spider, the animal that works and resonates with spider web obsidian. The spider spins her web, which is an extension of herself, and then she knows that she’s done enough, and then she patiently waits for what she wants to come to her. 

We’re so busy chasing and projecting what we want that we don’t take a minute to pause and see what’s coming back to us after our hard efforts. Sometimes, you’ve had these experiences in your life. You’ve had someone who just won’t let up, and they keep nagging and nagging and nagging. But if you keep doing that, you’ll find that you push things away rather than just allowing them to come.

Overcome Fear

In addition to attracting desired outcomes, spiderweb obsidian can also help overcome fear. 

Whether you’re facing social anxiety, stepping out of your comfort zone, or dealing with other forms of fear, this crystal is a great amulet to carry with you. 

Remember that our greatest fears are often not physical but emotional, and spiderweb obsidian can help you overcome those fears and live a more confident life.

The thought of spiders can evoke fear in many people, but spiderweb obsidian can help you to overcome fear. 

Spiderweb obsidian is a great amulet or stone to carry when you fear stepping out into the world. You may feel socially overwhelmed in big noisy places or where there are many people. You feel overwhelmed, or you may have to do something where you have to step out of your comfort zone, go for a promotion or give a presentation. Any of these things will be supported by the power of spiderweb obsidian.

So, if you need just a little more courage to overcome a fear that’s either in your mind or holding you back, or you’re ready to step up in some way or another, keep spiderweb obsidian by yourself. Hold it in your hand, feel that power within you, and like a volcano, get out there, blast out into the world, explode out into the world and remember a volcano also brings fertility afterward. 

Bring Clarity

spiderweb obsidian egg

Spiderweb obsidian helps bring clarity, especially around emotional issues or when you’re feeling directionless. 

Sometimes we can be prone to feeling angry, restless, or some grief lingering around within our emotional state, and we may not know exactly what to do with that or even what’s causing that. 

Like all obsidians, spiderweb obsidian helps us tap into what’s existing deep within us and help bring that to the surface. This obsidian is renowned for helping us overcome unwanted negative emotions and finding more positivity and courage to get out there and live life to its fullest.

Now, if you tend to have negative self-talk and beat yourself up, if you’ve got a harsh critic, if you find yourself putting yourself in situations that you know aren’t good for you, whether it be health situations, relationship situations, or any of those, spiderweb obsidian is going to be a great one to help you feel empowered, to have greater self-respect for yourself. 

Bring The Truth Up To The Surface

Spiderweb obsidian is also a great stone to meditate with or carry when unsure of a situation. 

This is a stone that brings the truth up to the surface, especially around times like a Pluto retrograde when that can happen, and we can find out about corruption, cheating, lies, and all that type of thing. 

Spiderweb obsidian can be a powerful stone to have around you at any time when things don’t quite add up. Be patient, hold this stone, carry it with you, and remember that you’ll magnetize the truth to you. 

So, if you want to know the truth about how you’re feeling inside or what’s happening around you, then spiderweb obsidian is a great tool.

How To Meditate With Spiderweb Obsidian?

tumbeld spiderweb obsidian

A beautiful and powerful meditation that may connect to you is to hold this stone in your left hand or whichever hand you do not write with. Visualize what you want to attract into your life and visualize a web forming around you. 

Now, that web has that intention to it, and so what you’re visualizing is a web that will catch your intention – maybe wanting to catch a particular type of lover, and so you see them getting stuck to the web or money is getting stuck to the web or a job opportunity or joy or happiness or light or healing – whatever that may be. 

Visualize that web around you, that is an extension of yourself, and keep carrying a spider web obsidian even after doing that meditation to keep that web energy there. 

Then, patiently wait as the spider does and see what you start to attract into your life. You’ll be amazed when you pause for a second and see what you put out to the world, how it boomerangs back to you, and what you magnetize into your life. 

We have this amazing ability to magnetize, but we don’t utilize it. Spiderweb obsidian can help awaken that power within you, even greater for the first time, possibly in your life, or enhance it if you’ve been working on it already.

How To Cleanse Spiderweb Obsidian?

tumbled spiderweb obsidian

When it comes to cleansing crystals, your dark crystals will need to be cleansed the most. They act like sponges and tend to draw in low-vibration energy, especially if you use this for magnetism or protection. 

The best way to cleanse spiderweb obsidian is by placing it under the moon, either the new moon, putting it out there on that dark moon, new moon energy, or even under the full moon will be fine as well.

Most obsidians are associated with Pluto. Because Pluto is a volcanic energy, it ties in well with the far dark depths of what lies deep within us. Pluto is a higher octave planet than Mars, and Mars rules Tuesday, so if you want to do any powerful magical work with your spiderweb obsidian, Tuesday will be the best day to do it. 

Conclusion On Spiderweb Obsidian

Have you worked with spiderweb obsidian? Hold the crystal, close your eyes, and imagine a spider in front of you. And if that spider could talk to you, what would it say? Maybe it will give you some profound or really helpful guidelines that will serve you in the days to come.

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